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Saudi clerics attack Shi’ites, Hezbollah

RIYADH, June 1 (Reuters) – Clerics in Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia attacked minority Shi’ites in a statement on Sunday saying Lebanon’s Hezbollah was posturing against Israel to hide an anti-Sunni agenda. The Saudi government and religious establishment has watched with alarm as the Lebanese Shi’ite group’s popularity rose in the Arab world since forcing Israel to withdraw in south Lebanon in 2000 and surviving an Israeli military onslaught in 2006.

Al-Qaeda ‘declares war on Hezbollah’

Press TV reports: Al-Qaeda has reportedly called on its operatives to go to Lebanon and defend what it called the “Sunni community of the country”. The report came while some Arab media outlets described the current clashes in Lebanon as a fight between Sunni and Shia communities. In an interviews with Sunni clerics with links to Saad Hariri’s pro-government bloc, Al-Arabiya TV network described the ongoing clashes as a sectarian

The War Empire Forgot

by Nebojsa Malic The September morning six years ago that saw three hijacked jetliners slam into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has often been called “the day everything changed.” What really changed was Americans’ skepticism of their own government – a fact that has been abused ever since. The man from Crawford who campaigned on the promise of a “more humble foreign policy” and against Clintonian “nation-building” quickly

17 Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Ambush

MIRANSHAH, Pakistan, July 18–Pro-Taliban insurgents ambushed a Pakistani military convoy near the Afghan border on Wednesday, sparking a gun-battle that left at least 17 soldiers and some rebels dead, the army said. The fighting in the North Waziristan tribal region moved the government one step closer to an all-out war with insurgents in the area, who abandoned a 10-month-old peace treaty with the government on Sunday. In Wednesday’s attack, insurgents

Al-Zawahiri urges revolt against Musharraf

Al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri has urged Pakistanis to revolt against President Musharraf following the storming of the Lal Mosque. “I call upon the ulama (Muslim clergy) in Pakistan… Musharraf and his hunting dogs have tarnished your honor in service of the crusaders and the Jews,” Zawahiri said in an audiotape posted Thursday on the Internet. Zawahiri said that he was speaking on the “occasion of the criminal aggression” on

Can you guess where the Fatah al-Islam roots are?

The Arab extension of Fatah al-Islam When the battle between the Lebanese army and the Fatah al-Islam militant group broke out on the 20th of May, pro-February 14 (supporters of Siniora and his Imperial bosses – VS) media outlets sought to exploit the incident and link the militant group to Syria, overlooking the diversity in the nationalities of its members. Sultan Abul Aynain, the secretary of PLO factions said in

Salafi killers murder Shia and Sunni leaders

Iran Daily reports that a suicide bomber apparently targeting a meeting of US-allied Sunni sheikhs penetrated layers of security and blew himself up in a hotel lobby on Monday, killing four tribal leaders and at least eight others, police reported. The sheikhs were associated with the Anbar Salvation Council, which had taken up arms to help drive extremists of Al-Qaeda in Iraq from the western province of Anbar, AP reported.