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Dear friends, I will be honest with you: I am exhausted and burned out.  Not only did the daily running of the blog take a lot of energy and time, I also have been involved in several major project including the Q&A with a Chinese friend and a book which, God willing, will come out in November. And there have been many more things I was involved in behind the

Sergey Glazyev’s Report: “About urgent measures to counter threats to the existence of Russia”

Dear friends, This is “The Report” (all in caps!), the famous and, for some, infamous report presented by Sergei Glaziev to the Russian Security Council.  Not an excerpt of a paraphrase – the full thing, appendices and all.  To say that our translators did a huge and very hard job would be an understatement.  I read the original Russian text, and I can attest that it is hell to translate. 

They just follow Washington’s recommendations

by Sergei Glaziev source: http://rusvesna.su/recent_opinions/1434823816 translated by “K” (thank a lot!!) On the eve of the St Petersburg Economic Forum, the Bank of Russia made the business community happy with another reduction of the key rate by 1%. News Front asked economist Sergey Glazyev to comment on the decision. Sergei Yurevich, what has this decision changed in the Russian economy? Nothing. Why has the press made such a fuss about

The main business scheme of Ukrainian Euro-leaders

By Sergei Glaziev Translated from the Russian by Lenok source: http://www.vz.ru/opinions/2015/3/4/732706.html National Bank of Ukraine decided to raise the refinancing rate to 30%. Raising interest rates, the financial authorities followed the same path as the Bank of Russia. The consequences will be the same: compression of already inaccessible credit, worsening recession and high inflation at the same level – about 30%. Monetary policy, reduced to limiting money supply, in times

Sergei Glaziev: stupidity is worse than theft

Dear friends, Today is my my privilege to submit to you the full text of the recent article by Sergei Glaziev “Stupidity Is Worse Then Theft” originally published on the World Crisis website: http://worldcrisis.ru/crisis/1716266. I want to thank all those who participated in this difficult and long translation: Alice, S, Gideon, Marina (translation) and D.M. Pennington, Michael, Peter, Heather, Bernie, Patricia, Tom, Kristin  (editing).  This is a crucial text which

Top Putin advisors and experts discuss economy, sanctions & central bank

Dear friends,There is no overstating the importance of the video and transcript I am posting today.  In a crucial moment of the confrontation between the AngloZionist Empire and Russia, two top Putin advisors – Sergei Glaziev and Mikhail Khazin – openly and very candidly discuss the “economic front” of this global war.  Both of these man are top level economists, both of them have a first hand and truly immense

The Threat of War and the Russian Response

by Sergey Glazyev for Russia in Global AffairsHow to Lead a Coalition and Avoid a Global Conflict  Sergei Glaziev is an Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Summary: The world needs a coalition of sound forces advocating stability – a global anti-war coalition with a positive plan for rearranging the international financial and economic architecture on the principles of mutual benefit,

Interview with Sergei Glaziev (MUST SEE!)

Thanks to the superb work of the Russian Team, it is my huge pleasure to present you with one of the most interesting interviews about the war in the Ukraine and the global struggle for the future of the planet and the views of one of the best informed men in Russia: Sergei Glaziev.Glaziev is an advisor to President Putin and a close friend.  I personally believe that the western

Could Glazev be right? Request for your comments

I often post here materials which I do not agree with, primarily to elicit an interesting discussion.  Today, again, I will post a warning by Sergei Glaz’ev who is a person for whom I have a great deal of respect and sympathy, but with whom I also often disagree.  In this case, I am beginning to wonder if Glaz’ev might not be correct.  I am planning to write an “analysis