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Sibel Edmonds confirms US direct support for Chechen terrorism

This is not exactly ‘news’. In fact, this info has been well-known to anybody who had made the effort to understand the truth about the wars in Chechnia. Nonetheless, I recently came across this video of Sibel Edmonds interviewed by James Corbett for Global Research TV and I decided to share it with you: (You can see the full interview here) Anyway, at a time when Uncle Shmuel is busy

Very interesting interview with Ray McGovern

Sibel Edmonds and Peter B Collins have interviewed Ray McGovern for their (excellent) podcast The Boiling Frogs.  They touch on a number of interesting topics, including a very good discussion between Sibel and Ray on whether the Wikileak’s “Afghan Diary” papers are a real leak, or a carefully crafted “intox” by the US government. For whatever its worth, I am inclined to agree with Ray McGovern and consider that the

Sibel Edmonds deposed under oath – transcript and video!

COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT IN PDF FORMAT HERECOMPLETE VIDEO OF THE DEPOSITION HERE (AND/OR HERE) Commentary by Brad Friendman from the Brad Blog: Just over two weeks ago, FBI translator-turned-whistleblower Sibel Edmonds was finally allowed to speak about much of what the Bush Administration spent years trying to keep her from discussing publicly on the record. Twice gagged by the Bush Dept. of Justice’s invocation of the so-called “State Secrets Privilege,” Edmonds

“We Can’t Afford to Let Them Spill the Beans”

Sibel Edmonds on Marc Grossman by Gary Leupp for Dissident Voice I am not one to easily embrace conspiracy theories, and in particular have found the idea that 9-11 was somehow an inside job too incredible for serious consideration. On the other hand, there are some very fishy aspects to some officials’ behavior pertaining to the attacks. Justin Raimondo has made a very good case for the fact that Mossad