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CPC Centenary – China on the Cusp of a Socialist Society

by Straight-Bat for the Saker Blog 1. Prelude The other day, I was trying to visualize the conversation that would take place on a rainy humid day in July 2021, in a cafeteria in the Eurasian region of heaven where Karl Marx, Robert Owen, Comrade Lenin, Chairman Mao, and Generalissimo Chiang would meet. Purpose – to exchange critical views around the Communist Party of China (CPC) centenary and China. Generalissimo

Communists and socialism

by Scott Humor My fellow colleague, the Kulak dropped me a link to a video allegedly recorded in Syria. Syrian Army with Russian Air support advances towards Al Hayal Mountains which overlook the Palmyra Castle, Southeastern Homs CS(23/02/2017) pic.twitter.com/v9oJjOmI36 — M Green (@MmaGreen) February 23, 2017 “Scott, thought you’d like the Red Banner style flag on the SAA GRAD launcher (looks like either a WW2 tribute to the Katyushas or

“What is Socialism – an opinion from Vermont”

by Gary Flomenhoft This whole Bernie thing has got people debating about what socialism is. Is it New Deal liberalism? Scandinavian welfare statism? State communism? Or what? Let me simplify it for you. Socialism is basically anything run by or paid for by government. Socialism is what free enterprise needs to operate. You might even call it the operating system for business. Business needs stable government, a strong judiciary to

Distributism – first impressions

(Today Michael posted a very interesting question about “Distributism” under my frustrated rant about the Syrian disaster (check it out by clicking on the link above). First, I began by replying to him in the comment section, but then I found the topic so interesting that I decided to turn my reply into a separate post. So here we go:) Michael, I did look at the sites you recommended and