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AngloZionist controlled media bans SouthFront

Dear friends, Here is the email I got in my inbox today: ——- Dear friend, Once again, SouthFront faced an unprecedented censorship. On April 30, our Facebook page with about 100,000 subscribers was deleted without any notifications or an option to appeal the decision: Censorship Continues. Facebook Permanently Deleted SouthFront’s Page On May 1, YouTube terminated SouthFront’s channels with approximately 170,000 subscribers. The main YouTube channel in English had over

Please support SouthFront (our community owes them a lot!)

Dear friends, Yes, I now.  First I put up an appeal asking for your help, and now I am ALSO asking you to help SouthFront.  There are a couple of good reasons for that. First, SouthFront is a totally separate entity from the Saker Blog or the Saker Community, yet we all benefit from SouthFront’s superb analyses and videos on an almost weekly basis.  If they tank, so does our

Please support the work of SouthFront and urgently donate to them!

DEAR FRIENDS, Only a few days left until the end of February. Since the start of the month, SouthFront has about 69% of the minimal budget needed to keep the production of content at the level you have become used to seeing. SouthFront is operating on audience donations only. If you want to watch daily videos about the situation in Syria, Venezuela and other hot spots around the world as

IMPORTANT: SouthFront Faces a Stiff Pressure from Ill-Wishers

by SouthFront SouthFront has been under stiff pressure from different sides (corporations and, as we could consider, governments). Recently there was another blatant attempt to impede the project’ activities. PayPal restricted the project’s account again and requested additional data 24 days ago (on April, 15). We have been granted 28 days to provide the data or our account will be suspended (deleted). This is the exact same request that we

SouthFront needs our help!

Dear friends! Today is mid-November and we desperately need your support. Since the beginning of November, our expenses have run away due to we started to produce more videos (X1.5), moved southfront.org to a new powerful, but expensive server, released a free digital book and a number of graphics. Thanks to your constant support about 10 000 unique users visit southfront.org every day. The SF’s content reaches more then 100 000

SouthFront Call Volunteers, Bloggers and Media: Don’t succumb to illusions

The ongoing events show that many of the Russia-focused web sites and blogosphere don’t have a clear-eyed view on the situation around the world. For example, one can find articles arguing Russia strictly adheres to the Minsk agreements. That in turn is offered as the reason Russia has the ability and the military resources to come to grips with the Syrian issue and even to embark on a military build-up