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Srebrenica Geopolitical Games

by Stephen Karganovic for The Saker Blog As we approach another Srebrenica anniversary this year, on July 11 at the Memorial Center in the east Bosnian community of Potočari the annual spectacle will again take place. It will be graced by the presence of individuals who claim to be political leaders in the region and the part of the world under the domination of the West. Their speeches, which as

Serbia To Adopt Repressive Srebrenica “Genocide Denial” Law

by Stephen Karganovic A process of revision of Serbia’s Criminal Code has been going on for quite a while. It recently emerged that a government Task Force was set up for the purpose. Nothing is publicly known about the composition of this committee or its brief. One of the Task Force’s goals (or directives) apparently is to introduce a change in the Criminal Code that would make Srebrenica “genocide denial”

Srebrenica “Genocide” Resolution in the Serbian Parliament

by Stephen Karganovic of the Srebrenica Historical Project The Srebrenica Lobby in Serbia has launched a stealth campaign to pressure the Serbian Parliament to adopt a resolution about the “Srebrenica genocide” that allegedly took place in July 1995. The proposed resolution is scheduled to be presented to parliament for a vote in a few days, following a “fast track” procedure designed to be completed in time for this year’s Srebrenica

An Appeal from the Srebrenica Historical Project

Note by the Saker:  I would compare the importance of the events in Srebrenica only to 9/11 in terms of the immense consequences resulting from them and in terms of the determined efforts made by the Empire to conceal the reality of what took place in 1995 and 2001.  The big difference is that while many people do care about the truth about 9/11, most people think that Srebrenica is

Special Report: The Truth about Srebrenica 20 years later

This past week the world was reminded that it has been 20 years since the events following the Bosnian Serb Army’s entry into Srebrenica and today I am posting a special report about this event which I personally consider of absolutely crucial importance in world history not only because of the large number of people who died in this event, but also because it served as the pretext for the

Response to a Bosnian Muslim

by Generation 1990 This writing is dedicated as a reply from someone from “opposite camp” to Ahmed and his article named as a “Response from a Bosnian Muslim” which can be found here: http://thesaker.is/response-from-a-bosnian-Muslim/ . Although I believe that Ahmed’s intention was giving point of view from someone in Bosnian Muslim perspective he failed to shed light to important facts. I was born in Belgrade in 1990, to be precise

The truth about Srebrenica finally?

With the recent postponement of the trial of Ratko Mladic in the Hague I have been looking around the Internet to see if any new interesting documents about the so-called “Srebrenica genocide” had come out and I came across a most remarkable documentary which has been online since 2011 but which I only noticed today.  It is a truly remarkable piece of investigation which I urge everybody to watch and

Srebrenica: requiem for a propaganda fiction

(Note by the Saker: at a time when the Empire is clearly re-playing the Bosnian scenario in Libya, it is extremely important to look back and understand what exactly happened during the war in Bosnia.  I am therefore very grateful to F for drawing my attention to the publication of this book and I urge you all to read it with attention and make up your own mind based on

The Genocide Myth: Uses and Abuses of “Srebrenica”

By Srdja Trifkovic On July 11, the constituent nations of Bosnia-Herzegovina — no longer warring, but far from reconciled — will mark the 15th anniversary of “Srebrenica.” The name of the eastern Bosnian town will evoke different responses from different communities, however. The difference goes beyond semantics. The complexities of the issue remain reduced to a simple morality play devoid of nuance and context. That is exactly how the sponsors

The politically hypercorrect President’s crocodile tears

Today, President Obama described the “Srebrenica massacre as “a stain on our collective conscience”. Saying that “there can be no lasting peace without justice” Obama added that he urged “the prosecution and arrest of those that carried out the genocide”. Noble feelings, for sure. There is only one problem. There never was a genocide in Srebrenica. You can read all about it here, but I can’t re-print this article here

What Happened at Srebrenica? Examination of the Forensic Evidence

by Stephen Karganovic for Global Research The judgment delivered by the ICTY Trial Chamber in Popović et al. on June 10, 1995, is of some interest in the ongoing Srebrenica controversy. While it affirms all the principal positions of ICTY jurisprudence in this important area of the Tribunal’s judicial practice, it does so in some ways that do not follow mechanically the pattern set by its predecessor cases. In two

Karadzic’s Arrest: Bosnian Myths Rehashed

by Srdja Trifkovic for Chronicles Magazine The spirit of the media frenzy surrounding the arrest of the former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic on July 21 is based entirely on the doctrine of non-equivalence inaugurated in 1992: Serbs willed the war, Muslims wanted peace; Serb crimes are bad and justly exaggerated, Muslim crimes are understandable. This doctrine was spectacularly reiterated a month before Karadzic’s capture, when the Muslim wartime commander