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What is Bergoglio up to?

Note by the Saker: to fully understand how evil and hypocritical all this business about “consecrating” Russia to something by the Latins, you need to be aware of two things: the Ukraine is the creation of the Papacy and its goal has always been the destruction of Russia and the so-called “Marian apparitions” are just one of the many hoaxes, falsifications, forgeries and outright satanic manifestations of the typical Latin

Montenegro SITREP: NATO persecutes the Orthodox Church (again!) and risks civil war

Civil war looms in Djukanovic’s not so “merry” (as in “Widow”) Montenegrin fiefdom by Stephen Karganovic for The Saker Blog The news from Montenegro is bad, and getting worse by the hour. Its until quite recently apathetic and compliant population is up in arms. The cause of the unanticipated disturbance would probably seem incomprehensible to most denizens of the post-Christian West. It is the rubber-stamping by the regime controlled Parliament

Clinton Era Bosnia War, Precedent to the “War on Terror”

by Stephen Karganovic for OpEdNews: The “Srebrenica massacre” is the greatest triumph of propaganda to emerge from the Balkan wars…..It is the symbol of Serb ‘evil’ and Bosnian Muslim ‘victimhood’, and the justice of the Western dismantling of Yugoslavia and intervention there at many levels, including a bombing war and colonial occupations of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo.— Edward S. Herman, (R.I.P.). The dirty details of how the Bosnia war was covertly

Srebrenica Geopolitical Games

by Stephen Karganovic for The Saker Blog As we approach another Srebrenica anniversary this year, on July 11 at the Memorial Center in the east Bosnian community of Potočari the annual spectacle will again take place. It will be graced by the presence of individuals who claim to be political leaders in the region and the part of the world under the domination of the West. Their speeches, which as

Ecuador SITREP: How Corrupt History Repeats Itself

by Stephen Karganovic for The Saker Blog The expulsion of Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, scarcely a surprise after many heavy hints were being dropped that it was in the works, is outrageous on many counts. Not the least of those is the fact that Assange was made citizen of Ecuador by the government preceding that of the almost offensively misnamed current President, Lenin Moreno. Ecuador has,

Europe’s last not-so-comic opera dictatorship

by Stephen Karganovic for The Saker Blog A hundred years ago, at the mention of Montenegro word association would most likely have linked it with Franz Lehar’s lighthearted operetta “The Merry Widow”. In the rather transparent libretto, an American millionairess arrives in a tiny, mountainous European statelet and begins flirting with the crown prince, suggestively named Danilo. Disrespectful allusions were strewn all over the otherwise delightful musical production, so much

Balkan Report: The Macedonian Powder Keg Set To Go Off

by Stephen Karganovic for The Saker Blog The way things are shaping up down south (viewed from Belgrade) the tiny, helpless, beleaguered new Balkan state of Macedonia could be the trigger for a wider regional conflict. It is well to remember the adage of veteran politician Franklin Delano Roosevelt, especially in the present context: If it turned out a certain way, it is probably because that is the way it

Exclusive interview for The Saker blog with Bishop Artemije of the Rashka and Prizren (Kosovo) Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Exile

by Stephen Karganovic for The Saker blog Introduction to Bishop Artemije interview I initially met Bishop Artemije, the exiled ruling hierarch of the Kosovo diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church, a few years ago, after the expulsion from his see in 2010 and the deplorable abuse that he suffered at the hands of his synodal brethren. At first glance, that frail man, tiny of stature but of imposing spirit, hardly

Serbia’s Post-Electoral Protest Was A Charade

by Stephen Karganovic Just as, a bit over a week ago, we speculated might happen Serbia’s mass anti-regime protests, which began as if on cue the day after the apparently “not so free and unfettered” April 2 Presidential election, have now abated significantly, yet without any publically obvious reason.[1] None of the protesters’ objections (many of them legitimate and sensible) were seriously entertained by the authorities. The mass enthusiasm to

In the wake of Biden’s visit: Serbia at the geopolitical crossroad

by Stephen Karganovic US Vice President Joseph Biden just completed a “three day visit to Serbia.” The phrase in parentheses is the spin Serbia’s puppet government in Belgrade puts on it. He actually spent only a couple of hours in Belgrade, just enough to deliver instructions. From there he flew off to Prishtina to spend the bulk of his time on Serbian territory in the NATO occupied province of Kosovo

Serbia’s March into NATO Servitude

by Stephen Karganovic President, Srebrenica Historical Project Serbia’s pathetic defense minister, Zoran Djordjevic, was seen dutifully in attendance in Warsaw last Thursday where he rubbed shoulders with NATO notables and associated freaks (e.g. the guest of honor, Ukrainian killer-lady, Nadiya Savchenko). Apparently delighted that its minister was treated to such generous photo-ops in Warsaw, Serbia’s defense ministry triumphantly averred that NATO’s invitation to Djordjevic to attend the gathering was proof

Analogies between Yugoslavia and the Ukraine

by Stephen Karganovic Similarities in the way the Western coalition is handling the Ukrainian crisis that it engendered and brought to the point of savage conflict and the strategies that the same actors pursued in the nineties to lay the foundations for a brutal civil war and stoke the conflict resulting in the destruction of the Former Yugoslavia are being closely analyzed by Russian experts. Reasons for such close attention