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Lavrov: US blackmails Russia over Syria’s entry into the OPCW and demands Chapter VII Resolution at UNSC

RT reports:The US is pushing Russia into approving a UN resolution that would allow for military intervention in Syria, in exchange for American support of Syria’s accession to OPCW, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.“Our American partners are starting to blackmail us: ‘If Russia does not support a resolution under Chapter 7, then we will withdraw our support for Syria’s entry into the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical

Should Assad give up his chemical weapons to avoid a US attack? (Not quiet another Bosnia redux!) (UPDATED!!!!)

The BBC is reporting this:Syria crisis: Russia urges Assad to give up chemical weapons Russia has asked Syria to put its chemical weapons stockpile under “international control” in a bid to avoid US military strikes, and then have them destroyed.  Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the offer was made during talks with his Syrian counterpart, and he hoped for a quick response from Damascus. (…)  When asked at a news