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Sitrep on Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines

by the Lookout for the Saker blog Reports came in late yesterday, (as reported in the German media) of a dramatic depressurisation of Nord Stream 2 (NS2), an undersea gas line connecting Russia and Germany. This was followed later by news that Nord Stream 1 (NS1) has also depressurised. The pressure in NS2 plummeted from 105 bars1 to just 7 bars. Leaking gas bubbles into the Baltic Sea have been

Ukrainian recurring themes

By The LookOut for the Saker blog If you don’t want or can’t see what’s going on, you won’t even see it. But once seen, you can’t readily unsee it. This article covers recurring themes related to post-2014 Ukraine, ordinary examples of deep hatred for people of Donbass, the cult of Bandera, OUN & UPA and elements of Ukrainian fascism hard wired into Ukrainian society as well as the general