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Who the USA capable of fighting with by Ruslan Ostashko

Translated and subtitled by Eugenia Source: The USA has discontinued the development of Tomahawks, because they turned out to be not nearly as great as Trump described them. However, serious problems are seen not just in cruise missiles but in the entire American weapons industry. Hello, my friends. Today we are going to talk about the American weapons industry. Just recently I recorded a 5-minute piece about how Russia and

Magomed Tolboev warned Eric Schultz against copying Russian pilots

by Scott Humor As a cautionary illustration of the famous saying that “Что Русскому здорово, то Немцу смерть” or What’s healthy for a Russian would kill a German. Or an American, in this case. On September 8th, a pilot was killed in a plane crash at the Groom Lake, the USAF’s secret test base deep in the NTTR also referred as the Nevada Test and Training Range by the Air