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Now the freaks are openly fighting each other

My “favorite” freak in Kiev is the infamous Oleg Liashko who provides the world with a weekly scandal of some kind.  His latest is a fight with Sergei Melnichuk, the commander of the “Aidar” death-squad.  Considering that Liahsko got elected riding on his alleged endorsement by the members of Aidar there is a certain irony to see these two men accusing each other of betrayal.  See the video for yourself

The press in Banderastan

The new Eurocraine has decided to mark the first anniversary of its glorious revolution by removing the accreditation of over 100 Russian news organizations from any official state body. We should salute that. Initially, Russian journalists were simply kidnapped and often murdered, now they are simply denied accreditation and the Russian media banned from the Ukrainian controlled outlets. I suppose that this is a form of “progress”. In the meantime,

Laughter and concern

First, some laugher: I just want to show you how Ukie nationalists (Shevchenko and Liashko) interact with each other.  This needs no translation:Precious, no? Then, the possibly very bad new: Vzgliad is reporting that Igor Strelkov has resigned his position as Defense Minister.  If confirmed – Vzgliad is usually well-informed – this is very bad news.  Not that Novorussia lacks capable military leaders, but because Strelkov had managed to subordinate

Meet Irina Farion, the very official defender of Ukie “kulture”

A while ago I promised to describe more of the freaks in Kiev but never had the time to do so.  Today, I got an email from a friend “AK” who send me a video which I had seen a long time ago but which somebody had the good idea to subtitle into English.Meet Irina Farion, the crazy witch of the Ukie nationalist camp, the female counterpart of Oleg Liashko,

Check out the latest “Porothreats”

Rather than paraphrase, I decided to post a screenshot, with Ukie flag and all: Some have criticized me for using the word “Nazi”, but here again we have a *typical* Nazi reaction: when members of a national liberation resistance group kill an occupier, they are called “terrorists” and the Nazi command promises to kill 100 locals for every killed occupier.  I think that any French or Italian reader will easily

The reality of Ukie politics today: it *is* a freak show

Today, I have an extremely telling transcript to share with you.  This is an intercepted telephone call (thank you SVR/ 6th GRU/Spetsviaz FSO!) between Igor Kolomoiskii and one of the Ukie media CEO Alexander Tkachenko (For those of you who speak Russian, the conversation is available here and here).  Here is the transcript: T – Hello,K – Are you done talking shit yet?T – Hello, Igor ValerievichK – Didn’t you

On traitors, rebels, terrorist and loyalist

by Petri Krohn By what name to call the antifascist resistance in the Ukraine? Kyiv calls them terrorists some call them separatists or rebels. I call them loyalists. Why? They are loyal to the Motherland, to the Rus’ nation, to the Orthodox church, to Mother Russia, to their fathers and grandfathers who defended the nation. They are loyal to the soldiers of the Red Army, to the partisans, to the

Ukie stormtroopers assault Russian church and bank in Kiev

Self explanatory – not in English but it’s not really necessary.  I love how these masked thugs are the “new face of Europe” and how neo-Nazis just love these “mini-Kristallnacht” reenactment.  In Western Europe Nazism is banned.  In Eastern Europe it is sponsored.  By the West Europeans. Go figure…The Saker

Kindergarten? Nuthouse? Zoo? You pick!

Remember the assault on the Russian Embassy in Kiev?  Well here is some footage of the Ukie Foreign Minister – the counterpart of Sergei Lavrov – who, when he came to express his support for this violation of the Vienna Convention, is heard agreeing with a demonstrator and saying “Putin khuilo”.  The word “khuilo” can be translated as “dick” or “fucker” or “dickhead” (no need to believe me, the Guardian