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Ukraine SITREP April 30, 2015 by Scott

Ukrainians are failing in their nation building, mainly because they don’t follow through with their main principle. Ukraine builds its new national identity on a negative image. It declares itself being not just anti-Russia, but Not Like Russia. It would be if like we live, work, decorate our houses, send our kids to private schools, buy cars, cut lawns, erect a blown up Santa Claus on the roof, all in

Ukraine SITREP April 29. 2015 by Scott

Ladies and Gents, true democracy is patented by the U.S. Every nation has to buy this patented democracy from the U.S. Your country has to have a PCD (politically correct democracy) issued by the US State Department. If your country refuses to pay for the patent and attempts to use a pirated copy of homegrown democracy, your people will be punished. You are being informed that, judging by your browser’s

Ukraine SITREP April 28th, by Raskolnikova

1)Pushkov: the Summit in Kiev showed that Ukraine is living with illusions.“The summit in Kiev had a symbolic character. He brought nothing Ukraine, except common words, and showed that Kiev lives with illusions about the EU,” the politician said. Пушков: Саммит в Киеве показал, что Украина живет иллюзиями. http://ukraina.ru/news/20150428/1012895467.html   2)Poroshenko: War in Donbass may begin at any time. “War may break out any moment, but we are ready to

Ukraine SITREP April 24, 2015 by Raskolnikova

1)DWN: Poroshenko will reimburse France for the damage of the “Mistral” DWN: Порошенко возместит Франции ущерб за «Мистрали» The damage done to France as a result of failure to deliver Russia “Mistral” will fall on the shoulders of Ukraine and Poland http://ukraina.ru/news/20150424/1012857898.html   2)Yatsenyuk: I’ll go, when I will fulfill all my promises. Яценюк: Я уйду, когда выполню все свои обещания. “You’ve never hit me from the path on which

Ukraine SITREP April 23, 2015 by Scott

Ukraine War on Novorossia 1. LPR Military Leader: “The Biggest Victory Is to Create Authorities That Will Think About People” [Source] The famous Donbass militia leader Alexei Mozgovoi is now part of the People’s Militia (army) of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR). Despite this official position, today he is one of the main critics of the LPR leadership. 2. Fights In Donbass 23.04.2014 [Source] April 22, 2015 /Donbass/ – UPDATE

Ukraine SITREP April 22, 2015 by Scott

As President Putin and the patriotic part of the Russian government emphasize, Russia won’t be involved in any wars or military conflicts, unless there is a direct attack on Russia itself. The whole world can go up in flames, but as long as no one attacks Russia, she won’t let her military to move a finger. Of course, designing, producing and selling weapons, along with allowing the volunteers to go

Ukraine SITREP April 21th, by Raskolnikova

1)Ukraine’s parliament has defined the start date of the “Russian aggression” Парламент Украины определил дату начала «российской агрессии» Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a resolution which demanded Russia immediately withdraw its troops from the Ukraine and to stop supporting the “people’s republic”. The document defines the date of commencement of aggression – February 20. http://top.rbc.ru/politics/21/04/2015/55360e499a7947316e6c4425 2)The number of refugees from Ukraine exceeded 800 thousands. Число беженцев из Украины превысило 800

Ukraine weekly SITREP by Baaz (and request for comments!!!)

Dear friends, Since my three research assistants are writing SITREPs from Monday through Saturday, a reader – Baaz – has offered to write weekly Ukraine SITREPs on Sundays covering the full past week.  Below you will find his first weekly Ukraine SITREP.  Please read through it and let us know what he should do differently/better and how he can improve them.  Since *you*, the reader, are the ‘end user’ for

Ukraine SITREP April 17th, by Raskolnikova

1) Deputy of the Head of EU diplomacy will hold talks in Moscow. Замглавы дипломатии ЕС проведет переговоры в Москве. http://ria.ru/politics/20150417/1059089838.html The deputy head of EU diplomacy, Helga Schmid will hold in Moscow on Friday talks with Russian diplomats, during which, in particular, it is planned to discuss the situation in Ukraine, relations between Moscow and Brussels and the Iranian nuclear program. 2) War as a reagent paper. Война как

Ukraine SITREP April 16th, by Scott

President Putin’s 2015 Q&A marathon LIVE UPDATES http://rt.com/news/250185-putin-live-conference-2015/ Regardless of what is said and done to contribute to the tragedy of Ukraine, we shall keep our focus on one and only constant: the Empire, US and NATO, has initiated the war against Russia. The Empire is coming for Russian natural resources. Russia, on the other hand, is fighting for its survival. Donbass is David who fights with the NATO Goliath.

Ukraine SITREP April, 15nd, 2015 by Scott

Ladies and gentlemen, looks like ceasefire in Ukraine is now officially over. The regime started escalating their attacks on the 10th already, and launched a full on attack along the whole western front on the day of Orthodox Easter. What do the Russians call a NATO Rapid Reaction Force? Speed bump. The absolute histerium of Verteidigungsministerium. Ukraine never seizes to amaze us… By legally labeling the Soviet Union “criminal regime”

Ukraine SITREP April 14th, 2015, by Raskolnikova

1) Новак: контракт с Украиной на транзит газа продлен не будет. Novak: a contract with Ukraine on gas transit will not be extended – Russia is likely to abandon the gas transit through Ukraine after 2019, the current transit contract will not be extended, confirmed the Minister of Energy Minister Alexander Novak, speaking at the meeting of the Valdai Club. http://ria.ru/economy/20150413/1058285871.html 2) СМИ: США намерены вести с Россией информационную борьбу

Ukraine SITREP April 9th, 2015, by Duff

8th April in the History Today, on this day, April 8, 232 years ago, in 1783, Catherine the Great, Empress of the Russian Empire signed the Manifesto (decree) of joining Crimea to the Russian Empire. Crimean Khanate, part of Ottoman Empire [modern Turkey], which raided the towns and villages of the Russian Empire and took people into slavery, was defeated in 1774 year. Ukraine didn’t exist then, only the Malorussiyan

Ukraine SITREP 04.08.2015 by Scott

IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO LOST LIVES AT SAUR MOGILA In these relatively peaceful Easter days of April, the public interest gradually turns toward unpatriotic issues of the catastrophic state of economy, domestic politics, the politicians in their variable states of sanity, the Poroshenkos and their antics, and the routine domestic hunt on the harmless members of the Ukraine Communist Party. The interim authorities in Kiev pay over 1.5million Euros

April 7, 2015, Ukraine SITREP by “R” (and request for comments!)

NEWEST DEVELOPMENTS 1)Пушилин: проведению очередной минской встречи мешает позиция Киева. Pushilin: The position of Kiev prevents the next meeting in Minsk. http://ria.ru/world/20150407/1057163157.html 2)МИД Украины: представителей Киева не будет на юбилее Победы в Москве. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: Kiev representatives will not be on the anniversary of the Victory in Moscow. http://ria.ru/world/20150407/1057157178.html 3)Фильм “Крым. Путь на родину” будет представлен в Каннах. The film “Crimea. Way home” will be presented

April 6th, 2015, Ukraine SITREP and request for comments!

Note from the Saker: below is an almost unmodified sample of a Ukraine SITREP prepared by one of my three research assistants.  Please let us know what you like/dislike find useful/useless and what you would want to see.  BE NICE (I care for my RAs a lot!!) and remember moderation rules (especially rule #2!). Thanks and cheers! The Saker ——- VIVAT ‪#‎NOVOROSSIYA‬ ! 6 April—Anniversary of the start of armed

Ukraine SITREP Thursday April 2nd, 2015

The general trend in the Ukraine remains unchanged:  full-scale preparations for the next offensive: (Note: the following developments were spotted by my research team whom I plan to soon give direct access to the blog’s homepage to post daily Ukraine SITREPs – The Saker) Kolomoiskii was removed from his position as governor by US Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt and USVP Joe Biden who ordered him to step down which he

Ukraine SITREP Thursday March 12th, 2015

The main development in the Ukraine is the sharp increase in the number of visible signs of the economic collapse taking place.  Prices are sky-rocketing, more and more salaries are simply unpaid, shortages are becoming more frequent and as a direct result, so are social protests.  The interesting thing is that these protests are not limited to the eastern Ukraine, but are also taking place in western regions of the

Ukraine SITREP Wednesday March 4th, 2015

As of today the situation in the Ukraine is deceptively calm.  If the Novorussians have completed the withdrawal of their heavy weapons, the junta forces by all accounts did not: they did withdraw some, but most if it was not so much a case of withdrawal as a case of relocation and even rotation of forces.  The OSCE knows about it, but there is nothing which they can do.  Furthermore,

Ukraine SITREP Feb 24th 2015

The withdrawal of heavy weapons and M2A: The situation on the line of contact is generally calm.  The Novorussian forces are withdrawing their heavy weapons according to schedule while the junta forces are, by most reports, not or, not much.  The excuse for these delays is that “the necessary conditions have not been created”.  In reality, the problem is that Poroshenko has very little control over the various armed forces.