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The Donbass is breaking away from an agonizing Ukraine

This article was written for the Unz Review: http://www.unz.com/tsaker/the-donbass-is-breaking-away-from-an-agonizing-ukraine/ Tectonic shifts are continuing to occur in the political landscape of the Ukraine. Last week, following the imposition of a total blockade against Novorussia by the Ukronazis, Russia declared that she will from now on recognize the official documents emitted by the DNR and LNR authorities. This week, the Novorussian authorities have nationalized all the key factories of the Donbass. Furthermore,

Rostislav Ishchenko: The outcome of 25 years of the Ukrainian independence (MUST SEE!!)

Note: I consider Rostislav Ishchenko by far the best specialist on the current Ukraine.  This is why I requested a full length translation and transcript of his interview with Boris Kostenko, a very good journalist.  A huge “thank you!!” to Eugenia and Seva for their immense work and making this most interesting material available to us. The Saker Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2zOh8VyqNw Translated by: Seva BORIS KOSTENKO, ANCHORMAN: Good day, dear viewers.

The Ukraine between Fascism, Ochlocracy and Breakup

This article was written for the Unz Review: http://www.unz.com/tsaker/the-ukraine-between-fascism-ochlocracy-and-breakup/ There is less talk about the rump-Ukraine in the news these days, especially in the western corporate media, and there is a good reason for that: that short-lived Urkonazi “Banderastan” is falling apart. This is hardly surprising since the entire concept was never viable in the first place. Let’s remember how it all began. It is crucial to remember that there

Ukraine slides into chaos as the prospect of all out war re-emerges

by Leon Tressell The recent bout of in-fighting within the Kiev junta has been accompanied by warning’s from the IMF that Ukraine must do more to deal with the massive problems of corruption before it receives any more loans. The in-fighting between the various oligarchs and their political puppets within the Rada reflects the failure of crony capitalism to deal with any of the pressing economic, social and political problems

The Dutch people vote “NO” on the association with the Ukraine (UPDATED)

Okay, it appears that the Dutch voted “NO” on the association wit the Ukraine.  RT says that exit polls report a 64% “NO” vote. That is the end of the entire Euromaidan project. Either the Eurobureaucrats will accept the result and act on it or they will have to declare it “only consultative” and ignore this result.  If they do that, they will further discredit the entire enterprise and the

Mass exodus of foreign businesses from the Ukraine

By Olga Samofalova for Vzgliad Translated by Alena Begemot Source: http://www.vz.ru/economy/2016/1/27/790903.html Western companies continue fleeing the Ukrainian market with its growing losses. Considering doing business in the region no longer profitable, the American Groupon Inc., owning the popular service of collective discounts, as well as the computer giant Asus have just shut down. Shopping malls, formerly filled with brand outlets, are now selling second-hand clothes. It is not only retailers

The Ukraine is dead

by Auslander Ukraine is dead, dead on 02 May 2014 in Odessa, the coffin nailed shut a week later in Mariupol. Ukraine as such means nothing to USA or EU, 404 is simply another weapon to use against ‘The Russias’. The enemies of Russia thought they had a weapon to plunge in to the throat of Russia, instead they had a weapon that dealt an off arm wound, serious but

You think the Ukraine is independent? Think again!

Colonel Cassad just posted this amazing document.  Reading this opus it is pretty darn clear who runs Banderastan and how.  I actually feel sorry for the poor Ukies who actually sincerely believe that they are independent.  As I have written it recently – the Ukraine is becoming an African banana republic.

Very interesting public survey in the occupied Ukraine

First, the disclaimers: no, I am not naive enough to believe that it is possible to make a truly representative survey in the Nazi-occupied Ukraine. Yes, I do understand that each article, survey or opinion piece published in the Ukraine has been paid for by some interest group.  And no, I do not believe that the people living under the Nazi junta are given enough information to make up their

Ukraine Is In Crisis. Here’s Why the West Can’t Save It.

A video roundtable explains why the IMF, Europe, and Western corporations don’t have the country’s best interests at heart. by Alexander Reed Kelly for The Nation Nearly a year and a half after the Euromaidan protests ushered a new government into power in Kiev, Ukraine is still in trouble. Some 6,200 people have been killed, more than 15,000 wounded, and 1.2 million internally displaced in a civil war that had

One Miserably Failed State

Author Rostislav Ishchenko Translated by Eugenia source: http://www.odnako.org/blogs/s-treskom-provalivsheesya-gosudarstvo/ The Ukrainian elites, which receive upon the division of the Soviet inheritance everything necessary for the successful state building, by their own actions brought the country to the brink of a collapse. Ideal starting conditions Politics and history are not pre-determined. The “project Ukraine” living its last days was not doomed from the start. Suddenly emerged new country had the world’s 10th

Ukraine unofficially has 272 percent inflation!

Ukraine unofficially has 272 percent inflation.  And is not a Kremlin-sponsored propaganda outlet which says so, or some rabidly nationalistic Russian blogger, but the very AngloZionist Washington Post.  In the same article, the WAPO also states that the Hrivna is in free fall: Whether this admission is made in the hopes of getting more funding to the Kiev regime or whether its intention is to signal that it is time

Police beating people protesting currency collapse in Kiev

  This is the note by Tatzhit Mihailovich under the YouTube video: Remember how under the “dictator” Yanukovich, the police didn’t disperse the protesters but only repelled extremists advancing on Congress and President’s Administration? Yeah, that is no longer the case. And how back then police didn’t open fire even when the protesters burned a police armored car with Molotovs? Here, at 5:07 one can clearly hear them say several

At the finish line of deindustrialization: how Ukraine loses its industry

Source: На финишной прямой деиндустриализации: как Украина теряет промышленность By Ivan Lizan Translated by Eugene   Ukraine’s refusal to cooperate with Russia in the military, scientific and technical fields has already begun to bear fruit. Naturally, this Kiev’s policy forced the citizens of Ukraine to eat only one (poisonous) kind of “fruit”: unemployment, poverty and deindustrialization.   Thanks to the West and Kiev for this The goal of this break

Ukraine… It’s a Heist!!!

Excellent video made by a friend. Please distribute!   [Note from webmaster: We are in the process of migrating the comments of the articles from blogspot to the new blog here. Due to technical reasons we’ll have to copy the remaining comments manually which will take some time to complete. You don’t have to repost your comments from blogspot here. We’ll take care of it in the process of time.

The Maidan – one year later

Today is the first anniversary of the deal made between Yanukovich and the “opposition” and guaranteed by foreign ministers Radosław Sikorski of Poland, Laurent Fabius of France and Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany. As we all know, the deal resulted in a withdrawal of the security forces from the Kiev city center immediately followed by an armed insurrection which overthrew the government. Predictably, Poland, France and Germany did not object. I