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Ukronazi Banderastan sinks to a new low, Petro threatens to murder Zelenskii in a political video

Here is what took place: Poroshenko took the beginning of a political ad for Zelenskii, but changed the end: Zelesnkii gets run over by a truck. The reaction in the Ukraine and in Russia was unanimous: this is a poorly veiled death threat and a major political mistake by a desperate and completely out of touch Poroshenko. Really, how low can the Ukronazi Banderastan sink….? See for yourself: (the text

There are no Nazis in the Ukraine! None! Never been any!! No such thing as a Ukie Nazi!!!

What you see in the footage below is the creation in Kiev of a new totally democratic militia.  Here is how this event was presented on the YouTube channel I grabbed it from: (my own – wholly unofficial –  translation from Ukrainian) About 600 members of the organization “National militia”, dressed in camouflage uniforms held January 28, marched down Khreshchatyk in Kiev held for a swearing in ceremony before the 

Guess who that is?

So who is this? Hard to believe, but this is 24 year old Anastasia Deeva, the newly appointed Ukrainian Deputy Interior Minister for EU Integration. You don’t believe me? Okay, you can get all the details from this article in The Duran: http://theduran.com/inexperienced-hottie-becomes-minister-in-ukraine/ Frankly, I would have expected anything from Arsen Avakov, the psychopathic  Ukie Minister of Interior, but here even I am stomped.  I want to believe that this is

After Dutch referendum ukrop go apeshit, as expected

Posted on LiveLeak: So it did not take long before the Censor.net and other ukr MSM got deflated like a balloon of lies, since even before the exit polls were done they already concluded that “majority voted YES to ukr-EU association agreement”. After the real results became absolutely clear with “NO” being the majority by over 60%, the ukrops went apeshit. Here they are again burning tires, fighting riot police

Poroshenko: New Military Doctrine is based on the duration of threat from Russia and demands full compatibility of the Armed Forces with NATO standards

(Note: I don’t have the time to turn this pidgin English into something better, sorry.  So I have left this text “as is”.  The Saker) The new Military Doctrine of Ukraine officially states that the Russian Federation is a military adversary of Ukraine and sets a task to redeploy military units and formations and establish proper military infrastructure in eastern and southern regions,” Petro Poroshenko said opening the discussion of

SITREP: grenade attack in Kiev – a US PSYOP?

It did not take the Ukrainian security services, which are usually not known for their competence, very long to identify the person who tossed the combat grenade at the security forces guarding the Duma: his name is Igor Gumeniuk. The official version goes like this: Igor Gumeniuk is a member of the Svoboda Party of Oleg Tiagnibok and a solider of the “Sech” death squad. This proud Ukrainian patriot had

American citizen tortured by Ukrainian government

by Tatzhit Mikhailovich (original here: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=bd4_1433956858) As previously reported on LiveLeak  and RT (and completely ignored in Western mass media – hello “free and unbiased reporting”) there have been two protests against the regime in Kiev in the past few days: a large protest march and a smaller “Maidan 3.0” protest camp. On Sunday night, the protest camp has been dispersed by unknown masked assailants, apparently with the blessing from

There can be no “peace” with Ukronazi freaks

One of the many ways the Chechen Wahabis made money was to cut off the fingers of their prisoners and send the video to the relatives explaining that the rest of the fingers would go, and then entire limbs, if the relatives did not pay ransom money.  Sometimes they also filmed torture scenes just for fun. Now check out this guy: his name is Vitalii Korobkov.  He is a DNR