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American Mercenaries Soiled Themselves In Failed Venezuela Coup (Ruslan Ostashko)

Translated by Sasha and subtitled by Leo. For anybody wondering why there are two links, we are trying to get into the habit of posting videos on both YouTube and Dailymotion. Since the subtitle process is different on Dailymotion than on YouTube, it may take a while to perfect it. Over 1,200,000 infected, 70,000 dead by COVID-19, food shortage – the US has serious problems. But the democracy peddlers from

Reporter’s Diary from Venezuela

Reporter’s Diary from Venezuela. Georgy Zotov (author of AIF weekly) This is the personal view of the correspondent on today’s life of Caracas. Translated by Scott   Day one… Our Air France flight was grounded in Paris for 5 hours; no one wants to land in Venezuela in the middle of the night, due to the “dangerous criminal situation.” The airliner is half empty, the passengers, judging by nervous conversations,

Regime Change In Venezuela: Army Defectors, Russian Mercenaries And Disappearing Gold

Regime Change In Venezuela: Army Defectors, Russian Mercenaries And Disappearing Gold Over the past few days, the intensity of anti-government protests in Venezuela has declined despite attempts of the US-led bloc to warm them up through both public and clandestine measures. However, the conflict continues to develop amid the acute standoff in the media sphere between the Maduro government and its opponents backed by the US-led bloc. On January 29,

Venezuela’s soft coup advisor confesses where the opposition failed

by Misson Verdad original article: http://misionverdad.com/la-guerra-en-venezuela/asesor-del-golpe-suave-en-venezuela-confiesa-en-que-fallo-la-oposicion translation by Miguel for The Saker Blog In recent days, Srdja Popovic was interviewed by a digital medium of antichavism. His declaration gives a clue as to what the fundamental failures of antichavism are, as well as the movements and speeches than start to be woven from his remains when the aggressions against Venezuela rage. It’s about the Serbian activist who started Otpor (translation:

Venezuela: Continued treason at high level

By Saker Latinamerican Community for the Saker blog A few days ago, we had access to the video we share below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=8WLIunFd3vE The video is self-explanatory, and it makes it hard to avoid seeing what’s undeniable. There is a fifth column within the revolutionary government that threatens the Revolution from within. This phenomenon, certainly not exclusive to Venezuela, has been taking shape and expanding dramatically in recent years, since the

Venezuela – The National Constituent Assembly is in Place – But the fight for Sovereignty isn’t Over

by Peter Koenig Venezuela has voted on 30 July for a National Constituent Assembly (ANC – Asamblea Nacional Constituyente) with a resounding close to 8.1 million votes, or over 41% of the total eligible electorate. The figure was confirmed by the president of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena. The Chavistas battle cry before the elections was Venceremos! – Ché Guevaras favored revolutionary slogan. And the day after, 31 July,

Don’t Cry For Me Venezuela

by Jimmie Moglia According to the great Dr. Johnson, “Men can be estimated by those who know them not, only as they are represented by those who know them.” An unavoidable universal contingency – for, indeed, we don’t know most of the people we judge. And the same, but for a few much-travelled individuals, applies to nations. We also know that “on the tongue of Rumor, continual slanders rise, stuffing

Latin America SITREP December 1st, 2015 by Jack J.

The Shifting Pink Tide [Updated] Kirchnerism is out of the presidency in Argentina but remains a force to be reckoned with, controlling both houses of congress, whilst Kirchner herself is free to stand again in 4 years’ time. Paraguay: Colorado Party lose Mayoralty of Asunción to Revolutionary February Party. Important elections in Venezuela immanent. Latin America Pope a ‘Progressive Leader’. Ecuador: Correa unexpectedly pledges to step down. Brazil: Rouseff beset

Latin America SITREP November 14th, 2015 by Jack

Increasingly, left-wing commentators are writing pieces that are not only critical of the ‘Pink Tide’, but that point to its reversal. Personally, I think we should remember that the Right has not won an election against a Left incumbent this century. Elections in Argentina (later this month) and Venezuela (early next month) may change that. Contents: Upcoming Elections: Venezuela Mid-term, Second Round Argentina Election Results: Belize News: El Salvador: FMLN

Latin America SITREP October 28th, 2015 by Jack

1) Latin American Left: the Pink Tide: 1999-present? Two recent pieces on the status and prospects of the progressive governments, social movements and multilateral institutions collectively known as the ‘Pink Tide’. Raúl Zibechi: Taking stock of ‘Progresismo’ in Latin America [source] Immanuel Wallerstein: The Latin American Left Moves Rightward [source] (NB I have the utmost respect for both these writers, but the optimist in me has to say that it

A New Day Has Dawned (reply to “Catire”)

by Andrew Kahn In responding to the article written by “Catire”, a simple note is needed before proceeding. The value in individual accounts, about individual lives, in relation to a discussion on nationwide policies within a revolutionary government – or any government for that matter – are objectively relevant when they speak within a broader context to the lives of a majority or even a significant minority of the population.

Testimony: how socialism in Venezuela has affected me

Foreword by The Saker: from time to time I post something which gets people really mad at me.  Today, I am doing “one of those” – a post which will anger all those who support the values of Bolivarian Socialism, of Chavismo and of the anti-colonial, anti-US liberation struggle of the people of Latin America.  Before you get personally mad at me and before you conclude that I am a

Geopolitical War Against Venezuela (part 2)

by Andrew Korybko PART II: The US’ Geopolitical War Against Venezuela (Please read Part I before this article) The Military-Political Game In Guyana The US is exploiting its latest proxy client, Guyana, in order to open up a second ground front in the containment of Venezuela. Franco Vielma, in a translated article for The Saker, brilliantly explains how this came to be. To summarize his detailed research (which the reader

Geopolitical War Against Venezuela (part 1)

by Andrew Korybko PART I: The US’ Geopolitical War Against Venezuela Ever since the presidency of the late Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has been the brightest multipolar beacon in the Western Hemisphere. Although Brazil is much larger and wealthier, some Latin American states have expressed fear about its future intentions, believing that ‘multipolarity’ is simply a slogan to justify Brasilia’s soft expansion into regional markets and resource reserves and replace Washington’s

The Obama’s decree: what’s behind it?

By Franco Vielma Source: http://misionverdad.com/la-guerra-en-venezuela/el-decreto-obama-que-hay-detras Legal issues about Obama’s decree declaring Venezuela an “unusual and extraordinary threat” are expressions of purest imperial colonialism that has characterized the USA foreign policy. Following the usual practice of old (and decaying) empires, Barack Obama has sent for Congressional approval a legal decree – as if this were a matter of domestic policy – declaring Venezuela to be a threat to the internal security

Nicolas Sarkozy ordered the assassination of Hugo Chavez

Voltaire Net reports: The Venezuelan Minister of Correctional Services, Iris Varela, has announced on her Twitter account the expulsion of a French citizen known as Frédéric Laurent Bouquet, December 29, 2012  Mr. Bouquet (photo) had been arrested in Caracas on June 18, 2009, with three Dominican nationals in possession of an arsenal. In the apartment he had acquired, forensic police seized 500 grams of C4 explosives, 14 assault rifles including

Is Hugo Chavez suffering from delusional paranoia?

Typical headline from the corporate media: “Hugo Chavez Nuttily Claims the U.S. Gives South American Leaders Cancer“. The article explains: Yep, it’s another controversial statement from Hugo Chavez — but he really seems to dial up the Nut-O-Meter to 11 with this cancer conspiracy theory. Late yesterday Chavez decided to go on national TV and drop the mild suggestion (not an outright allegation, he insists!) that the U.S. maybe, just

Hugo Chavez hosts summit of new regional group minus US

The BBC reports: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is hosting a summit of a new regional bloc that brings together 33 nations of Latin America and the Caribbean.  The general aim of the group, which does not include the US or Canada, is to foster regional ties.  Mr Chavez has described the bloc as a counter to US influence in the region. The two-day summit is Mr Chavez’s first big international

Setting the Record Straight on Venezuela and Hugo Chavez

By Eva Golinger for Postcards from the Revolution With so much misinformation circulating in different media outlets around the world about Venezuela and President Hugo Chavez, it’s time to set the record straight. Venezuela is not a dictatorship and President Chavez is no dictator. Just last evening the Venezuelan head of state participated in a meeting with a group of housing activists, who not only criticized – live on television