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Victory Day Parade on the Beautiful Square in Moscow

Note: this year I decided to post the original Russian audio version because I believe that it has a much stronger “punch” then any version with English-language comments.  Oh, and the “Red Square” is a mistranslation.  While “Krasnaia” nowadays does indeed mean “red” at the time the square was built the word “krasnaia” meant “beautiful”.  Enjoy! The Saker

Today’s Victory Day celebrations in Moscow mark a turning point in Russian history

Today is truly a historical day.  For the first time ever, the West has boycotted the Victory Day Parade in Moscow and, also for the first time ever, Chinese forces have marched on the Beautiful Square, (“Red” square is a mistranslation – the “Red Square” ought be called the “Beautiful Square”) with the Russians.  I believe that this is a profoundly symbolic shift and one which makes perfectly good sense.

Beauty will save the world – Happy Victory Day!

In this Victory Day I want to congratulate you all for doing your part of the struggle against Empire today.   Even those of you who might think that they are doing nothing are doing something very important just by trying to find the truth and by bypassing the Empire’s propaganda machine.National-Socialism was an abomination.  Not only was it a racist, genocidal, imperialistic and hateful – it was infinitely arrogant and,