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Moscow, do not believe in (Belgradian) tears!

By Višeslav Simić for the Saker Blog – Official Belgrade and Belgradian cultural and ecclesiastical “elites” are not only “unfriendly”[1] but are your enemies! It is now over 100 years since the Belgradian false crème de la crème, after hijacking the public sphere, embraced ethical fading and moral disengagement so feverishly that its infection has slowly seeped into the psyche of every member of our people dependent on this ruling caste.

To My Russian Brother: And a reminder to myself

By Višeslav Simić for the Saker Blog Dear X[1], Although a quarter of a century your junior, and much less intellectual and scholarly than you, I dare send you a few counsels and recommendations since I, as a Serb, have the experience with the West about 200 times longer than that which you have encountered of it during the 60-odd days of the Russian Resurrection and the West’s Suicide, started

Oh, Hannah, if only you could see it!

or The Banality of Evil v. The Splendor of Goodness   By Višeslav Simić for the Saker Blog One might wonder if Hannah Arendt’s disposition appears to us today so gloomy and bitter because she had witnessed and understood the banality of evil during the Eichmann’s Jerusalem trials. Yet, it is more certain that it was from her not having witnessed (although, theoretically, she might have approached an understanding of it) the Splendor of Goodness any time in her life, even in the days

Wrong Again! But, who? Serbs or the media?

by Višeslav Simić, PhD, for The Saker Blog “Illiterate degenerates, baby killers, butchers, and rapists,” as the then US Senator, and now the US Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, described the Serbs, are again in the focus of the global “p(l)andemic” propagators because they have en masse gathered in front of the country’s Parliament to protest “the Covid 19 measures.” Yet, as in most other cases, the Western media got only