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Northrop Grumman on a collision path with Yaroslav the Wise, by Scott Humor

On June 17th, US destroyer cut off Russian patrol frigate that was fighting Islamic terrorists ISIS in Syria, by sailing a little too close to the wind. About 55ft or 180 meters to be correct. Russia’s defense news TV channel Zvezda cites at least two violations of the international maritime laws broken by the US ship captain.   Russian patrol frigate Yaroslav Mudry or Yaroslav the Wise is a submarine

Iraq denies cancelling $4.2 bln arms deal with Russia over ‘corruption concerns’

RT reports: Iraqi Prime Minister’s spokesperson Ali Mussawi told RT that the deal hasn’t been cancelled, it is simply under review. He also confirmed it was because of earlier allegations of corruption from the Iraqi side. Iraqi Defense Minister Saadun al-Dulaimi also confirmed that there was no cancellation of the agreement. “The deal is going ahead,” he said. Earlier, media reports claimed the deal – which would have made Russia Iraq’s

Why is Saudi Arabia going on a weapons shopping spree in Russia?

Russian media outlets are reporting that Saudi Arabia is negotiating a 2 billion dollars weapons deal with Russia which would include the sale of 150 helicopters (30 Mi-35 and 120 Mi-17), over 150 T-90C tanks, about 250 BMP-3 (infantry combat vehicle) armored vehicles and several dozens of anti-aircraft systems and complexes including the brand new S-400 Triumf missile system. In the meantime, Russia is also clearly delaying the sale of