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Zelensky has achieved unique results in the destruction of Ukraine

source: Text: Alyona Zadorozhnaya translation by A. for the Saker blog By the end of 2022, Vladimir Zelensky has achieved unique and in many ways tragic results. He managed to reduce the population of Ukraine to the level of a century ago, put the country in bondage to the West and deprive fellow citizens of the elementary benefits of civilization. What other “successes” could be added to Zelensky’s track

An aftermath of Washington Post – Zelensky interview

by Lilia Shumkova for the Saker blog On December 8, 2021, days before Russia presented to the U.S. its Draft of the proposed Treaty between The United States of America and the Russian Federation on security guarantees, foreign Secretary of the UK Liz Truss held talks with the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in the UK-Ukraine Strategic Dialogue platform. After the talk, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office