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Netanyahu uses his pals Sarkozy and Miliband to bury Goldstone report

al-Manar reports: “A joint French-British UN initiative would call on Israel and the Palestinians to hold immediate, independent investigations into war crimes allegations stemming from the war in Gaza, as part of a bid to send the Goldstone report back to Geneva and out of the hands of the Security Council or the International Criminal Court at The Hague,” Haaretz reported Tuesday. The proposal comes before the United Nations General

Zionism and the Colonization of Language

by Roger Tucker Part 1 – Misplaced Concreteness Martin Luther famously said that “reason is the Devil’s greatest whore.” This fundamental insight into the subservience of the intellect to the emotions must be at the heart of any discussion of the manipulation of language to serve particular interests. In the ancient Hellenistic world this was well understood, giving rise to the numerous schools of Rhetoric that taught aspiring politicians and

Israel lobby commits major blunder in France: tries to silence a comedian

Amazing stuff is happening in France. It all began with a relatively well-known French-Cameroonian comedian, Dieudonné M’bala M’bala was invited to participate on a TV show on the channel France 3. The show also featured a Maghrebian artist and Dieudonne decided to impersonate an extremist Israeli settled infuriated by the presence of an Arab on a French show (for those of you who understand French, you can see an excerpt

Did you know that Israel attacked Sudan in January?

Did you know that Israel attacked Sudan in January? Probably not. After all, if democracy is the best political system money can buy, then the corporate media is the best media the Israel Lobby can buy too… There were some reports and rumors before, but now the quasi official New York Times confirms the story. So after bombing Syria Israel also bombed Sudan. Makes me wonder which country is next.

Israel lurches into Fascism

by Ali Abunimah for The Electronic Intifada Whenever Israel has an election, pundits begin the usual refrain that hopes for peace depend on the “peace camp” — formerly represented by the Labor party, but now by Tzipi Livni’s Kadima — prevailing over the anti-peace right, led by the Likud. This has never been true, and makes even less sense as Israeli parties begin coalition talks after Tuesday’s election. Yes, the