By Batiushka for The Saker Blog

Let us not live by a lie.



They used to say ‘lies’. Then it became ‘propaganda’. Then it became ‘editorial control’. We shall not disguise it. We shall call it lies. Millions of people are employed worldwide in the industry of lies, that is, in the Western news media, and hundreds of millions believe in them. At one time the Soviet Union was expert in lies. I remember the Soviet Union, where I lived and I remember one of the two main newspapers, which was called ‘Pravda’, which means ‘The Truth’. Some people read it because you knew that the truth was the opposite of what it wrote. So they just turned everything the other way round in order to try and find the truth. Indeed, reading between the lines/lies became a good way of discovering the truth.

Since the fall of the USSR, Russian newspapers now generally do tell the truth. However, the role of ‘Pravda’ has been taken on by Western State mouthpieces, that is, by Western newspapers and their media in general. These are basically controlled all over the Westernised world, from Canada to New Zealand, from Japan to Poland, by six commercial organisations which all have the same Fascistic ideology and parrot the same lies. True, the Western media were always inclined that way, but today their lies have been developed systematically and even more laughable than before. The few last honest journalists seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Let us take a look at specific Western types of lieing in the context of the ongoing Allied liberation of the Ukraine from Nazism.

1. The Art of Reporting the Opposite of the Truth

‘The Russians have suffered massive losses’. ‘The Russians have shelled a maternity hospital/a school/civilians’. ‘Russians are using Ukrainian civilians as human shields’. ‘Russian troops are raping women’. ‘Russians commit atrocities’. ‘Russian State media report difficulties’. ‘Twenty Russian generals have been killed’. ‘Russia has gone bankrupt’. Generally speaking, with this purely Soviet technique, all you have to do is to change the words ‘Russians’ to ‘Ukrainians’, ‘Russian’ to ‘Ukrainian’, and ‘Russia’ to ‘Ukraine’. Then you can find out the truth.

2. The Art of Distraction or Not Reporting Anything Unfavourable to the West

You will only very rarely hear about Russian victories and Ukrainian losses in the Western media. They prefer to report some irrelevant and absurd celebrity scandal instead. This distraction, the absence of real journalism, is in reality a form of censorship. However, if they do report a minor Russian success, they will always qualify it with the words ‘This has not been independently verified’. This is an attempt to discredit the statement regardless of truth, because it is unfavourable to the West.

3. The Art of Smearing Your Enemies

‘Putin is dying of cancer’. ‘He is mentally ill, ‘crazy’’. These statements make us laugh. Clearly, they actually refer not to the Russian President, but to various Western leaders, Biden, Johnson etc. Putin will be there long after these clowns have been forced to resign or have disappeared.

4. The Art of Translation or Speaking in Code

The Western media speak in code in order to disguise the truth. Unfortunately, many are unable to translate that code. Here are some examples:

‘The International Community’ (formerly ‘The Free World’) = the Western Fascist bloc, representing (only not really representing) one-eighth of the world population.

The rules-based International order = the Neo-Nazi rules imposed by Western threats on the vast majority of the world.

The World Bank = The US-run Bank.

IMF = International Mammon Fund.

WEF = World Economic Fascism

UNO = US-run Nazi Order.

NATO = North American Terrorist Organisation.

NGO = Nazis – GO.

The Ukrainian government = the US-installed Kiev terrorist regime/Fascist junta.

The Annexation of the Crimea = The Return of the Crimea to Russia by overwhelming vote in favour by democratic referendum.

The SBU = the Secret Brutal Unit (the Kiev Secret Police – a sub-branch of the CIA).

The Ukrainian Army = US-backed separatist terrorists.

Russian-backed separatists = Ukrainian freedom-fighters.

The Russians have invaded the Ukraine = The Russians are liberating the Ukraine at the request of oppressed Ukrainians.

The Ukraine has lost Lisichansk = Russia has liberated Lisichansk.

Ukrainian forces have made a tactical withdrawal = Ukrainian forces have been routed and are fleeing for their lives.

Ukrainian forces are counter-attacking = Defeated Ukrainian forces are dreaming of counter-attacking.

Game-changing Western arms = Already destroyed Western arms.


Above we have called the types of Western media lies ‘arts’. However, in truth, perhaps we should have called them ‘sciences’, for the techniques of these lies are now so uncreative but so developed that a scientific textbook could be written on them. No doubt readers can add many, many other examples to the above shortlist to illustrate this point. Together perhaps we could even establish a dictionary of lies. This would be a useful handbook for those who love the truth.

At this point we should mention that the old Soviet newspaper ‘Pravda’ was a very popular newspaper. Not because people read it, but because you could not buy toilet paper in the USSR. As the price of paper goes up in Europe, because one of the main sources of paper is Russia and that is now in short supply, as supply has been limited by anti-Russian sanctions. Now it looks as though Western newspapers will also become very popular.

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