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If by “the gods”, you mean “the Rothschilds/Soros”… the US/NATO/EU MIC axis has become too difficult for the 0.001% to control. Destruction in the name of profit is all well and good, but the political/corporate psychopath puppets the 0.001% put in charge of running the show in US/NATO/EU have come to believe their own mythology… that a New World Order can be achieved., and the MIC/Deep State will rule supreme.

The realization has dawned on the Rothschild/Bilderberg/Davos class that there are ample nukes to ensure they and theirs do not survive an atomic WW3. So Clinton “somehow” doesn’t win the election, and the potential of the 0.001% deliberately crashing the Bretton Woods/US$-reserve-currency system is being made increasingly clear. Clear to all except the blind psychopaths at the top political/military/corporate levels. To use the Stanford Prison Experiment analogy, the guards think they are in charge of the entire prison system, not merely hired, brainwashed thugs working for the 0.001%.

The fly in the ointment is that the Rothschild/Soros/Bilderberg/Davos class has not been able to gain full control over Russia, China and Iran. In the past, the 0.001% could use an emerging empire to topple the established ones. The Axis powers of WW2 finally weakened the old European empires to the point the US empire could easily be put in place with little public or political awareness. The Marshal Plan and the United Nations being billed as the road to inevitable peace… once China and the USSR were contained, infiltrated and subdued to meet the cheap resource/labour requirements of the 0.001% capitalists.

Add in the current infighting between the long-view generational “old money” Rothschilds/Rockefeller-class and the impatient “new money” Soros/Gates/Koch-class and you have a nuclear powder keg, with idiots like Soros throwing regime-change/refugee matches at any fuse he can find.

Wikileaks and Snowden represent a millennial sub-class in the spy-spook industry that also knows the nukes will be pointed at the sitting-duck facilities they work in. The leakers are smart enough to know the only way to get those nukes pointed elsewhere is to make the NSA/CIA spying establishment impotent. Think fragging, but instead of killing the brainwashed officers, they are killing the system by exposing its secrets to public scrutiny. Spying when everyone knows you’re doing it… is not spying… it’s being stupid

When patriots are no longer willing to be cannon fodder or simply follow psychopathic orders, the empire fails.

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