by Ollie Richardson for The Saker Blog

Buzzfeed, whose reputation can hardly be described as trustworthy, reported on May 29th that a genuine document – the British Army’s guide for spotting the “Extreme Right Wing” – has been leaked online. According to Buzzfeed, the MOD told the agency that “the document was produced in late 2017 after the arrest of four soldiers who were accused of being affiliated with the banned neo-Nazi terror group National Action”, and that “robust measures” were put in place so that people with so-called “extremist views” didn’t end up in the Armed Forces.

Let’s now examine this leaked document:

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So, if to pick out a few examples from this chart, it follows from above that in order to be “perfect” and in the “center”, people must not:

“Claim that it is acceptable to abuse Jews or Muslims as Judaism or Islam are not ‘races’”

Yes, the British Army is indeed saying these words. The same army that, to cite a recent example, participated in the genocide of over 1 million Iraqis based on a “WMD” lie. In fact, the ICC even admits, in a 74-page report, that “the [prosecutor’s] office has reached the conclusion that there is a reasonable basis to believe that members of the UK armed forces committed war crimes within the jurisdiction of the court against persons in their custody”. We can even read that British soldiers were given a free hand to kill unarmed civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan:

“The British army operated rules of engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan that at times allowed soldiers to shoot unarmed civilians who were suspected of keeping them under surveillance…”

And of course, there is the Chilcot enquiry, which concluded, if to read between the lines, that the post-9/11 “attack” (let’s not beat around the bush: a foreign actor dragged the US army into the Middle East to take care of “threatening” neighbours) invasion of Iraq was completely illegal but no punishment will follow, since the whole neocon bloc would be thrown in jail.

The monarchy even sent its spawn to give the genocide a “patriotic” wrapper – Prince Harry, who likes to dress up in SS uniforms and set a “multicultural” example by referring to a compatriot as “our little Paki friend”.

Ollie's MacBook:Users:O-RICH:Downloads:img.jpg“Describe themselves as ‘patriots’”

This one is really vague, since the definition of a “patriot”, according to the Oxford dictionary, is “a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors”. Hmm, so how can one both be in the army and not be a “patriot”? Secondly, a British citizen whose coffin is draped with the Union Jack isn’t a “patriot”?

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Thirdly, the war criminal David Cameron, after he said that fellow war criminal Winston Churchill was a “patriot”, isn’t a “patriot” himself? Tony Blair, who promoted “modern patriotism” in 2001 – on the eve of the Middle East invasion – isn’t a “patriot”? Apparently so…

“Use blatantly untruthful or incorrect references to immigrants, Judaism, or Islam”

What does “blatantly untruthful or incorrect references” mean? Let me guess, it is the “honest” government that decides the criteria? After all, “Operation Telic” launched by Blair was factually based on a fiction – that Iraq possessed WMDs – and driven by aggressive anti-Muslim media campaigns, as a result of which the army massacred scores of Muslims (not to mention the colonialist past of the government in London).

And how to explain the photo below showing the govermental “far-right” stooge Tommy Robinson posing with UK troops?

After all, even Facebook wasn’t able to help the self-proclaimed Zionist Tommy and keep his Facebook page alive, having closed it down earlier this year due to “dehumanizing language and calls for violence targeted at Muslims”.

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Actually, when we really sit and analyse each square of that chart, referring to real life examples of the British Army’s actions both in the distant past and in the recent past, it’s as if the death squad of Elizabeth II (seen below greeting her puppet Adolf) is either describing itself as “extreme right-wing”, or that the “center/left/right” liberal paradigm is tearing at the seams after the “center” has too often shown itself to be yet another continuation of the policy of colonisation?

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I would opt for the latter, since every decade that has passed since the British banking empire started to wrap its tentacles around the globe contains a plethora of examples of categorisation (where some categories are “bad” and others are “good”) being used to deliberately stratify society and pit the “plebs” – both natives and immigrants herded from colonies – against each other. And it is this initially liberal and later (after September 11th 2001 in America and July 7th 2005 in London) ultra-liberal matrix that keeps the Queen’s “United” plantation in business. Contrary to what British schools teach, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland did not consciously chose to be a part of the UK. And even those who have watched such Hollywood blockbusters as “Braveheart” sadly generally don’t show an interest in London’s track record with invading and annexing (real annexation, not the laughable definition attributed to Russia’s actions in Crimea after Washington’s 2014 coup in Kiev) sovereign territory. They don’t care about the testimonies of Irish people who witnessed British troops shoot people and use their skulls as an ashtray. And they most certainly don’t care about how Thatcher left most of Wales unemployed and used the money “saved” from privatisation to fund the Gulf War.

And what to think about the explanation of the origins of the chart – that “robust measures” were put in place to counter “neo-Nazi terror groups”? Well there is a slight problem: the British government participated in the “Banderisation” of Ukraine, injecting the legacy of Hitler’s Galician collaborators into the veins of the whole country (besides certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, as well as Crimea, of course). The British Army, as Le Figaro found out when it travelled to the territories of Donbass occupied by Kiev, sends representatives from the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy to the USA-led Yavorov training ground in the Lvov region. What are Ukrainians taught? Well, besides brutal methods of exterminating their own people, they also learn about how to distinctively mark their territory.

The bottom of the Buzzfeed barrel is reflected in the words of an “Army spokesperson”…

“The values of our armed forces and the nation they serve are totally incompatible with extremist views. We have robust measures in place to ensure those exhibiting these views are not permitted to serve.”

…and an “MOD source”…

“The chart doesn’t suggest that all patriots are extremists, and the department was taking a comprehensive approach to tackling extremism through the UK government’s counter terrorism and extremism strategies”.

Ah yes, “counter-terrorism”! When Downing Street arms and funds terrorist organisations in order to carry out “regime change” abroad, and then lets a few “moderate rebels” slip through the net in order to justify the said invasion.

Let’s face it: Britain didn’t seem to care about Muslims or Islam during the Crusades, it didn’t seem to care when it occupied Palestine over 100 years ago and created the terrorist organisation known as “Israel” nearly 30 years later (coincidence?), and it certainty didn’t care during the “shock and awe” and “Assad must go” eras, so why would it suddenly care now?

Ask yourselves why in May 2019 Sky News entered takfiri-controlled Idlib without a problem and gave its friends from Al Qaeda (al-Nusra) free PR…

…and why the British-funded “White Helmets” terrorist organisation was present at the scene of a roadside bomb blast on May 26th 2019 in Idlib, which killed a high-ranking al-Nusra commander?

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In the time it took you, the reader, to reach the bottom of this article, the British Army facilitated or even directly carried out an act of aggression against a Muslim country. If Westminster is so adamant on deploying the “extreme right-wing” category in order to whitewash itself, then it should at least wipe away the blood dripping from its Sykes-Picot fangs first.

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