I love the EU and its institutions!  They are so, sooooooooooooo “democratic” that each time they take a decision I tell myself “thanks God I stopped believing all this nonsense about democracy, human rights, the rule of law, or even basic fairness in the 1990s.  This time around, the European Court of Human Right rejected the interim measures requested by Russia.  In other words, the ECHR does not see any need to quickly impose any interim measures to protect the Russian and Russian-speaking population of the Nazi occupied Ukraine.  From the point of view of the court, there is no urgency and, therefore, no need for interim (provisional) measures to protect anyone.

See for yourself how even western courts don’t give a damn about Russians or their circumstances:

Note that when liberal pedophiles, homosexuals or 5th columnists from Russia complain to the ECHR, the latter always takes quick action and sides with the plaintiff.  That, my friends, is “blind justice” western style :-)

I am still waiting for somebody (anybody!) to release the 300 pages of the Russian application to the ECHR. So far, neither the Russians nor the Court have released anything.

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