By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog

Have you ever sucked on plastic? Sure you have. It has no smell. Astroturfing is big corporations or the government replacing organic stuff with synthetics and nature with replicates.

The Age of Plastic

As a propaganda technique, astroturfing evolved alongside the age of plastic. The age of plastic started latest with the introduction of plastic bags in 1965, earliest with the first use of silicon chips in 1959.

Note: Reader’s discretion for this chapter is advised. We are going to talk about gender mesh fabrics, strap dildos, fake boobs, human replicates and a synthetic turf world.

We shall begin with a little background story on plastic, followed by 2 real life examples of fake inorganic industries. From there, we shall proceed to where no menticide manual has ever gone before, exposing 2 real life fake inorganic industries you definitely didn’t see coming.

Astroturfing brought America’s classic rags-to-riches hoaxes and fabricated Cinderella-stories to interior design and feel-good environmental politics. Corporations and governments had discovered that consumers believed in syncpop, processed food, artificial sweetener, flavor additives, soft drinks, plastic toys and cosmetics. In fact, consumers preferred synthetic solutions over the real thing, if it is cheap and convenient.

The generic term astroturfing was borrowed from the real life Houston, Texas-based US corporation AstroTurf, founded in 1964. The company mass produced synthetic grass replicas – sometimes called chemical grass or chemgrass – which was marketed for its “high durability and low maintenance cost.” Sporting a plasma-green lawn with super drainage and no fertilizers was comparable to astronaut food and winning the space race against the Soviet Union.

So in the late 60s, Americans began to install fiber carpeting in baseball stadiums and polyurethane tartan lanes in sports arenas, followed in the 70s by more unnatural grass on Ford and Monsanto’s factory floors, and finally, in the 80s and 90s, in schools, on golf driving ranges and in pet shops.

By the 2000s, the Western hemisphere had gone completely synthetic, from Barbie dolls made of thermoplastic polymer to discs and plates made of vinyl chloride; from smoking dangerous chemicals to wearing rubber latex raincoats; from buying stretchy polychloroprene balloons to shoving silicone dildos up each other’s ass.

Surprisingly, although we clearly play soccer on elastic pliant with a durability of 10 years and a half-life of approximately 450 years to decompose, and we clearly augmented Pamela Anderson‘s boobies with saline implants to scare the life out off little boys, our brains associate the plastics with real bazookas and real lawn, only more durable than the real thing and a “guaranteed return of investment in just under 2 years.”

By the turn of the century, American suburbs had transformed into Barbie-villages: fake Disney-style facades with optical illusions and cheap props. And while brick-and-mortar European houses were once designed for practicability, with thick stone walls and paper tapestry, American mansions were designed for optics, with fake acrylic décor and interior made of polymethyl or polycarbonates: plexiglass, styropor, plaster stucco, color tapes, faux panels, polynesian balconies, plastic columns and pillars from Walmart or Best-Buy.

2 Real Life Examples of Fake Inorganic Industries

In the age of plastic, everything is synthetic. And it is mass produced. This means that the initial investment costs are substantial; after that however, the world of plastic is yours. An astroturf requires tubing and tufting machines, coating rollers, a dryer and a drainage. The plastic pellets are already colorized, melted and extruded through a perforated steel plate. After that, a large pulley stretches them and pulls them over a giant spool. Later, the fibers are woven together, cut and coated. It is an allegory for astroturfing propaganda: A single chemgrass manufacturer can supply tens of thousands of square-meters of fake landscaping.

Astroturfing in the Film Industry

The metaphor of a fake turf on which we operate is highly concerning. What if former grassroot movements – say in fashion or in political activism – also had become too expensive, too labor intensive, and just too damn hazardous? In that case, had big corporations and big governments also already replaced them with cheap fake alternatives?

The answer is as cold as those cathode fluorescent lamps on your fire-retardant PVC Christmas tree: Yes, most of what was natural has now been replaced. Just try and start your own political movement in the USA and you will eventually realize that it is physically impossible to seed it, grow it, defend it, water it and kill the weed. But if you instead just took your big idea to the establishment, maybe the powers in charge will adopt your idea [read: steal it] and roll out a completely fake, ready-made inorganic movement in no time – astroturfing. This really happens.

What if your beliefs in inhaling poisonous alkaloid gas through a cellulose acetate tow fiber you thought were a sign of individual freedom were actually mass-produced, and its cancer-inducing effects downplayed by multi-billion dollar astroturfing campaigns?

And not just you killing yourself. Imagine if just half of all the fashion trends currently under way were just the results of a planet-size propaganda: the war on terror, climate change, the American dream, race mixing, China bad, the invasion of the space aliens. That would be shocking, if those beliefs… were artificially planted in us.

Some infrastructure is in plain sight. With billboards, blinding floodlights and neoprene-beams shooting high into the night sky. Take the perfectly immersive theater infrastructure in US-occupied Western Europe and Japan. Odeon Cinemas was founded by a Hungarian Jew, Oscar Deutsch, in the United Kingdom in 1928. CinemaxX in Germany is a subsidiary of Vue Entertainment, also in the United Kingdom, which is an entanglement of American Warner Brothers, two Ashkenazi Jews. AMC cinemas, also active in Europe, were founded in the USA by the Jewish Dubinsky Brothers.

The Americans and British were victorious in Europe after 1945 and invested heavily in 12.5 thousand purpose-built cinemas with on average of 2.6 screens, each with up to 500 elastic polyurethane foam seats (that‘s 15.6 million in total), for one single purpose only: to spread US Hollywood propaganda in Europe (and to pummel the national film industries). So, all those Cineplex, UCI, CineStar, KineStar and even French Pathé theaters look basically the same and show the same synthetic Hollywood pulp. But the locals won’t smell anything. The locals believe they are stepping into a futuristic VIP dome. They believe they are experiencing a red-carpet moment (made of polyester), celebrating opening night and watching some sort of world premiere.

Astroturfing in the Music Industry

Next is pop music. Britain and the USA had free reign to superimpose generic music onto the entire world. The first pop stars like The Crooners (40s) or Elvis Presley (50s) were probably natural. And so were the early The Beatles (60s). But once the floodgate opened, the industry would try to recreate the successes – Rolling Stones, The Animals or Queen in the UK, or Michael Jackson, Madonna and Elton John. Those were semi-artificially constructed personas, just like revolutionary first roll-outs of fake grass. The power brooms and plate compactors and water rollers and plastic pellets of the chemgrass industry became the record studios, digital distributors, the LIVE and touring contractors, the licensing firms, artist management, radio stations and professional fan services.

And just like with the synthetic grass industry or the generic movie industry, the pop music industry required high initial costs; however once you had that machinery and supply lines set up, you could basically churn out synthetic crumb-rubber music for forever. And just like astroturfers can always slightly adjust hues and coats and formulas, so the music industry can always slightly adjust their plastic musicians. So from the 70s to the 90s, the industry churned out strap dildos and syringe gays such as Freddie Mercury, Boy George, Elton John, George Michael, or Andy Bell of Erasure.

It became absolutely essential to be homosexual, or at least to dress queer (think of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975), even if some artists had a difficult time to act the androgynous part – for example Prince, David Bowie, Madonna or Cher. And that was before the 2000s. Now the fake inorganic music industry is able to mass-produce hundreds of “fake musicians” on demand, those don‘t even have to be able to sing, songwrite or play an instrument – like The Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys or Korean BTS.

That said, the writings had always been on the wall. Frank Farian is a German record producer, now retired in the USA, who came late to the fake music industry – in the 70s. But he learned quickly. He had to record his songs in English, obviously, and in an American subsidized record studio in West Germany, using the Allies’ distribution services. He had a face for radio, so he hired black performers, because blacks were the latest industry fad. You may have heard of some of his fabrications: Boney M and Milli Vanilli – anyone? Those artificially constructed bands had their lyrics, design and voices all provided by Farian and his technicians; all they had to do on stage was jungle dance and lip sync. Boney M topped all the charts in America, Europe, the United Kingdom and even India and Russia, and to mock global family gatherings, Farian had Boney M release a world record-breaking Christmas Album with all your favorite fake Christmas cover songs too. As to the Milli Vanilli duo, Rob and Fab… well, they became the world‘s most popular impostors in the early 90s with “Girl You Know It’s True”…

Both Europe and Japan, as the losers of the Great War, became the touring backyards for US-UK music industries. It was for example an unspoken agreement that David Bowie or U2 or The Beatles or whoever automatically toured Hamburg in West Germany and Tokyo in US-occupied Japan. This is how it worked. Don’t ask me why. Why are 90% of all semiconductor chips in the world produced in Taiwan? The post-war fake inorganic music industry was all set-up and arranged that way, and it had nothing to do with the artists. Nothing. The artists are completely interchangeable. Whoever was constructed – Bon Jovi, Phil Collins or even Metallica, you name it! – had to tour in Hamburg and Tokyo, because the postwar infrastructure was set up that way.

Of course, there is governmental astroturfing too. So the Europeans, after initiative from Britain and the Netherlands, founded Eurovision or “The European Song Contest” in 1958, with the aim to boost Western values in European music with the correct message. In 1974, the Eurovision was held in Brighton at the sea in the UK, and a Swedish song ‘Waterloo’, “written specifically for this,” won the contest. The band was Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni – short ABBA. What followed was a gigantic act of plastic. Between 1974 and 1983, ABBA produced 43 hit songs and sold over 40 million polyester-type magnetic-coated plastic tapes, and became the world’s most famous sync-pop group of all time.

It needs be said that the Eurovision member states are contractually obligated to lend their entire state power – state tv, regime press, public radio and so on – to dispensing the Eurosongs. So ABBA’s rise to superstardom was astroturfed by arguably the most powerful interest groups in the world: the Western regimes.

2 Real Life Fake Inorganic Industries You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Most people assume that the best writers will rise to the top. But that of course cannot be true in the age of plastic, where fake literature is more durable, pollution-free and looks sensational all year around. This should be common sense: Generic writing is now the norm, and authors are just groveling clones, and cheaper by the dozens, underpaid, bootlicking servitors… until they will be totally replaced by dependable autonomats. The UK Ministry of Education decides: We need a new children’s book writer. Produce one, please. Easy. The EU Parliament decides: We need minority writers in the national best-selling lists. Produce many, please. No problem. But the later product must be totally in the guise of demand from the public. Astroturfing in the book publishing industry, at least to the insider, is insane.

Astroturfing in Literature

For example, you won’t find a mainstream children’s book in France or Germany or Scandinavia with a traditional family or lots of siblings in it, because the US occupiers since 1948 tightened the screws and aimed at drastically reducing birth rates (also in Japan) and shove women into the workforce. Next were favoritism for Jewish writers, pro-Jewish writers, and subpar female writers. Most astroturfed regime publications (you can spot them by winning awards on the time of publication) must include themes such as divorce, single-parenthood, only-children, and – always always – the benefits of democracy and the plight of the Jews last century. American book publishers are even worse. American literature resembles 3D-printing for woke propaganda. Here’s some real life statements of mission from Penguin Random House, a global publisher of plastic literature: ‘better future’, ‘diversity, equity & inclusion’ and ‘we are committed to environment & sustainability’.

In the age of plastic-bag literature, our best-sellers are artificially curated to fit. Let’s just take some of the largest book publishers in the Western hemisphere: Pearson in the UK, Simon & Schuster in the USA, and Bertelsmann in the EU. They have their tentacles in hundreds of smaller publishers and own tens of thousands of artificial imprints, so that ordinary shoppers cannot know who set the agenda at the top. Nevertheless, we hallucinate that the book in our hand is some super rare stuff or our personal journey or something. Those publishers litter our supermarkets with over-processed, auto-marketed and single-use rubbish that “target” (their word for it) classified assortments of the clueless population.

So now we download eBooks to our plastic devices. Will “paperback” Pearson, Simon & Schuster or Bertelsmann be allowed to collapse? Never, because they are systemrelevant. They will just switch to full plastic. In astroturfing, their unsolicited products will find the ignoble masses, thousands of free samples are sent to systemlings (fake reviewers), politicians and CEOs and now influencers, who will create artificial hype and FOMO (the fear of missing out). And the coolest thing, the writer is not the author anymore. David Beckham did not write his own autobiography. Barack Obama had ghostwriters. And yes, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky was not written by the man himself. The man himself wrote Преступление и наказание.

Astroturfing in Bodies

We’d like to imagine that human bodies work best when natural, organic and healthy. But the age of plastic destroyed that illusion.

Botox injections, malleable bead nails, plastic eye lashes, hypergel contact lenses, even prosthetic wigs are now common with the elites – models and actors leading the pack, google them. Did you know that tattoos are made of oxides and plastics now? Five decades of plastic waste have so polluted the oceans, plants and animals, that we humans now carry microscopic bits of plastic in our lungs, livers and kidneys.

Starting in the 80s, American broadcasters either used chemical bleaches, or they had their natural teeth replaced with impeccable veneers and translucent zirconia crowns. They sleep peacefully only with the help of synthetic melatonin… drugs that sedate their brains each night.

The biggest market for plastics is the human body itself. In particular, its sexual organs. They are no longer best for reproduction, in case you haven’t followed the science. The obvious improvements are breast augmentations, limb replacements and body modification, including plastic genitalia. But a lot of astroturfing still needs to be done here, and all it takes for the fake inorganic body industry is to get big government on board: What if the Western regimes were to put their combined weight behind transhumanism, the powerful ideology that proselytizes that persons can change gender, sex and identity as often as they like. Instant global astroturfing would be perfect for our synthetic industries who always wanted to create perfectly synthetic replica people.

You don’t believe it? Take the largest rubber processing companies in the world that want to produce 50 billion units of condoms next year. So, they will surely cooperate with the World Health Organization (WHO) that mandates the use of condoms to protect our ports from HIV and STDs. It makes no biological sense to have sexual intercourse with a female to not to get her pregnant. Progeny is the natural sex drive. So even if we now destroy any possibility for males to naturally impregnate a female, we can technically astroturf them into using condoms all the time and on everyone. For that, the vagina has to go, because only 50% of humans have one. Our rubber-processing-companies like three things: prostitutes, gays and butt holes.


So, say you still don’t believe in astroturfing. Here is what the fake inorganic industries are planning to do: big corporations and all governments are going to transform all persons into prostitutes or gays, and they will make anal penetration mandatory.

Anus bleaching and cleft décor ads will be prominently displayed in Rolling Stone magazine. Celebrities will post pictures of their glue-free anus lashes and plastic dongles. Plastic penises are larger and more durable. Transmen will want to have two. The vaginal hole will be for pee-pee only. And for all those who have been astroturfed… well, to them this will taste just like any other plastic thing they sucked on…

The author is a German writer and cultural critic.

“Dude had more passion in one friggin tune than 1000 pop stars now.“ –Rich Gouette

[…] and – hopefully not many – more horrifying tales of madness and insanity to come.

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