By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog

Breeding here refers to producing humans with desired characteristics. Selective breeding has been going on since we saw ass. If you have any reason to believe that you were NOT bred for desired characteristics, then you most likely are… well… a child of burden. I know it hurts, but after this chapter, you’ll have more clarity.

Unnatural Degeneracy: Biopolitics

In 2009, a wicked man from the Christian Democratic Union became the German Federal Minister of Defense. His name was Baron Dr. Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Buhl-Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg.

This degenerate is a descendant of a long line of degenerates that never worked in their life, owned estates and serfs, had visited private elite schools throughout the Ages of Empire, attended corrupt universities such as in Munich or Bayreuth, and held countless political posts, including parliamentarians, chairmen, shareholders, expert commissioners and later Federal Minister for Economics, before Karl was finally offered the Defense Ministry.

In 2011, something went terribly wrong for Karl. Too many audiences noticed that Karl was unusually degenerate. University professors, political bedfellows and eminent heads had long suspected that Karl-Theodor was a Holy-Roman-Emperor-level sociopath and narcissist, and that Karl made it his habit to lie on the smallest occasions, down to the footnotes. And they asked themselves, in all those 900 years that Karl traced back his noble lineage of the Guttenbergs, had there not been one civil war, one world war, one 30-years war, one feudal massacre, inquisition, revolution or any other single glorious battlefield that his ancestors had better preferred to die back-to-back in honor – like most other noble lines; or could it be that these Guttenbergs had simply… painted the bushes and sold the rest of us down the river?

An investigation started into Karl‘s fabulous doctoral dissertation at Bayreuth University, and of course… It was hilarious plagiarism. His fellow 13 Ministers, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, tried to phrase it diplomatically, but a group of anonymous satirists threatened to turn over the University of Bayreuth for running a racket of awarding fake titles to A LOT OF POLITICIANS – so Karl was asked to resign.

Aristocracy, birth privilege and titles of nobility were officially delegitimized in Germany during the Weimar Republic in 1919. One reason was inbred degeneracy. Another important reason was degeneracy that was inbred. But the main reason really was horribly inbred degeneracy.

Of course the aristocracy kept breeding their sociopathic lines – for one day the Emperor might return. On March 1st, 2011, Karl-Theodor, no longer a Doctor in Germany, resigned and planned to migrate to where all sociopaths in the world migrate to. Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg migrated to the United States of America.

This chapter is about the terms of human breeding. There are breeding programs all over the world, and the most obvious ones are segregated schools, caste systems and fantastic posts for the ruling families.

Because the terms of breeding are so vast and complex, we shall only focus on what matters most: That our caretakers and masters are sadistic sociopaths.

They were bred for sociopathic traits such as infidelity, betrayal (don’t think that the ancestors of Karl ever fought alongside their serfs in battle), narcissism and psychopathy – the latter one includes borderline personality disorders, promiscuity and antisocial behavior. In the language of the folks: our rulers are born bullies, liars and abusers.

Breeding Values: Selection of the Unelected

Humans have vastly different breeding values. Our individual breeding value is assessed by authorities through our looks and our upbringing; that is they determine your ancestors, your family’s past and your childhood that will determine your future performance.

Most of us are bred lethargic, submissive, pastoral or utilitarian. We are indifferent, addictive and own nothing. However, a large subsection is bred exceptionally retarded, violent and very criminal. Why?

If the idea that your psychopathic government is purposely breeding a borderline subhuman, violent and dumb underclass is shocking to you, please consider that virtually all of America‘s 2.3 million violent prison inmates have far more offspring than the average middle class American.

The criminals’ breeding value derives mostly from their utility. They are a bioweapon. Governments breed grunts for low impulse control, high criminal energy and all kinds of mental limitations. Something similar goes on with female aberrations; one third of all females are going straight into the public use and amusement industry.

Convicts are released for territorial expansion, for subverting enemy states or for punishing ungovernable protectorates. So during the last 500 years, every 20 years or so, the Europeans emptied their prisons, and onto all five continents, and terrorized the clueless indigenous Welcome people.

Those programs are still running. Our sociopath legislators promote the socializing of murderers and rapists and terrorists. It is a great asset to have. Did you know that violent criminals are given special conjugal visits, which means private time to breed? Violent and aggressive men would probably reproduce a lot in nature. So we keep it that way, even if we have them locked up for now.

Terms of breeding are mostly genetic, but the environment is crucial to maximize human utility. And just like animal farming is arranged to maximize production and to minimize costs, human livestock must also be perfectly integrated. For marching orders, propaganda is required.

Visitors to America often notice the intense propaganda of violence, gangsterism, pornography, drugs, war and crimes. It is everywhere. That is because America is at war, everywhere.

America wants to have one billion people, up from currently just 327 million, and the master breeders are massively mixing low-IQ bio masses. Being in this massive war mode, the general population is systematically being demoralized, atomized and sent into constant daily survival mode, while the rulers of course plan hundreds, if not thousands of years ahead – just like our little Emperor Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg here 900 years later waiving his fake Bayreuth doctorate and a raped German Defense Ministry.

Meanwhile, the ruling classes are breeding for sociopathy, narcissism and cunning. These are the necessary qualifications of all rulers. Karl-Theodore was just one of many in the past decade who were discovered. Other German psychopaths with Minister posts were also sacked over their fake, plagiarized doctorates. For example, the former Federal Minister of Education, Annette Schavan; or the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Francisca Giffey. Even Ursula von der Leyen, the former German Minister of Defense and now President of the European Commission, plagiarized in her doctoral dissertation.

All of those last three Ministers were females, and you may have noticed that subpar females are thrown in with the males into war mode.

There are thousands of noble families – landowners, industrialists and political dynasties – who grace their degenerate children with impossible academic sinecures. And since our degenerate ruling caste is breeding for sociopathy, narcissism and cunning, they subverted all political and educational institutions.

Selective Breeding: Unnatural Perversions

The Jews have been breeding sociopaths since the beginning of time – truly nasty individuals who show no shame, no remorse and no empathy. At the same time, they are wicked and sadistic.

But they are not the only master breeders. Advanced civilizations all over the world engage in human breeding, balanced breeding here for maximal diversity, linear unbiased breeding there for geniuses and superior bloodlines, but also more sinister programs of breeding such as the miscreation of subpar humans, out-breeding undesirable groups, or mixing and creating new groups such as monosex populations – gays, lesbians and homosexuals really – or now transgenic [genetically modified] populations, who are incredible cheap and disposable.

A lot has been tried and done. We recall the Potsdam Giants of 1688, not really giants by today’s measures, but still a full 300 men battalion of 6 ft and 3 inches tall Prussian grenadiers. They are dwarfed of course by the 500 players of the 2019 American Basketball Association, negroes with an average height of 6 ft and 5 inches. The Swedish and the Norwegian kingdoms, including Iceland, too, have a long tradition of pairing huge men with large women, producing the incredible sight of the Nordic Strongmen.

The pattern towards excellence is evident: You pair excellent parents. The world’s best piano player, Lang Lang, had musician parents. The world’s best chess player, Magnus Carlsen, had a chess-playing fanatic father. The world’s greatest child prodigy, William James Sidis, had a psychiatrist father.

The Chinese have a long [Confucian] tradition of breeding geniuses. To this day, their logogram language is made up of 40,000 characters, and thus is beyond the memory capacity of Europeans who only have 26 letters. In mathematics, too, the Chinese outperform all known humans. In this 21st Century, we are going to see a lot more selection, because of technology, globalism and knowing the whereabouts of all existing humans. Crass segregation is going on in elite universities, where graduates, say from Berkeley or Peking University, are paired with graduates from Harvard or Tsinghua University.

Artificial fertilization is perfect for cold-blooded rulers. The old European lineages apply their semen on valuable donor eggs under laboratory conditions, and they even hire exotic surrogate females. Meanwhile, artificial insemination has become socially acceptable for the rich, from the royal Windsors in London to American celebrities such as Amy Schumer or Michelle Obama. Model Chrissy Teigen had her eggs frozen and later fertilized, and movie star Nicole Kidman and television star Kim Kardashian hired so-called gestational surrogates. Their children are synthetic children. And yes, the world’s wealthiest man, Elon Musk, does not have sex with his wives. He had his wives sent to a clinic for in vitro insemination. You did not know that, did you?

Global elites use all kinds of trickery to procreate, and then pretend it was natural. Do you remember the sudden rise of twins and triplets in the 90s and 2000s? That was due to early hit-and-miss technology in artificial insemination.

Most of your author’s Chinese professors in Beijing had several children, despite China’s strict One-Child-Policy. Their children were not registered on the same household register, but with a mistress or a distant cousin. Hong Kong was the main human trafficking hub for Second children. The authorities looked the other way, because… it is breeding geniuses.

Things can fall from the sky on psychopaths in the entertainment industry though: In 2014, director Zhang Yimou was caught philandering. Nobody knows how many illegitimate children the millionaire sired with so many actresses and escorts (some say they know of 7 kids), but Beijing made him pay fines for just 4, and that was that. Because of the One-Child-Policy, the upper class Chinese set up breeding farms in California, USA, but also in Australia and Canada.

Japan is an extremely high IQ nation, where the noble families, shoguns and daimyos, have out-of-wedlock children. I know that because I observe so many. I know one business man who sired three kids with three different, very attractive women. Those women are all happy single-moms, with houses and allowances. Their kids all practice piano, violin and attend juku classes and private schools. One patriarch, Mitsutoki Shigeta, got into trouble, but not in Japan but in Thailand, because he apparently applied for legal custody for his 13 synthetic children he distant-fathered in the Bangkok area. Wow, that must have been awkward.

All groups want to improve themselves, but not all are able to. The general population may accidentally produce rare mutations, this is true. So even average parents may produce excellent children, by chance or error. But this is highly unlikely, and more likely than not those mutations are disabilities. If however you have produced exceptional outliers, your kids will be quickly abducted by your superiors. This is well known in all societies and throughout humanity: that if you have an exceptionally beautiful daughter, you must cover her up or else she will be claimed by some local warlord. An able son will either be enlisted or enslaved.

So by and large, general populations are unchangeable and plain. The vast majority are average people that could never in a thousand years compete against their overlords or overthrow the master breeders. Only competing overlords or master breeders from abroad could make that happen.

Social Zoology: Rules For Thee

Since it is impossible to change the terms of breeding, we must accept there will always be different rules for different classes of humans.

Do not believe in anything they are telling you about equality or democracy. In America and Europe, if you have superior pedigree or test an IQ above 135, you are exempt from homework, tests and schools. Those mindless activities are for the serfs. You get your audition with the master breeders and they’ll make things happen. Think of it as diplomatic clearance. There are no barriers and no checks.

Also, there is less bureaucracy. If a university or school wants you, they will fabricate a reason, don’t worry. Like a sports stipend or a fake prize, a large family donation or a fat recommendation letter. In Chile and Argentina I hear they call this corruption ‘getting a fast-pass’, as in ‘a fast-pass for American Disneyland’. It means that you can skip the lines and that long waiting hours do not apply to you. I like that. I will use ‘fast-pass’ from now on.

In China, there is a fast-pass system called bao-song (package-sent). It means forget school and grades, this kid you must admit. It comes with a minor catch though. The student cannot choose his major, the state does. As if his family cared. But this sounds very British, doesn’t it? In good-old Oxbridge, it doesn’t really matter what subject you master in, as long as you get… your Master. Every nation has its fast-pass lane.

After centuries of selection, most breeders encounter severe defects and inadequacies in their stock. Oh forces of darkness. In one old German castle town’s youth hostel, the masters stop-watched us candidates recite pointless word-lists and tested us for reaction time and unnatural pathology and thought-crime. In a Chinese university, they passed around a tape measure and measured our head circumference, because for some reasons the masters believed that head-size mattered and that 24 5/8 inches meant that you needed your caps custom-made.

Who could forget such an examination? If you stroll the campuses of Todai or Beida,… you have never seen so many large heads in one place. They look like aliens. Can’t be made unseen. This is the result of excessive over-breeding. Same at Harvard University. Have you ever seen the head-sizes of Ted Kennedy or Noam Chomsky?

All our nation‘s top mental clinics and laboratories are adjunct to our top universities. The master breeders suffer from the worst mental abnormalities and defects, from horrible misanthropy to psychopathy. Then there is the plague of schisms with these people. Schismatic persons can easily turn into traitors and backstabbers. Like Leon Trotsky or Leo Tolstoy.

There is also a lot of old money corruption, because degenerates like our Karl-Theodor pay a lot of money to get into top universities, but are unintelligent.

All these details and head-scratching at the top levels goes over the heads of the general population. The general population is abused six ways from Sunday. For example, the elite sociopaths tell the general population through literature and media and the education system that the working and underclasses surely are the most debauched. But that cannot be true, if you really think about it: First, the working classes are too busy working. Next, nine tenths of the general population have only access to one tenth of all females. The rulers may be fewer in numbers, but they own everything, and they are the worst abusers, torturers and tyrants – by far and in between.

The sociopaths that rule us are the most unimaginably cruelest and most abusive towards all human beings, but especially towards women, children and the pure and healthy races, who are completely unaware of the master breeders’ satanic schemes. The majority of the people do not grasp the human hierarchy and their own enslavement. They are stuck in evolution like chimpanzees or zebras.

The author is a German writer and cultural critic.

Beyond belief, I have never read anything like it. Our world is going to pot!“ –IceMan

[…] and – hopefully not too many – more horrifying tales of madness and insanity to come.

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