By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog

Corporations lie to us – the consumers – that we naturally follow their brand, cause and celebrity. We don’t. They follow us.

Whitney Houston Follows

Whitney Houston drowned at the age of 48, face-down in her bathtub. Oh, and yeah she was on cocaine and other drugs. But that‘s not how she died, said her drug-addict ex-husband Bobby Brown, who said she died of a broken heart. Warm.

Now, you cannot NOT know Whitney Houston. It is impossible. Why, because you followed her! You did not follow her? Well, now you are making yourself out to be a complete idiot, because you don‘t know how the human hierarchy works. You had no way NOT to follow Whitney Houston or any other mega American celebrity in the world – Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston – and I explain to you here why: THEY followed you!

You don‘t believe it? Well, Whitney Houston did not only believe it, she knew it. So this thought, the truth of celebrity and super stardom, turned her, like everybody else at the top of the information cartel, into a drug addict, a mental train-wreck and a broken vase.

Whitney Houston died in 2012, but they are still making money from her. She is such a perfect example for the theory of ‘They Follow’ that it needs to blow up. Whitney was a black soul singer who started her career with her mother in a church choir. She was tall, had a great voice and a beautiful smile.

Now think this girl through from the perspective of the music industry, producers, film makers, the media, the magazines and the entire culture: We have – back in the 90s – 240 million mindless consumers in America, and maybe 6 billion mindless consumers in the world that is dominated and colonized by America. How do we go to each and every mindless consumer and play, show, read and repeat to them Whitney Houston?

And after we did that, after we traced and followed all of them, mindless consumers, we turned around and announced: See, all these people follow Whitney Houston.

The people have no way not to follow. Whitney Houston plays on radio, is on TV, is on tape, vinyl records and CDs. She is in every youth magazine, every men’s magazine, every gossip journal, in every store, and at least 50% of the population is below average intelligence and thus talks about how they followed Whitney Houston. Well, they didn’t. They were totally overwhelmed and brainwashed by global marketing.

Call it a trap if you will. Consumers are basically coerced or forced to consume. They need music, even in jungles and deserts and even if they don’t speak English. So we wipe out their family musicians, their local talent, their nation’s singers, and replace them with Whitney Houstons. Same with your national radio station, which now plays Whitney Houston. Consumers cannot connect the dots back to major record label’s decisions in a far away country who control every country’s local music industries.

Next you say you refuse to follow Whitney Houston on radio. Instead you go to see a movie. And what do you know, Whitney Houston just so happened to star in that mandatory global blockbuster movie – The Bodyguard, The Preacher’s Wife, The Princess Diary. And when you return home, you can also watch Whitney Houston on Saturday Night Live or in a Coca-Cola commercial.

Consumers do not understand any of the industries and the 10,000 professionals involved who are constantly following them – the consumers. It is unnatural, unrealistic and absurd to believe that billions of people would actively search for that brown gospel singer girl from Newark, New Jersey. Yes, she is beautiful, but so are our own women, in our own community, our wives and friends. We should follow our own people, not some American.

Therefore, the producers and globalists and, this is not an exaggeration, even the US government and the military, must spend hundreds of millions of dollars to control networks of information and coercion, and must mass hypnotize every person on the planet to see, listen and watch Whitney Houston. This is the only way so that they can later claim she had the largest following on the planet.

Whitney Houston is following everyone, no deserters. You cannot live without reading, listening, watching, breathing Whitney Houston. She will find you, even in libraries under “The Greatest Artists of All Time” or in the book of records under “The Greatest Pop Culture Icons of All Time” and so on and so forth. The attack on consumers worldwide is ferocious.

So, say you are not into black gospel or pop culture but like the Beatles? No problem, Whitney Houston is also always mentioned in the same sentence with the Beatles for having produced “half a dozen of Number One hits.”

Whitney Houston is following you so hard, she was first painted white for a more Western European audience, and later extra darkened for the audiences of the Global South. Whitney Houston was aggressively used in national and international politics. She sang the National Anthem during America’s 1991 Super Bowl. She sang ‘How Will I Know’ in 1994 for Nelson Mandela in South Africa.

What about East-Asia? Well, she sang ‘One Moment in Time’ for the 1988 Summer Olympics in Korea, lest the East Asians were not yet followed enough.

It is all fake and lies. She didn’t even write the songs. That’s why she became mentally ill and a cocaine addict. Whitney Houston knew her fame was disproportional and unreal. Like she was some pleasure doll of some Galactic Dictator who can decide: I make you a star. And then she is a star. Because that is what Galactic Dictators do, they dictate everyone.

She knew she was just a pretty girl with a great voice, no more but also no less. For that great coercion that the whole world suddenly had “to follow” Whitney Houston, she felt ashamed. All American superstars experience that shame. They understand that there was no way anyone cared a rat’s ass for them if it wasn’t for the fact that the Galactic Dictator USA controlled Europe and Japan, Canada and Australia, and hundred more regions where every single consumer is traced, tracked and followed. If the global music, media and entertainment industry wasn’t targeting those idiot people with Whitney Houston, nobody would follow her.

How does that not make sense, if you think it through? The reason why the entire world is allegedly following Whitney Houston is that Whitney Houston global propaganda is actively and very aggressively following all of us.

And that’s the ultimate reason why the world follows American Whitney Houston and not some Indian, German or Chinese chick. O power of the global Dictator.

Günter Grass Follows

Günter Grass is the 1999 Nobel Laureate in Literature and thus a world renowned author.

He was state selected as a great writer because he wrote that Germany was guilty of atrocities and that it carries historic guilt and must pay reparations to the Chosen people and so on. So most European leaders agreed and supported the nomination of Günter Grass.

Again, same reverse principle at work, nobody would follow Günter Grass on their free account, because he is obviously regime fabricated. But then, we are given no choice because Günter Grass is following us – and everywhere we go, in school, during exams, on TV, in magazines, in all libraries and book clubs and newspapers and magazines.

If you are from abroad, you have not read him, I suppose, and neither is reading his works a particular sensation. He is totally unimportant for Americans, and I give this example of Günter Grass to remind everyone that if Germany was the global Galactic Dictator, and not the United States, than Germany would make Günter Grass mandatory and have him follow all of you – no escape, no hole to hide in.

Little Germans are forced to read Günter Grass in their school curriculum. There, see, they follow him! I am being cynical of course. Günter Grass – or better the Nation state and the ruling class behind this propaganda – is the one who follows. We Germans have no way to unfollow Günter Grass in any meaningful sense of the word in the same way all people under American dictatorship have no way to unfollow Whitney Houston.

These big celebrities follow us, not we them.

Think of all those “celebrities” they want us to swoon, to opiate, to inhale and to see, to see and follow. It is insane.

The Germans make a great bunch of good followers. I am being cynical again, because, evidently, it is us who are being followed by state authorities, the regime moderators and the propaganda machine. They are following us, not us them.

One cabaretist named Volker Pispers once modernized the age-old joke about dictators, but this time about Dear Leader Angela Merkel. Nobody voted for Angela Merkel because the people cannot vote for their leaders. They can only vote a party, but this is horrible, because the Merkel party barely got 35% of all votes, and this on the basis that only 65% of those 3/4 of the population eligible to vote cared to go to the ballot stations. So we could as well say that the Germans as a collective don‘t decide their leaders at all. Now I am going so far as to say that we don‘t even get a decide on which brands, causes and celebrities to follow. THEY follow us.

It is all a farce. The majority never voted for her, and most don‘t want to follow a dictator. “So, what does Angela Merkel do?” joked Volker Pispers. “She turns her back to the people and claims: “Look, they are behind me!”

The Economist Follows

One of the greatest hoaxes in science is… economics! Economics is not a science really. Economics describes what humans produce, trade, use, buy and sell. Ask yourself, do you trust the proverbial cars salesmen – what we in academe now call the economists? Never! They are bullshitters. They want to sell us their stuff, the more the better, by any means possible. They follow us.

Same principle described above with listening, watching and reading – people also need to do dressing, eating, shitting. So consumers will seek to buy clothing, food and toilet paper. And because corporations control these mindless consumers, corporations produce those commodities with brands, trademarks and logos on them, and tell people wonderful stories. And out of Walmart they march with their brand-new Levi’s jeans, Nike sneakers, Quaker oatmeal, Budweiser beer, and butt wiper tissue from Kleenex. Ask yourself, do we really follow those brands, or do those brands… follow us?

This is an existential question, in all of philosophy and during the last 2,500 years. Are you a free agent, or are those corporations laughing their butt off at your stupidity. It belongs to the theory of knowledge or epistemology, in the same category with questions such as Do we have a free will or Do we just dream this life of ours. We have to seriously ask this question. If they claim that we follow their Whitney Houstons and Günter Grasses or their Kleenex toilet paper brands, considering all their state, media, propaganda and control of everything we read, listen to and (have to) buy for daily consumption… isn’t it reasonable to turn our back on them and boldly speak the truth: “They are following us, for real!”

The ‘They Follow’ theory contradicts orthodox propaganda about the so-called free market, fair competition and fairy tales about demand and supply. From daily observation we know the market is not free, it certainly is not a fair game, and demand and supply are horseshit artificial under a global dictatorship. And we mindless consumers consume their stuff, surely we have to, and then they turn their back on the people and claim: See, they follow us. We don’t.

I am in Narita airport outside Tokyo right now, in a Starbucks cafeteria. Am I a follower of Starbucks and its Starbucks brand and bad coffee? No. They put that spooky furniture into every airport under global American stewardship. Starbucks thinks otherwise and will count me in as one of its billion followers, customers, consumers, fans or whatnot. I am sure they will multiply my utility.

So across the terminal lane there is also a magazine shop that flashes all the usual suspects of English magazines and papers – The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time, Esquire, GQ, and The Economist. Did I follow those propaganda magazines to Narita airport outside Tokyo, or were they aggressively planted in all airports under American stewardship across the entire planet, in other words: Do they follow me?

I know the answer to this. I remember how Whitney Houston was stuffed down our throats in those very magazines. I remember how I never followed Günter Grass but was ordered to read his regime propaganda. I know that not the people follow those brands, causes and celebrities, but that those brands, causes and celebrities follow us – the people. Mechanized, automatized hypnotism.

And so I turn my eyes back to my computer screen and, O shocker what can I tell you… I see in all of my American social media the autosuggestion to follow and subscribe The Economist magazine that I just so mentioned, for 50% off its price. Do they know what we write and talk about?

Everywhere we go, they follow.

The author is a German writer and cultural critic.

“My favorite German philosophers are Nietzsche, Hegel and Pattberg.“ –EM

[…] and – hopefully not too many – more horrifying tales of madness and insanity to come.

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