The Olympic War Against Russian Athletes

The war against Russia has many rails, but none more vicious than the “doping” attacks against the Russian athletes. It happens in the Summer Games and it happens in the Winter Games.

The drugs of late turn out to be not performance enhancers, but are related to heart function. Not banned until WADA, a thoroughly corrupt Canadian organization obsessed with controlling sports around the globe, forced these medicines onto the long list of banned substances.

[Note by the Saker: I received an email form a Canadian reader who points out the following:

WADA is not a Canadian agency.  Please correct the statement in your article about the Russian skater which reads that WADA is Canadian. WADA is not Canadian.  WADA is an international agency funded by international governments and international sports federations.  Refer to WADA’s website here:  Who We Are | World Anti-Doping Agency (   Scroll down to the section headed “Our History”.   Presently, WADA has its headquarters in Montreal (that would be its offices, I think), but it is an international agency.  See also the Lausanne Declaration on Doping in Sport, Lausanne Switzerland, February 1999 which provided for the creation of an independent and international anti-doping agency after a conference in Lausanne Switzerland and before the Sydney 2000 Olympics.  The Lausanne Declaration is available to read on the internet.  It is a short, two-page document, and easy to understand.]

If Russian doctors prescribed medicines, WADA focused on them. This has gone on since USSR times. Meldonium was the former drug. It cost Maria Sharapova a year banned from tennis. One day it was legal, next day it was a banned substance. Russians used it for generations. The latest drug that has hooked the superstar figure skater, Kamila Valieva, now is trimetazidine.

Not that Valieva tested positive in several tests at the Olympics. She is clean of any drug. This was from one test in December in St. Petersburg. No other test shows the substance. Before or after that December test. The lab that discovered the substance was Swedish.

The US and WADA will probably destroy her and ruin the Olympics for the ROC. If they can knock her down, the US becomes the gold medal team replacing ROC.

Already days of practice for the Russian have been missed or shortened which will affect their performances in upcoming events.

This is always the goal if the criminals in WADA can’t get an immediate expulsion of the athlete. Run a massive media campaign and hound the athlets into isolation. Athletes crack under that kind of public shaming.

None of the Russians have tested positive at the Olympics. So, they had nothing in their bodies to affect anything.

As I said for decades, “Prove the drug improves performance. Prove the athlete needs the drug to train hard and recover smoothly.”  WADA has never proved any of this, in any sport. They say increased blood flow or quickening of muscle flexing is the equal to increased performance. It has nothing to do with increased performance. Training and mental focus, pain threshold and capacity to shed lactic acid is far more important. Relaxation and calm are far more vital to performance.

If you saw Kamila Valieva’s performance, you know it was all skill. The most spectacular free style ever.

Alec Baldwin captured it off his monitor and raved about the exquisite beauty of it.

Here’s his video:

Thus, according to WADA and the US Olympic Committee, she had to be attacked. She was far and away the best in the world and would be for many Olympics and many World Championships. And she was ‘Russian!!!!’. The Horror!

If she survives this war on her psyche, it will be a miracle. Athletes her age are very fragile. (my oldest daughter played a lot of sports and I helped coach and train girls in track and field, softball, swimming, and basketball. There are a plethora of psychological challenges girls deal with in sports. The higher the level, the more intense. Twelve to sixteen is the age where most burn out for any of many reasons.)

Meanwhile, the Russophobes and US MSM are loving the scandal.

WADA has been corrupt from day one. First, it is Canadian. Second, Ukrainians festoon all Canada’s institutions. Generations of them. All russophobes. They answer to no one. But they serve the US government like the Canadian government does.

WADA’s science is like Fauci’s . Full of shit processes and lots of public relations.

They have never proven scientifically in controlled experiments that any drug or substance enhances performance. The higher the skill the athletic event, the more infinitesimal any substance, anything can help.

The human mind controls the athlete’s body. It controls breathing, heartbeat, pain levels, quick twitch and slow twitch muscles, relaxation, lactic acid flow. It is why endorphins are a product of physical training and why running distance often becomes a joyful event. Great athletes have great mental process control of their body.

Tom Brady and Cristiano Ronaldo are pure examples of what I speak. No one feeds his body better or trains harder. Thus, they perform at the highest level at advanced age.

Even the WADA argument that certain substances produce enhanced training and faster recovery is bogus. Never established in science.

Blood doping is what really worked. The Scandinavians were masters of it. The oxygen-rich blood was the best dope. More oxygen! It was proven to enhance performance. Not a drug. Oxygen.

You train, you hit your peak personal best, you sample a pint of blood, refrigerate it, then infuse it before performance, and oxygen improves your performance.

However, genetics is a huge determinate in Olympic level performance. It is the essence of superior performance. It separates greatness from the near-great. In other words, athletic greatness is a gift of birth and perseverance in years of training. You can take all the enhancers you want, it doesn’t get you greatness.

The greatest long distance runners today are from Africa, but little known are the Indians of Tarahumara. They can run 150 miles without heavy breathing or any training.

In the early 70’s when my eldest daughter was on the Blue Angels Girls Track team, I took a course in Pediatric Sports Medicine at UCLA.

I also had a stepson at the time and coached him in track and field (he was a distance runner and high jumper) and he played football.

So, with the years of experience with boys and girls, meeting and working with doctors in the field and coaches as well as elite American athletes (SoCal was the home for all US sports, except Winter Sports). Even the Israelis had a footprint in Mission Viejo and Irvine, bringing their training techniques here in several sports.

I’ve seen up close and personal seven-and-under girls and boys up to women and men, the best in the world, the highest level AAU, NCAA and Olympic team athletes every day in twenty or thirty different events in many sports. I’ve seen people use iodine, creatine, steroids, inhalers, pain-killers, et al. It doesn’t work for consistent results. It generally tears down young athletes and demoralizes older athletes. It never works in the highest most intense competition.

Genetics, training and mental focus separate great athletes. These have been scientifically proven over many years.

Right now, the weight of the world is being pressed down on a great athlete, 15-year-old Kamila Valieva.

Pray that WADA does not take another innocent victim. They are the White Helmets of Sport.


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