The new Eurocraine has decided to mark the first anniversary of its glorious revolution by removing the accreditation of over 100 Russian news organizations from any official state body. We should salute that. Initially, Russian journalists were simply kidnapped and often murdered, now they are simply denied accreditation and the Russian media banned from the Ukrainian controlled outlets. I suppose that this is a form of “progress”.

In the meantime, one of the worst Ukrainian presstitutes, Savik Shuster, got fired and his program banned because just once, he made an on-air interview with the Russian journalist Maksim Shevchenko. The ueber-freak Oleg Liashko was also in the studio and he had a total fit declaring that his conversation (which lasted 5 min) was in violation of the new Ukie criminal code and that he would file a complaint. He did and Shuster got fired. Interestingly, the very same Liashko also declared that there was more freedom of speech under Yanukovich than under Poroshenko. Go figure…

To top it all off, Nadezhda Savchenko, the Ukrainian artillery controller who was involved in the murder of two Russian journalists and who is in jail in Russia has been elected to the Rada which retroactively makes her immune from prosecution, at least that is the junta’s point of view. There is a photo of Savchenko on the podium of the Rada and she has been added to the Ukrainian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Savchenko is now defended by the same lawyer who defended Pussy Riot, I kid you not.

Glory to the Ukraine! To the heroes glory!


The Saker


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