Today, I have an extremely telling transcript to share with you.  This is an intercepted telephone call (thank you SVR/ 6th GRU/Spetsviaz FSO!) between Igor Kolomoiskii and one of the Ukie media CEO Alexander Tkachenko (For those of you who speak Russian, the conversation is available here and here).  Here is the transcript:

T – Hello,
K – Are you done talking shit yet?
T – Hello, Igor Valerievich
K – Didn’t you see I was calling you?
T – I didn’t… I quit the other conversation the moment I saw you calling…
K – Where are you?
T – In my office
K – I can hear wind
T – I came out on the balcony so the people who are sitting in my room don’t overhear our conversation.
K – And who is in your room?
T – Our lawyers and Yarik are sitting in there
K – Aaa
T – These assholes don’t want to cut off cities Lugansk “TRK Ukraina” and Donetsk, and we must now come up with a nasty plan for them. [
perhaps, Broadcasting Committee of Ukraine?]

K – A-ha, understood, understood. Hey, there is that faggot… in a good sense of the word [laughing]… so it’s time to start fucking him up.
T – But he has a direct connection, I know
K – He is Lyovochkin’s special project.
T – Yeah, yeah, fine.
K – Moreover….. fuck! Lyovochkin fucked them all…, fuck….
T – All faggots
K – Yes. Interestingly, in order to straddle Lyashko, fuck, and all the faggots, Levochkin must be, fuck… at least bi[sexual].
T – Aha. Good, good, no question
K – Ok so long.
T – Valerich, can we quickly discuss a couple of questions using the black [phone]?
K – Ok. Bye
T – All right

First, a short comments: the person who translated this from Russian really did not render the degree of rudeness of the king of vocabulary Kolomoiskii is using.  In fact, the original Russian version is even worse.  In fact, I specifically asked ‘M’ to not to soften the language because I wanted to English speakers to get a feeling for the kind of individual Kolomoiskii is: not only is he the #1 person behind the Odessa massacre, he also has one hell of a potty-mouth in his daily business.  Second, I wish you could get a sense of the total, abject subservience of Tkachenko when talking to Kolomoiskii.  I honestly think that a prostitute on Times Square talking to a possible client would have more self-respect than Tkachenko has for himself in this conversation which, after all, begins by Kolomoiskii contemptuously blaming Tkachenko for not taking his call fast enough (‘M’ used the word ‘talking shit’, but the original Russian is even worse, it’s talking c**t!).  And Tkachenko immediately begins to try justify himself and appease Kolomoiskii.

This kind of “proctology of the Ukie brain” is actually very important because it shows that the Ukie media is not somehow “favorable” to the junta, or even “subservient” to it, it is in reality completely owned by this junta, owned like a slave.


The other interesting feature of this conversation is that Kolomoiskii is clearly gunning for Liashko who, all pedophile and homosexual that he is, has been impersonating some kind of Ukie “tough guy” and organized some pretend-military forces all with black uniforms and fancy badges.  Liashko, by the way, is the guy who is supposedly the most popular figure in Banderastan.

Kolomoiskii cleary want Liahko out of the eastern Ukraine and hence he is ordering Tkachenko to being a campaign to discredit Liashko which, considering the fact that there is an old police video on the Internet showing a young Liashko admitting to being a homosexual and considering that only his immunity as deputy prevented him from being prosecuted for pedophilia, will be really easy.

Considering that Kolomoiskii and Liashko are, with Iarosh, the most powerful men in the Ukraine – at least in terms of firepower – it tell you a lot about the kind of folks Uncle Sam has been using in his war on Russia and the kind of man under whose rule the people of Novorussia are supposed to accept living.

So this is why I feel that I am not exaggerating at all when I speak of a freak show of thugs in Kiev: this is exactly what it is.  A freak show. 

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