Dear friends,

As most of you know, we are trying very hard to provide 24/7 coverage in moderation so as to make the waiting time until comments are vetted as short as possible.  This is particularly important since we have readers literally all over the planet so while it might be night for those of us living in Europe or the Americas, it might be day, or even morning, for others.

The Saker blog needs moderators, specifically to cover the following time slot: (all times given in EST which is 4 hours behind of UTC/GMT summer time) Several different 2-3 hour shifts would work very well.

  • Sun 12am – 9am  GMT  (Sat 8pm -Sun 5am EST summer hours)

If you can spare a few hours please contact Herb, the head of moderation, at the following email address:

I thank you in advance for helping us in this most important position!

Kind regards

The Saker

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