Dear friends,

Our little experiment with unmoderated comments is coming to an end. Yes, this was fun, but this is slowly becoming tedious, and many are already yearning for Monday.  I understand them.

Yesterday’s thread got almost as many comments as the initial one, and before the end of the day I expect the total number of comments will reach 1000 for the two threads (plus a few more in the thread below).

Typically, most of the comments were about me and how I had been replaced by somebody else and gone totally insane.  Only a few comments addressed my question directly, and most of those made no logical sense anyway.

A major logical flaw of many commentators was the assumption that COVID-dissidents constituted a big, or even major, part of the readers of this blog.  I understand why COVID-dissidents would make that claim, directly or by implication, but I want to reassure my readers – I assure you that this is not the case.  When looking at why a specific subgroup is over-represented in a situation we always need to keep in mind that drive is a much more powerful factor than competence.

There is also an obvious solution: over the years of existence of this blog I witnessed a pattern which was repeated over and over again, here is how it goes:

  1. I write something which a person really likes
  2. That person then assumes that since I wrote “A”, I also believe in B, C and D.  Example: I believe that JFK was killed by several people and that 9/11 was a controlled demolition.  Therefore (?) I must also believe in the Great Replacement, COVID is a plandemic and Putin is a 33 degree Mason.
  3. When I fail to write what expected or, worse, when I write non-B, non-C and non-D our new reader is absolutely horrified (sincerely!) and suffers from a massive cognitive dissonance which results in a strong sense of betrayal, frustration and anger at me for my “crazy” behavior/ideas.
  4. That person than leaves the blog (with or without an angry “divorce letter”)

Those thus leaving are sure that now that they left the blog will collapse in a short time (I heard that prediction so many times that I now consider it as par for the course).

But from the blog’s point of view, this is really not a problem because since day 1 this blog was always aimed at mature, intelligent and well-educated people who are not hell-bent on preaching their certitudes to the planet.  Here are the groups which have already left the blog in the past: racists of all types, Nazis, Jewish and White supremacists, pride-homos, Takfiris, Alt-Righters and Latins/Papists.  The COVID-dissidents are next and this is a very good outcome for the blog.

Think about it – these folks rather assume that I was kidnapped or gone batshit crazy over admitting (even to themselves) that I simply am totally unconvinced by their arguments (which they have been mailing me for months!!!).  Being the infantiles that they are, they believe that kidnapping/insanity is a more likely explanation than that their totally illogical arguments failed to convince me.

Not exactly my target audience…

Later today I will “lock” the comments on these three threads, but I won’t delete them as I consider them extremely interesting from a sociological (and even psychological) point of view: they are a telling monument of the levels fanaticism and intolerance exhibited by people who claim to defend alternative views but who, in reality, simply want to silence those who don’t agree with them.  These are the type of people the Komsomol and the Hiterjugend like to recruit as they make for the best foot-soldiers for any totalitarian ideology.

But until this final locking of the threads, this third thread will also be unmoderated so, if you came late or still have some more stones in your me now is the time to hurl them!

Finally, as I have already mentioned too, I want to keep these threads up as a beautiful illustration of what an unmoderated comments section inevitably degenerates into when the trolls are given free rein.

That’s it on my end.  I wish you all a great Sunday!

Kind regards

The Saker


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