The siren call of a ‘system leader’

Pepe Escobar – posted with permission

The United States may be destined for a shorter historical existence than the Mongol era established by Genghis Khan

Marcello (Marcello Mastroianni) and Maddalena (Anouk Aimee) in La Dolce Vita, impossibly cool and chic, are like the Last Woman and the Last Man before the deluge of ‘tawdry cheapness.’

A considerable spectrum of the liberal West takes the American interpretation of what civilization consists of to be something like an immutable law of nature. But what if this interpretation is on the verge of an irreparable breakdown?

Michael Vlahos has argued that the US is not a mere nation-state but a “system leader” – “a civilizational power like Rome, Byzantium, and the Ottoman Empire.” And, we should add, China – which he did not mention. The system leader is “a universalistic identity framework tied to a state. This vantage is helpful because the United States clearly owns this identity framework today.”

Intel stalwart Alastair Crooke, in a searing essay, digs deeper into how this “civilizational vision” was “forcefully unfurled across the globe” as the inevitable, American manifest destiny: not only politically – including all the accouterments of Western individualism and neo-liberalism, but coupled with “the metaphysics of Judeo-Christianity, too”.

Crooke also notes how deeply ingrained the notion that victory in the Cold War “spectacularly affirmed” the superiority of the US civilizational vision among the US elite.

Well, the post-modern tragedy – from the point of view of US elites – is that soon this may not be the case anymore. The vicious civil war engulfing Washington for the past three years – with the whole world as stunned spectators – has just accelerated the malaise.

Remember Pax Mongolica

It’s sobering to consider that Pax Americana may be destined to a shorter historical existence than Pax Mongolica – established after Genghis Khan, the head of a nomad nation, went about conquering the world.

Genghis first invested in a trade offensive to take over the Silk Roads, crushing the Kara-Kitais in Eastern Turkestan, conquering Islamic Khorezm, and annexing Bukhara, Samarkand, Bactria, Khorasan and Afghanistan. The Mongols reached the outskirts of Vienna in 1241 and the Adriatic Sea one year after.

The superpower of the time extended from the Pacific to the Adriatic. We can barely imagine the shock for Western Christendom. Pope Gregory X was itching to know who these conquerors of the world were, and could be Christianized?

In parallel, only a victory by the Egyptian Mamluks in Galilee in 1260 saved Islam from being annexed to Pax Mongolica.

Pax Mongolica – a single, organized, efficient, tolerant power – coincided historically with the Golden Age of the Silk Roads. Kublai Khan – who lorded over Marco Polo – wanted to be more Chinese than the Chinese themselves. He wanted to prove that nomad conquerors turned sedentary could learn the rules of administration, commerce, literature and even navigation.

Yet when Kublai Khan died, the empire fragmented into rival khanates. Islam profited. Everything changed. A century later, the Mongols from China, Persia, Russia and Central Asia had nothing to do with their ancestors on horseback.

A jump cut to the young 21st century shows that the initiative, historically, is once again on the side of China, across the Heartland and lining up the Rimland. World-changing, game-changing enterprises don’t originate in the West anymore – as has been the case from the 16th century up to the late 20th century.

For all the vicious wishful thinking that coronavirus will derail the “Chinese century”, which will actually be the Eurasian Century, and amid the myopic tsunami of New Silk Roads demonization, it’s always easy to forget that implementation of myriad projects has not even started.

It should be in 2021 that all those corridors and axes of continental development pick up speed across Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean, Central Asia, Southwest Asia, Russia and Europe, in parallel with the Maritime Silk Road configuring a true Eurasian string of pearls from Dalian to Piraeus, Trieste, Venice, Genoa, Hamburg and Rotterdam.

For the first time in two millennia, China is able to combine the dynamism of political and economic expansion both on the continental and maritime realms, something that the state did not experience since the short expeditionary stretch led by Admiral Zheng He in the Indian Ocean in the early 15th century. Eurasia, in the recent past, was under Western and Soviet colonization. Now it’s going all-out multipolar – a series of complex, evolving permutations led by Russia-China-Iran-Turkey-India-Pakistan-Kazakhstan.

Every player has no illusions about the “system leader” obsessions: to prevent Eurasia from uniting under one power – or coalition such as the Russia-China strategic partnership; ensure that Europe remains under US hegemony; prevent Southwest Asia – or the “Greater Middle East” – from being linked to Eurasian powers; and prevent by all means that Russia-China have unimpeded access to maritime lanes and trade corridors.

The message from Iran

In the meantime, a sneaking suspicion creeps in – that Iran’s game plan, in an echo of Donbass in 2014, may be about sucking US neocons into a trademark Russian cauldron in case the regime-change obsession is turbocharged.

There is a serious possibility that under maximum pressure Tehran might eventually abandon the JCPOA for good, as well as the NPT, thus openly inviting a US attack.

As it stands, Tehran has sent two very clear messages. The accuracy of the missile attack on the US Ayn Al-Asad base in Iraq, replying to the targeted assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani, means that any branch of the vast US network of bases is now vulnerable.

And the fog of non-denial denials surrounding the downing of the CIA Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) – essentially an aerial spook shop – in Ghazni, Afghanistan also carries a message.

CIA icon Mike d’Andrea, known as ‘Ayatollah Mike’, The Undertaker, the Dark Prince, or all of the above, may or may not have been on board. Irrespective of the fact that no US government source will ever confirm or deny that Ayatollah Mike is dead or alive, or even that he exists at all, the message remains the same: your soldiers and spooks are also vulnerable.

Since Pearl Harbor, no nation has dared to stare down the system leader so blatantly, as Iran did in Iraq. Vlahos mentioned something I saw for myself in 2003, how “young American soldiers referred to Iraqis as ‘Indians’, as though Mesopotamia were the Wild West”. Mesopotamia was one the crucial cradles of civilization as we know it. Well, in the end, that $2 trillion spent to bomb Iraq into democracy did no favors to the civilizational vision of the ‘system leader’.

The Sirens and La Dolce Vita

Now let’s add aesthetics to our “civilizational” politics. Every time I visit Venice – which in itself is a living metaphor for both the flimsiness of empires and the Decline of the West – I retrace selected steps in The Cantos, Ezra Pound’s epic masterpiece.

Last December, after many years, I went back to the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, also known as “The jewel box”, which plays a starring role in The Cantos. As I arrived I told the custodian signora that I had come for “The Sirens”. With a knowing smirk, she lighted my way along the nave to the central staircase. And there they were, sculpted on pillars on both sides of a balcony: “Crystal columns, acanthus, sirens in the pillar head”, as we read in Canto 20.

These sirens were sculpted by Tullio and Antonio Lombardo, sons of Pietro Lombardo, Venetian masters of the late 15th and early 16th century – “and Tullio Romano carved the sirens, as the old custode says: so that since then no one has been able to carve them for the jewel box, Santa Maria dei Miracoli”, as we read in Canto 76.

Well, Pound misnamed the creator of the sirens, but, that’s not the point. The point is how Pound saw the sirens as the epitome of a strong culture – “the perception of a whole age, of whole congeries and sequence of causes, went into an assemblage of detail, whereof it would be impossible to speak in terms of magnitude”, as Pound wrote in Guide to Kulchur.

As much as his beloved masterpieces by Giovanni Bellini and Piero della Francesca, Pound fully grasped how these sirens were the antithesis of usura – or the “art” of lending money at exorbitant interest rates, which not only deprives a culture of the best of art, as Pound describes it, but is also one of the pillars for the total financialization and marketization of life itself, a process that Pound brilliantly foresaw, when he wrote in Hugh Selwyn Mauberley that, “all things are a flowing, Sage Heracleitus says; But a tawdry cheapness, shall reign throughout our days.”

La Dolce Vita will turn 60 in 2020. Much as Pound’s sirens, Fellini’s now mythological tour de force in Rome is like a black and white celluloid palimpsest of a bygone era, the birth of the Swingin’ Sixties. Marcello (Marcello Mastroianni) and Maddalena (Anouk Aimee), impossibly cool and chic, are like the Last Woman and the Last Man before the deluge of “tawdry cheapness”. In the end, Fellini shows us Marcello despairing at the ugliness and, yes, cheapness intruding in his beautiful mini-universe – the lineaments of the trash culture fabricated and sold by the ‘system leader’ about to engulf us all.

Pound was a human, all too human American maverick of unbridled classical genius. The ‘system leader’ misinterpreted him; treated him as a traitor; caged him in Pisa; and dispatched him to a mental hospital in the US. I still wonder whether he may have seen and appreciated La Dolce Vita during the 1960s, before he died in Venice in 1972. After all, there was a little cinema within walking distance of the house in Calle Querini where he lived with Olga Rudge.

“Marcello!” We’re still haunted by Anita Ekberg’s iconic siren call, half-immersed in the Fontana di Trevi. Today, still hostages of the crumbling civilizational vision of the ‘system leader’, at best we barely muster, as TS Eliot memorably wrote, a “backward half-look, over the shoulder, towards the primitive terror.”

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  1. I love it. (The article)

    To all our new citizens of Alta California USA (recently considered to be northern Aztlan) emigrated from the Western Pacific Rim to its Eastern Rim I implore:

    “Help us get our sh_t together real fast…..or we may have to flush it.”

    Since 80% + of my son’s junior high classmates consist of this “new blood”….(primarily Korean) I’m optimistic… long as Hollywood and the Silicon Valley are somehow nuked….sparing the remainder.

  2. Marvelous writing, Pepe.

    As an American, I’m very impressed with your knowledge of Ezra Pound’s Cantos, and the incredible life he lived.
    If ever there was a much maligned figure in US history, it was Ezra Pound.

    You, of course, must realize Italians loved/love Pound. After all, his body was interned on one of the Venetian Islands reserved for the great and most beloved in history. His daughter, now very elderly, is till alive in that marvelous castle. :)

  3. Oh, Pepe, docent of our civilization, all our civilizations, but surely, the Western civilization, you touch Mongols and Cinema/Fellini, the poet of true cinema, in one breath. And the bridge is Pound, old Ezra, for whom I always have beckoned as the purest of thinkers, rash, abused, demonized, but pure nonetheless.

    Ezra was the profound American from middle America, refusing to bow (until they broke him after 13 years in St. Elizabeth’s, the shame of D.C., now gone completely it was such an abomination).

    Pound dove into China’s literature, presenting it to the West, to the intellectuals, fortelling China’s rise and influence a century beforehand.

    Nicely done, Pepe. Fellini, Pound, in a piece on System Leader and empires. Wow! You are the best.

    “In the Station of the Metro”, an Imagist haiku-like poem in 14 words.

    “The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
    Petals on a wet, black bough.”

    Pound’s view of the Paris subway, 1913.

    Then he plumbed poems by Li Bai in “Cathay”.
    Thus, he produced another:

    “O, fan of white silk
    clear as frost on the grass-blade,
    You also are laid aside.”

    The genius of the Imagist Poet linked with the genius of the Poet of Cinema.

    You made my day, Pepe.

    • Thanks Pepe, Rubicon, and Larch!

      You have seriously prompted my interest which caused me to go to wikipedia (yeah, i know, with caution):

      Ezra Weston Loomis Pound (30 October 1885 – 1 November 1972) was an expatriate American poet and critic, a major figure in the early modernist poetry movement, and a fascist sympathizer.[1] His contribution to poetry began with his development of Imagism, a movement derived from classical Chinese and Japanese poetry, stressing clarity, precision, concision, and economy of language. His works include Ripostes (1912), Hugh Selwyn Mauberley (1920) and the unfinished 120-section epic, The Cantos (1917–1969).

      Pound worked in London during the early 20th century as foreign editor of several American literary magazines, and helped discover and shape the work of contemporaries such as T. S. Eliot, James Joyce, Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway.[a] Angered by the carnage of World War I, Pound lost faith in Great Britain and blamed the war on usury and international capitalism. He moved to Italy in 1924 and throughout the 1930s and 1940s embraced Benito Mussolini’s fascism, expressed support for Adolf Hitler, and wrote for publications owned by the British fascist Sir Oswald Mosley. During World War II, he was paid by the Italian government to make hundreds of radio broadcasts criticizing the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Jews, as a result of which he was arrested in 1945 by American forces in Italy on charges of treason. He spent months in detention in a U.S. military camp in Pisa, including three weeks in a 6-by-6-foot (1.8 by 1.8 m) outdoor steel cage, which he said triggered a mental breakdown: “when the raft broke and the waters went over me”. The following year he was deemed unfit to stand trial, and incarcerated in St. Elizabeths psychiatric hospital in Washington, D.C., for over 12 years.[3]

      Pound began work on sections of The Cantos while in custody in Italy. These parts were published as The Pisan Cantos (1948), for which he was awarded the Bollingen Prize in 1949 by the Library of Congress, leading to enormous controversy. Largely due to a campaign by his fellow writers, he was released from St. Elizabeths in 1958 and returned to live in Italy until his death. His political views ensure that his work remains as controversial now as it was during his lifetime; in 1933, Time magazine called him “a cat that walks by himself, tenaciously unhousebroken and very unsafe for children”. Hemingway wrote: “The best of Pound’s writing—and it is in the Cantos—will last as long as there is any literature.”[4]

      • Ezra Pound was not an “anti-Semite” (‘against the Indo-European Jewry’) in the sense of personally hating Jews.
        This i know from the direct testimony of one Robert Winter (Dōng Wéndé’) who accompanied Pond when leaving Wabash College before WW1 and who ended up at National Tsinghua University and finally Peking University (look up the book “Snow in China” — to read Snows full assessment of Ezrah Pond You have to buy the book via the Internet, but the free online version is a good read too.
        Also, around 1970, Pound befriended many young radicals and “máoist” students of Chinese in Venice.

        • My bad mistake: The that most interesting book on the friend of Ezra Pound who went with him toEurope and died in Bâijing 1987 was entitled “WINTER IN CHINA” — look it up!

    • We read Pond at Peking University 1974-75 having borrowed most everything he had written from his Wabash College companion Professor Winter. It appears that Pond was not very knowledgeable about China or Chinese literature in particular. His re-inventions of Chinese poetry came thru Fenelosa who read it with Japanese prononciations (so that For instance the great Táng poet Li Po/Lǐ Bó’/Lǐ Bái comes out as “Rihaku”.

  4. A student of Friedrich Nietzsche and Mark Twain, Mencken was a detractor of representative democracy, religion, and social norms, and thus stood in stark contrast against the political and philosophical foundations of the United States.

    It was precisely this antagonism to American heterodoxy that allowed Mencken to flourish as an early 20th-century cultural commentator. As you’ll see in the quotes above, many today rightly regard H.L. Mencken as one of the most astute cultural critics in American history. And he certainly didn’t hold back.

    Thanks, as always, Pepe (brilliant human being vs. doing). H.L. Mencken is certainly honoring your continuing to drag our species into the light!

  5. There was plenty of infighting among the Mongols, which actually prevented them from more wars of aggression in the West/ME. Khubilai was illegitimate, stole the throne via his army, and the succession wars didn’t cease until the latter part of his reign. In spite of these challenges, Khubilai kept conquering and attacking new territories.

    It was not just the Mamlukes who stopped the Mongols: it was also the Sufis, possessors of the heart of Islam, led by Berke Khan of the Golden Horde. The Mongols withdrew from Syria and didn’t avenge Ayn Jalut because the GH was allied with the Mamlukes, so the Ilkhans had to constantly worry about possible attacks from the north. Conversion, carried out by Allah Himself, has always been the greatest weapon of Muslims.

    The Mongols and Americans and Communists can illegitimately take credit for peace, but really credit goes to Peace Himself.

  6. The United States of America is the indispensable “System Leader” in terms of world civilization!

    Reality TV show buffoons from Hollywood to the White House; orgies of transgender bending; Fake News fronting as a Free Press; Elite pedophilia; Immigrant concentration camps and kids in cages; Oscar film awards and Netflix shows celebrating moderate headchoppers-cum-humanitarians; Two-Minutes of Hate campaigns against designated enemy nations, etc…

    No wonder everyone in the world is attracted to American McSh!t culture.

    Have a GMO burger and super-sized order of greasy french fries!

    I mean, if this is not civilization at its finest, nothing is!


  7. Well Done Pepe! You have just succeeded in demonstrating just how ignorant I am.

    Okay, so I have heard of Marko Polo and Genghis Khan, and I think Kublai Khan, and the Mongol invasions. I have even read just a tad on Ezra Pound, but I lacked the intimacy you have expounded.

    Your essay though was in regard to Pax America and its anticipated demise. Well all great civilisations rise and fall, both in Europe and in China, but what has been noted was that the countries themselves survived and continued living. What has not been taught is that the parasites that hastened the demise of the European civilisations towards the end, packed their bags and fled to new pastures.

    For example we have after Theodore Herzl had disobeyed Rothschild’s instructions in regard to Palestine, he ‘died’ and then Rothschild’s agent became Chaim Weizmann, who suggested that the Zionist movement move to America in 1914, and from there we note how America accepted the role after Great Britain went bust.

    Now thirty years after the demise of the USSR, the USA is showing its own degenerative disease and it too will go the way of the dodo as an empire, but the land and the people should survive.

    Again it has been noted that much of the crap that the decaying empires expounded also died with them, but those things of value, both tangible and intangible will survive as in good literature, good music and good customs.

    And as Bro 93 wishes so do I that Canberra may be struck down and thus destroy the illness within Australia.

  8. “Michael Vlahos has argued that the US is not a mere nation-state but a “system leader” – “a civilizational power like Rome, Byzantium, and the Ottoman Empire.” I am afraid this cannot be accepted. In fact, it’s preposterous.

    How are empires created ? Simple. A particular power, with a centralized political system, invades a particular region where you will find countries that only exist as heterogeneous entities. That’s how the Roman and Ottoman empires were created, and that’s how Britain conquered India, to give three examples.

    As for the US, it’s nothing more than an accident of history, an experiment where geography was used to create something artificial. The so-called American “revolution” was nothing more than an uprising, financed by the Rothschild’s, who used their private agent George Washington, a freemason, for the task of internal subversion. It worked, of course with French help, with France being drawn into this trap. This American adventure cost French finances dearly, contributing to the French “revolution”, again financed and organized by the Rothschild’s.

    When the US was initiated in 1776, there was no such thing as the American “nation”. What you had were different ethnic groups – English, German, Scandinavian, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, etc. – living in the American colonies and being subjects of the English monarchy. Nobody thought of himself as an “American”, as there was no such thing as an American language. When Washington introduced the concept of the American “nation”, this was met with astonishment, so much so that after the war there was large scale emigration of immigrants back to Europe.

    The advantage of the US over Europe was that it was on the other side of the Atlantic. It basically escaped the horrors and destruction of wars, the US civil war being the exception, and even that war was only fought in certain regions of the country. And the result ? The US became a magnet, not only for the impoverished masses of Europe, but also for the educated classes. How many American engineers were of German origin ? How many German patents did the US Army capture in 1945 ? The answer is 1.400 patents. How many foreign technitian’s and engineers came to work in the US after 1945 ? One million, according to one source.

    The point is that this artificial entity, called the US, has no future, as it’s current predatory existence depends on controlling and plundering other regions o the world, like attempts to grab Venezuela’s gold and oil reserves and the mineral wealth of Afghanistan and North Korea, to give three examples.

    Pax Americana ? What is that ? A former colony, under banker control, using brutal military, economic and political methods to impose it’s imperial will on other parts of the world, where you will find countries with older cultures than that of the US, whose culture is based on imported European cultures which the US is trying to export. It won’t work, as countries in the world prefer the original and not an artificial copy of the original. And yes, the US and it’s empire will experience a shorter era than that of the Mongol empire. What is artificial cannot last.

    • this by BF is what I was looking for up to this opinion simple, sharp and truthful..light on extraneous and obfuscating historical lies and nationalist egotism

      way to go! great contribution

    • “The US became a magnet, not only for the impoverished masses of Europe, but also for the educated classes. How many American engineers were of German origin ? How many German patents did the US Army capture in 1945 ? The answer is 1.400 patents. “

      This brief comment brings up a very interesting issue that the vast majority of Americans are ignorant of–and likely would prefer to cover up.

      After World War 2 (and indeed, to an extent, World War 1), the United States raped Germany of its economic and scientific knowledge, wealth, and inventions.

      This was USA’s Operation Overcast and essentially involved the Americans descending like a plague of locusts on a defeated Germany to plunder that country of its economic, scientific, and technical knowledge.

      The funny thing is that after America’s initial looting of Germany (Operation Overcast), the Americans were, to be Politically Incorrect, too f*cking dumb to understand and apply these ideas.

      So they had to kidnap… I mean forcibly emigrate…. German scientists and technical specialists and relocate them to the USA.

      This would become the basis of America’s infamous Operation Paperclip in which the Land of the Free brought Nazi war criminals (like Dr. Werner Van Braun) to the United States.

      As the article below suggests, this USA looting of Germany was likely the “greatest robbery in the history of the World”:

      “Daniel W. Michaels wrote a series of informative and excellently-researched articles on this matter, one titled “The Great Patents Heist”, which is filled with detail and background. (3) Michaels was for decades employed as a translator of German for the US Department of Defense and the Naval Maritime Intelligence Center, and has much personal experience of the extent of this theft.


      He notes that the most creative period in world history may have occurred in Germany between 1932 and 1945, and that it was the theft of this German scientific research that fueled America’s post-war technology boom. It was Truman’s Executive Order 9604 – which, he notes, was also known as the “License to Steal” – that constituted what was perhaps the greatest robbery in the history of the World, the theft of all German intellectual property, products, processes and patents existing to that time.”

      The Greatest Intellectual Property Theft in History: Operation Paperclip

      The American looting of Germany in many ways is the basis of the post-World War 2 era of US prosperity and technology boom that Americans (like Donald Trump) look nostalgically back towards and wish to return to.

      Make America Steal Again!

      • Anonymous
        According to one analyst, the Second World War cost the US absolutely nothing, as it covered all it’s expenses with the looting of German patents. NASA used German engineers to build the rockets, the US Air Force used German engineers to build it’s first jet fighters, the B-2 stealth bomber is a World War Two German design, the tape recorder is a war time German invention, etc.

        The East is on the rise, economically, technologically and educationally. You could say that it has taken over from Germany. The US is falling behind. Can it catch up ?

    • No accident; Mackinderan geopolitical science.

      North America is the very definition of a Mackinderan heartland. The North American Great Plains may not be THE World Heartland, but as a continent-sized fortress, its still a very big outer island and the only other such geographical heartland on the planet.

      The U.S. minor world heartland powered barbarian waves against the old civilizations of Eurasia, riding Atlantean steeds of wood then steel across oceans to pillage with weapons thentofore undreamed of by men.

      Qing China thought their business was the World Heartland, from whence devastating barbarian invasions traditionally originated. They never envisioned a threat riding in from the seas, Mahan’s Sea Power hypothesis.

      Mahan may have been the first major modern geopoltical theorist, but in a sense his work is a corollary to Mackinder.

      Even today, an American is symbolized by a cowboy – a plains warrior – for all that the U.S. is a Sea Power.

        • If you mean Status-6 Oceanic Multipurpose system, the answer in English is same as other NATO languages;


          But again, Mackinder had that covered.

          The threat of the World Heartland, was that it would develop the unified economic then military power to defeat the Island power(s). Or more accurately, deter Oceana’s predations.

          Russia is envied as much as it is feared and so therefore hated, as the natural seat of a world empire some in the West covet for themselves.

          If you know your mythology, Atlantis was punished by the Gods for its warmaking hubris and trying to conquer the world.

          The Soviet Union proved the viability of Mackinderan theory by surviving as long as it did without an accurate price discovery mechanism to regulate trade. Russia proved Mackinder right again by its rapid recovery from Soviet dissolution.

          Mackinder was never disproven. Improvements in technology only amplify the strengths of the theory.

  9. Many years ago, around 1988, I was visiting Rome. I was with a couple of blonde Norwegian girls much younger than myself. We were in Piazza Navona. Heading towards an upmarket restaurant where the girls got their meals for free – provided they sat near the window facing the adjoining alleyway. I was their guest.

    As we passed a café, I noticed some middle-aged guy shouting while holding a public phone that belonged to the café. Unusually, he was standing at the entrance to the café. All the people in the café ignored him. I looked more carefully and then realized that it was Marcello Mastroianni. I was old enough to recognize him. The girls had never heard of him.

    I looked around but could see no camera. I decided that Marcello must be going crazy.

    Years later, I saw this scene in a movie. I told my companion, but she did not believe me

    I think it was this one:

  10. Much underappreciated amongst Atlanticist historians is the role of Venice in launching European Capitalism. After they had moved out into the lagoon fleing the barbarian invasions, for some time Venice was underlings to the Eastern Roman Empire and Constantinople, but their genius fro dirty dealing and trickery made them unbearable and traitorous — turning against Constantinople itself during the Cusades, and finally ganging up with the turko-tartaric tribes of Anatolia, Thrace and the Krimea. Already in ca. year 1150, they had kidnapped the Jewish populace of Khalkis (Pontenegro) so as to have some non-Christians in the Ghetto of Venice through which they could have someone to practice usury and slave trading on the bahalf of the Great Families that steered the senate and finances of “La Republica Serenica Venezia”. I think Ezra Pond in his anti-Jewish rantings was not sufficiently rantings was not sufficiently aware of this constellation. But top capitalists and bankers of New York and the City of London probably know — and some of them are attempting to realign themselves with the new arising Eurasian Oekomene just like they attempted by dispathing the Polo brothers and the son Marco to The Great Khan Kublai and his mighty peasure dome & also Sàngdū–Bĕijing.

  11. this by BF is what I was looking for up to this opinion simple, sharp and truthful..light on extraneous and obfuscating historical lies and nationalist egotism

    way to go! great contribution

  12. -For all the vicious wishful thinking that coronavirus will derail the “Chinese century”, which will actually be the Eurasian Century

    Whoever made the virus, the conona virus is a dream coming true for Trump.
    There is no natural immunity against conona virus, so it can all be repeated next year.

    • China, with more than 5000 years of civilisation, has exceptional resilience and tenacity. Yes, this is a difficult one. I wish her all the best. Like Pepe, I am very confident that China will prevail (with the evil empire biting the dust). Go, China.

    • COVID-19 is a Trump nightmare waiting to happen, far from a dream come true.

      Much of what has happened, was going to happen, but under a different president. Trump just altered outcomes. Elaborate geopolitical soft power warfare games take years to plan and enact.

      In keeping with Pepe’s movie theme, lets take an espionage fantasy theme from Cold War One, when the U.S. is taken over by a foreign power and collaborators eliminated in Evil’s final triumph. (Unlike the movies, there’s no hero to foil the victory.)

      In 2018, Xofluza was fast-tracked for USDA approval in the U.S and is now widely available in the U.S. as a one-shot cure for the flu.

      Baloxavir marboxil is actually close to useless; the so-called one-day cure for the flu needs to be taken within a couple of days of symptoms onset. Most flu victims wait three or four days hoping its just a passing cold, and would almost never medicate during the latency period unless they knew they were carrying something.

      However, Xofluza can also cause a virus to mutate. The drug is probably used in China, and presently being tested for COVID-19 efficacy. However, for all we know, Xofluza was a contributing factor to creating the COVID-19 mutation.

      A COVID-19 pandemic scare or actual pandemic unleashed on the U.S. 2020 elections would be total chaos.

      Most of the candidates including Trump are geriatrics, prime candidates to be killed by the cold or flu, even as they have to mingle with the unwashed masses at popular rallies.

      If Hilary had been elected in 2016, right about now, its the Republican, not the Democratic, caucuses that would be in disarray trying to produce a candidate not only amid a pandemic threat but mass U.S. social unrest if not breakdown.

      However, Trump was elected in 2016.

      Mass shootings of unprecedented scale like the Vegas shootings did not lead to mass gun confiscation and civil war.

      A purge of Conservative and genuine Progressives on social media was not matched with a political purge and civil war.

      Illegal mass migrations happened, but were turned back, depriving Antifa of allies on the ground.

      Antifa riots were into literally beating down opposition, but outmatched by alt-right protestors and the cops stayed neutral.

      There was more economic disinheritance of the middle class, but the economy struggles along.

      War with Iran is actually legislated against by the Democrats. Not having access to the Presidential WWIV protection system kinds of discourages popping the oil derivatives bubble.

      Overt aggression against Russia AND China by the Deep State is balanced by Trump’s attempts to maintain good personal relations with the Eurasian leaders.

      So what happens had there been a Clinton Presidency and 2020 re-election?

      In her moment of final victory in 2020, the flu pandemic wipes out the Clintons, and possibly many memvbers of the remaining geriatric U.S. oligarchy. The Clinton’s wouldn’t actually be needed once all domestic U.S. opposition to globalism has been destroyed.

      A younger generation of Rhodes Scholar Globalist types step up and take over the U.S.. Add a civil war subplot where the U.S., in the interests of global security, was forced to hand over the keys to the nuclear arsenal to a NATO coalition headed by France.

      The One True shadow Emperor reigns.

  13. Never saw the movie. If Pepe found cool, La Dolce Vita must be.

    If this latest Alphabet virus riding the Asian cold-flu season was bio warfare against the Chinese, it somewhat backfired. Western financial systems seem more shaken than China’s. All is not lost though; the alt-right is riding 2019 n-Cov (now, COVID-19) panic like there’s literally no tomorrow, charging into an infowar cauldron.

    Not a bad consolation prize for the alt-left leaning Deep State.

    If there is no Western COVID-19 outbreak, the alt-right resistance finally joins the alt-left in the fake news hysteria doghouse, at least among thinking centrists. If there is… the alt-right looks desperate for pandemic validation and does not impress we sitting ducks in the victim pool.

    Israel may be behind the China-biowarfared-itself meme, but they won’t be seen as responsible in the U.S. or China. The alt-right ‘resistance’, arguably the real Western resistance, owns anti-China scaremongering profiteering off sinophobia and n-95 masks that are useless protection against cold and flu viruses.

    In the meantime, forget about soybean buys for Midwestern farmers, and Sheldon Adelson’s Macau casinos may chill idled for a while. Force majure COVID-19 and all.

    CCP elites wield total political power in China; money is not a means to that power. The PLA is. An economic downturn is an inconvenience far from fatal to the CCP.

    COVID-19 seems like a repeat of Pepe’s oil derivatives N-Option. Except, Trump determines the outcome of the n-bombs. He can’t stop the Deep State from pursuing aggression. However, President Trump controls access to the safety net.

    With impeachment failed, the ‘wrong’ people still have the keys to the Presidential protection system including early warning and armed bunkers. The faux progressives are still shut out from global reset protection and post-crash carpetbagging.

    An attack on Iran takes out the world economy. Trump demonstrated what was waiting in an Iran war. Its 4D chess checkmate when resistance leader Nancy Pelosi herself states “the U.S. and the world cannot afford war.”

    China crashes due to Alphabet virus… that takes down the U.S. and world economy too. We’ll see if COVID-19 outbreaks mysteriously resume in China, or is allowed to burn off by April. The elite global Deep State seems divided on this. Every Western country probably has samples of the original virus and nextgen samples from evacuees waiting to go, readily blamed on China.

    Checkmate again if COVID-19 outbreaks mysteriously DON’T’ occur any further in China or the West. Partial checkmate if only China keeps getting hammered. Helicopter money can’t paper over the Chinese economy being absent with a bad cold for long.

    A U.S. COVID-19 outbreak would also put a damper on Election 2020. Delayed elections either prolong the reign of Emperor Trump, or, Pelosi tries pulling a Venezuelan Guaido as ‘interim President’ if Trump’s term expires without an election. A U.S. COVID-19 is timed to devastate the Democratic caucuses, except Trump has sealed borders against migrants, halted China-U.S. flights, and quarantined evacuees.

    If Mike D’Andrea was taken out, this was Israel again, doing housecleaning over the Soleimani assassination and Ukraine Flight 752. No telltale memoirs from the man most in the know, at the very least. No way Iran and the Taliban could have taken him out unless, like Soleimani, he was ordered to stake his head on a silver plate without realizing so.

    And, Iran has not only demonstrated technologically advanced missiles, but what appears to be an advanced conventional concussive warhead.

    So far 100 U.S. servicemen are seriously brain-injured. Hopefully they won’t die; they all can’t have been outside when Iranian missiles hit. Most had to have been bunkered, and, the U.S. mil knew when and where the Iranian missiles were to hit.

    U.S. casualties suggest they did not know to expect a deep-penetrating blast radius, so that must be new.