By Chris Faure for the Saker Blog

The ‘war on terror’ and the ‘war on drugs’ and similar empirical processes have come and gone and left in their wake a truly diabolical ‘Long arm of the Law and Dollar Hegemony’. A few years ago, this was labeled correctly as the rules-based international order.

The Summit for Democracy© opened up a new front, which has always been there but now lies stark and visible. Like a proverbial dirty old man in a dirty old raincoat obscenely flashing the wrinkly danglies, so this Summit for Democracy© exposed itself.  Empire attempted to copyright the word Democracy© as a social division.

According to empire, we have two types of countries/entities in the world: The Democrats, and the Autocrats. With the current administration in the home of empire, they get a double whammy of course in the language that they chose: actually quite astounding and clever marketing. Effectively they announced a social war, that at this time is not a war ON something, but a war FOR something. The wars ON, and the new war FOR is the same old sour wine marketed in new wineskins, and this is clear in Biden’s opening speech (video link at the end). Biden says his initiative is to stop the ‘retreat of democracy’ and this is the ‘defining challenge of our time’. Translated into real English and in contrast, this initiative actually sets out to undermine the retreat from empirical dictatorship widespread now in our world. The opening speech was a carefully constructed sleight of hand and we see the play, there is no multi-polarity: there are only autocrats and democrats.

This ‘defining challenge of our time’ is equally as vague as the wars ON terror or on drugs: it is an ephemeral definition.  This is an old strategy, the doubling down strategy. Biden even mentions doubling down. It is mind-blowing how Biden shamelessly uses Chinese concepts in his speech. For example, democracy is capable of self-correction. This is a Chinese trademark in terms of their own systems. It is capable of self-improvement which is again Chinese trademark. This democracy will define the course ‘our shared future for generations to come’, again lifted from the Chinese playbook: A shared future for all mankind. We have to stand up for the values that unite us, he says, justice and the rule of law, free speech, free assembly, and so on he goes.

All of these were harshly exposed by the end of the summit.

It is worth remembering how the US has actively destroyed democracies across much of the global South over the past several decades while propping up authoritarian regimes. Here are a few prominent examples from the Global South:

The wine being proffered is sour, and the danglies under the dirty raincoat are incompetent and yet, still proudly displayed harking back to a previous time of bloody empirical greatness. These word crafters of the ‘defining challenge of our time’ are speaking out of both sides of their mouths.

You may be surprised at what your own country said. Some countries took the opportunity to explain what their democracy is about. Mexico is typical and their delegate explained their own democracy in their own country without committing to this new defining challenge of our times. (I guess the summit did not expect to hear such truths). The greatest surprise was Argentina, who stated the Movement Towards Socialism in Bolivia is the most significant victory for democracy in the Americas for a very long time. A dictatorship was defeated and people’s rights were restored in record time. Of course, Bolivia was not invited. (Watch out Argentina, color revolutions are not yet off the list of regime change operations!)

It is heartening to see that some countries spoke the unvarnished truth and slapped the empire with the equivalent of a wet fish across the mouth, making it clear that Democracy depends on removing Democracy© from their own countries.

There were also comical moments. The Taiwanese delegate found her visual feed cut, after showing a map with Taiwan in a different color to China. The State Department said it was confusion over screen-sharing. In reality, the empire had a sphincter-clenching moment of fear over China’s possible response.

Take a look at what your own country said.

Exactly in the bull’s eye, spokeswoman Maria Zakharova suggested that the summit will give those taking part an “honorary right” to work for the agenda of the US worldwide. “This is exactly what we have been talking about for three years now: the United States is dismantling the system of international relations, which is based on international law and the central role of the UN, for the sake of creating its own comfort zone, which it intends to dominate single-handedly.

According to the spokeswoman, the US organized the ‘Summit for Democracy’ for the sole purpose of creating a new group that will then serve the interests of the “American regime” abroad.

In parallel with Russia, and external to the summit, China set to work and explained their own democracy, which they call Whole Process People’s Democracy. They are not trying to export it and say themselves that this is homegrown, suits China and its civilizational norms, and may not be suitable for others.

This epitomizes China’s view: “The summit held by the democratically dysfunctional US is essentially an anti-China farce, which includes a losers’ alliance and self-hypnotized cultists with “democracy” slogans”.

The Summit on Democracy is of course not the ‘defining challenge of our times’. It is a shameless attempt to maintain a power base run by mobs in a world that is involved with the process of moving toward multi-polarity, which is inexorably happening and that is the challenge of our times.

The list of invitees which initially seemed difficult to fathom is simple to fathom. It is a selection. It is a test as to who they think ‘stands with us for Democracy©, and who is defined as ‘autocrats’. It is a ‘you are either with us or against us’ according to an imposed definition of their own.

In context, we may view this summit as follows:

  1. It is a negotiation to retain a part of the world, perhaps a smaller and less shining city upon the hill. This negotiation aims at establishing two global areas of influence, and the hope is, if successful, to provide breathing room for the falling hegemonic power to Build Back Better.
  2. It is a paroxysm of a soft war council, to recruit those that are willing to go to social war for the hegemony.
  3. It is a first attempt at creating an alternate fragment of a United Nations, built on whatever remains of satrapies to the empire.

All of these have merit in the thinking of the creators of Democracy©. If you take a look at the panel discussions, these are mainly weak B-Roll 5th column type flunky’s, of course with an assigned leader, a person with more stature, assigned to them. Take a good critical look at how the structure is being established:

Listening to Biden’s opening speech, he outlines the hierarchy, the soldiers and gives them their tasks. The first column is Biden’s main points, the second one is my interpretation.

The Interventionists (Manager Soldiers)

Leaders of more than 100 governments I’ve outlined what some of those leaders said, which is not consistent with the Democracy©lub, and these will not be admitted. So from the outset, we can question the ‘more than 100’.

Some will be dropped from the selection and become Autocrats.

These interventionists are expected to do just that, to intervene.

Activists, Trade Unionists and other members of civil society

Leading experts, researchers, and delegates from the business community

We see Juan Guaidó, a completely fabricated political player. There were Taiwanese who generally are 5th column type fodder.

In the 2nd category, you will see the assigned leaders, for example:

Hosted by Ursula von der Leyen – President of the European Commission

Remarks by Jacinda Ardern – Prime Minister of New Zealand

Remarks by Mary Kay Henry – International President, Service Employees International Union

Their tasks are:

  • to lock arms and reaffirm our shared commitment to make our Democracies© better
  • make concrete commitments of how to strengthen our own democracies and to push back on authoritarianism
  • fight corruption
  • promote and protect human rights of people everywhere
  • doubling down our engagement with and support for democracies across the world

This is the second cadre of soldiers, the ‘woke’ in the streets and the online masses

women and girls in civic engagement

empowering the lgbtq+ community

the foot soldiers

Their tasks are:

  • promote labor law reform
  • address online harassment and abuse
  • reduce the potential for countries to abuse new technologies including surveillance technologies to suppress the rights of their people to suppress their views

The overall call to action is as follows:

  • we stand at an inflection point in our history that will define the direction our world is going to take in the coming decades
  • will we allow the backward slide of democracy to continue unchecked?
  • or will we once more lead the charge of human freedom forward?

(Can you hear the musical cadence from Henry V? Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…)

And then they shot themselves in the foot as is typical from an imploding empire. On the second day, the previous ruling that Julian Assange could not be extradited to the US was overturned in London. The basis of this decision was that the US gave some assurances that Assange would not be harmed if extradited to the US. Of course, this was contingent upon him doing nothing wrong. In this instance, for example, if he stumbles upon a stair it would be classified as something he did wrong.

The world suddenly had a complete and clear view, and can only conclude that this Democracy© is a terrible and destructive system. They may not be able to pick up a small country and throw it against the wall as they now have too much opposition, so they now take people, and throw them against the wall. Chris Hedges made a list of how reliable these ‘assurances’ are, in a column titled The Execution of Julian Assange. These are only a few but he lists many more:

  • The Spanish courts can tell you what US “assurances” are worth. Spain was given an assurance that its citizen David Mendoza Herrarte, if extradited to the US to face trial on drug trafficking charges, could serve his prison sentence in his homeland. But, for six years, the DoJ repeatedly refused Spanish transfer requests, relenting only when the Spanish Supreme Court intervened.
  • The people in Afghanistan can tell you what US “assurances” are worth. US military, intelligence, and diplomatic officials knew for 18 years that the war in Afghanistan was a quagmire, yet they publicly stated, over and over, that the military intervention was making steady progress.
  • The people in Iraq can tell you what US “assurances” are worth. They were invaded and subject to a brutal war based on fabricated evidence about weapons of mass destruction.
  • The people of Iran can tell you what US “assurances” are worth. The United States, in the 1981 Algiers Accords, promised not to interfere in Iran’s internal affairs and then funded and backed the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran, a terrorist group based in Iraq and dedicated to overthrowing the Iranian regime.
  • The thousands of people tortured in US global black sites can tell you what US “assurances” are worth. CIA officers, when questioned by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about the widespread use of torture, secretly destroyed video tapes of interrogations while insisting there had been no “destruction of evidence.”

Assange, at tremendous personal cost, warned us. He gave us the truth. Now the ruling class is crucifying him for this truth. And with his crucifixion, the dim lights of our democracy go dark.

In summary, in this Summit for Democracy, we are seeing the attempted gathering of a subset in our word, the biggest color revolution yet. This one attempts nothing smaller than overthrowing all of the purported ‘autocrats’ worldwide, whether these are countries, areas, movements, or individual dissidents. This social color revolution is aiming for the soft underbelly of those that refuse to participate in or support the hegemony, its global control meme, and its various wars, its false Democracy©. Like the proverbial flasher in a dirty trench coat, the exposure of the Democracy© comedy central skit was complete.  We are all ‘autocrats’ now. 





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