Yesterday a Vucic-troll calling himself П.П.Његош complained about my characterization of Vucic.  I replied this to him.  Today, I found this remarkable comment intercepted by the moderators:

A couple of things are particularly interesting here.

First, the reference to my “Russian genes” and to my “Asiatic race”.  That is racism at its purest, of course.  It also sounds exactly like what Ukronazis say about Russians (nb: they typically claim that the Ukies are true Slavs and Aryans whereas Russians are a non-Slavic non-Aryan mix of Tatars, Ugro-Finns and God only knows what else).

He sure sounds more like a frustrated Ustasha than a true Serbian patriot, does he not?

And, again, in terms of hatred and ideology, he sounds much more like a follower of Bandera than a true Serbian patriot.

Then the belief that “everybody hates” me “so much” which is simply an manifestation of the degree or rage those critical of Vucic elicit amongst Vucic supporters.  Prostitutes don’t like to be called prostitutes. I get it.

I am personally deeply grateful to П.П.Његош for making my case better than I ever could and for showing the true face of the supporters of Vucic and his “multi-vector” policy of prostitution.

П.П.Његош is now banned, but he might try posting under another handle while his fellow-trolls will continue to speak about how evil Russians are and how Russians are guilty for all the cataclysms which befell the Serbian nation in the 20th century (or even before!).  From now on, I will simply eject these folks from the comment section without even bothering to engage with them.

Kind regards


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