Translated by Nikolai and captioned by Leo.

The fifth-generation fighter jet, as the American imitators continue to stubbornly call the F-35 Lightning II, turned out to be incapable to go supersonic. The Pentagon was forced to officially admit the problem and recommend to the pilots to fly at subsonic speeds. However, all this does nothing to prevent Washington to flog the fifth-generation jet to its vassals at three times the price.

In case you forgot, the brave stars-and-stripes warmongers are making Napoleonic plans for the Arctic. Text in frame: Battle for the Arctic: Americans talk, Russia acts. And in the context of these plans, as I said before, the Pentagon threatens to move its Wunderwaffen – the F-35 jets – to Alaska. I assume all our subscribers are interested in the topic of weapons are aware that this junk is terribly expensive and completely useless against Russia or China. For instance, the F-35 is a fifth-generation jet only on paper, and in fact it can break into pieces when reaching supersonic speed.

Source: Defense News

Destruction of the fuselage in the air, increased vulnerability to the opponent’s air forces, and low combat effectiveness – the USA admitted another flaw in the F-35 Lightning-II fifth-generation jets. It turned out that the most advanced American jets cannot fly at supersonic speed. The Pentagon has not yet taken radical measures, only forbidding to fly the F-35 too fast.”

I wonder, what kind of radical measures can the American ass-kickers take? The F-35 project already consumed several hundreds of billion dollars. And the total cost of the project, as the conscientious BBC reported, is completely off the scale.

Source: BBC

The F-35 fighter jet development program is scheduled until the year 2070, and its total cost is estimated at 1.5 trillion USD.”

And now, suddenly, this supposedly top of the line machine, has such crappy characteristics, that special recommendations for the pilots are needed so that they don’t ditch themselves and the F-35 they are responsible for.

Source: RIA Novosti

The American generals calculated the expenses, thought it over and simply changed the tactic of utilization of the new machines by limiting the time of high-speed flight to a minimum. In effect, this means only one thing: the most modern jet, which is the pride of the USAF, lost one of its main advantages – the possibility of supersonic interception of airborne targets.”

Nonetheless, the people in the Pentagon are staying positive and are assuring that supersonic mode is not that important for the F-35. For example, retired pilot and Hudson Institute analyst, Bryan Clark, is of the opinion that limiting the high-speed flight times will on the contrary provide the F-35 with a serious tactical advantage. According to him, flying too fast makes the jet noticeable on the radars of the enemy. Additionally, there will now be no need to burn tons of fuel during boosts, and the flight distance will be considerably increased. And the lack of speed will be compensated by the fact that the jet will destroy the enemy before being spotted.”

No, this is not crazy talk. This is an attempt to sell the stink from soiled pants as a tactical advantage that will help to scare off the opponent. Because of course the respectable Pentagon people cannot admit that they simply accepted a kickback from the USA Military Industrial Complex, who is accustomed to siphon off the billions from the budget and demands more.

Who was responsible for the quality inspection of the F-35? Who looked the other way at the fact that the strain from supersonic flight can destroy the fuselage shell and the tail of the plane as well as the radars installed near the tail? These people most probably have names, ranks and duty positions. They also have influence in power circles allowing them to evade responsibility for obviously corrupt actions.

As Russian experts correctly observe: since in America: “everything is just pretend except for money” [Ed. – Quote from the Russian film “Brother 2” (2000)], the Pentagon isn’t striving to correct the mistakes they made, but to compensate their losses by foisting their flying junk on their vassals.

Source: RIA Novosti

Despite the many shortcomings of the F-35, the Americans are actively selling it to their allies. According to the Academy of Military Science professor and political analyst Sergey Sudakov, the year 2019 was a year of particularly massive and aggressive advertisement for this huge budget fighter jet.”

The USA assured that the F-35 is the most modern aerial vehicle. It is presented as fully corresponding to the fifth generation. But actually, it is an extremely raw and unrefined machine, and there is no basis for talking about any sort of breakthrough in military aviation. Nonetheless, using blackmail and threats, the USA forced their partners to buy the F-35s. For example, several tens of jets were forced on Poland, who was not at all eager to buy them.”

Twisting the arms of their lackeys so as to make them pay for American ham-handiness is a standard tactic of Washingtonian effective managers.

Source: RIA Novosti

According to Sudakov, another myth of the Pentagon has been debunked – the idea that this fighter jet will be the ‘killer’ of the Russian S-400 “Triumph” AAMS. Indeed, in order to evade a missile from the S-300 or S-400, a jet has to be supersonic. The expert is of the opinion that the Americans should have recalled all these planes from the market long ago.”

Because, as Sudakov notes, “Otherwise it is a fraud – as the declared characteristics do not correspond to the real ones. However, I believe the USA will not take such actions. The most that can be hoped for is a limited admission of design errors. In Washington, they understand that a recall will lead to a chain reaction including other types of weapons already sold. I am certain that in the near future the USA will intensify the blackmail and pressure on their allies and force them to keep the current contracts.”

You see, the Americans are not risking anything. In fact, they understand perfectly that there will not be any kind of war against Russia. Therefore, the praised F-35 will not get a baptism by fire in a real fight with a worthy opponent. The most that it can be used for in the future is firing missiles at barefoot rifle-carrying people, as does Israel, who in 2018 advertised a supposedly real instance of combat deployment of F-35. [News headline in frame – ‘This is not a toy’: Israel announces first combat use of F-35 fighter jet.]

To open fire on the Syrian territory from Lebanese airspace and immediately bail out is not exactly the same as participating in a real engagement. Even then, after the deployment of the Russian air defense systems in Syria, Israeli attacks have quietly cooled down. So, it is in fact possible to squeeze the vassals dry for flying scrap metal that will never be used as intended.

And even assuming that the presidency of the US will be occupied by a person with psychiatric disorders like Clinton or Biden, and they decide to start a war with Russia – even in that case, they will not be very concerned for the Pollacks whom they forced to buy the F-35s.

The Pollacks would be thrown onto our air defenses like cannon fodder, hoping that our missilemen will run out of ammo by the time USAF forces arrive. All in all, it’s a lucrative business to sell the defective “on-the-knee”-made fifth-generation fighter jet, for the country where “everything is just pretend except for money.” The nuance is hidden in the fact that this business is finishing off the American military hegemony, obtained in 1991 after the breakup of the USSR. Good riddance…

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