by Herb Swanson (webmaster)

Vineyard BookShelf Project

In February, I proposed to Saker the creation of a ‘Vineyard Bookshelf’. Many great books are noted and linked in the comments. However these references/links are buried as new posts and issues appear. It is anticipated the ‘Vineyard Bookshelf’ will provide greater visibility of books suggested by our readers.

Only bookshelf_survey part is being released today.

It consists of two parts:

1.  A general library of all books (database) contributed by using the bookshelf_survey tool.

2.  A group of 50 books will be selected by Saker, staff and the readers/commentators. From this group a book will be chosen every 6-8 weeks for review and discussion. A Web page for the current book under review will exist and the other 49 books broken out by category and detailed book information provided.

Once we have a sufficient number of books in the general library, the 50 books for ‘Vineyard Bookshelf’ will then be selected and the related web pages created. I anticipate this will be in the fall of this year.

The tool being released today (bookshelf_survey) allows the reader to contribute their favorite books to the ‘general library’.

bookshelf_survey tool

The current general library is pre-loaded with 171 books that have been stripped out of the comments and loaded into the new bookshelf database.

We are now asking our readers/commentators to contribute their favorite books for review and inclusion in the ‘Bookshelf’ general library.  The ‘bookshelf_survey’ allows our readers to do the following

1. Search for books.

2. Save books into the general library.

3. Create a personal subset of books within the general library.

3. Find and View books already in the database.

4. Provide location for purchase and the price for a selected book.

5. Download the existing current general library as a spreadsheet.

Accessing the  ‘bookshelf_survey’  tool

1. URL

2. Cafe Page sidebar.

3. Home Page sidebar.

Getting Started

1.  Enter a book title in the ‘input area’ and press ‘Search for Book’.

2.  ‘Help’ button is provided on the ‘bookshelf_survey’ page.

Please note any suggestion or issues in the comment section.


Herb Swanson

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