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Comment by MD


…..I hadn’t considered the possibility that it might be “forced” in the way that you describe; this is an intriguing possibility, though still that just doesn’t seem to quite make sense (at least to me). My own suspicions lean in the direction of there being deeper levels of strategy, cunning, and malice behind this; to wit:

— The US (in collusion with France, the UK, &c.) has failed catastrophically in Syria, largely due to the brilliant diplomatic maneuvering and coordinated military strategy of Russia. Not only have US objectives in Syria been thoroughly undermined, but there are threatened both the collapse US influence across the Middle East, and the reorientation of the entire region into new Russian-centered structures. Even Turkey now seems to be finding and creating pretexts to move towards Russia and away from NATO.

— Thanks to the clumsy US provocations towards Russia and China (also Iran), they have been driven into alliance, rather than being kept separated and bickering as envisioned by Kissinger et al. And they are far to smart and far too aware to be simply driven apart again by for example bombing one of their embassies and trying to make it look like the other did it.

— Now, according to The Plan, America must contain and control the rise of Russia and China. But the game is up; they no longer follow, or agree, or trust, or even listen; even they begin now to openly mock and defy America. So what to do?? A new strategy is necessary…

— Well: Let’s say we bring in a Shiny New American President, who claims he wants to really turn things around now; be friends with Russia! Even lets make it easier for him to get started; give him some bogus reports about Russia meddling in US elections, that he can reject; dumb and pointless sanctions against Russia, that he can overturn; etc. Russia has soundly defeated the US in Syria; made the US fall flat on its face in Syria, in Turkey. Now Glamorous New President can swoop in, and start the process the process to Cozy back up to Russia… Maybe this is Kissinger’s hand again on the steering wheel, trying to steer the ship back on course one more time before he dies?

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