One of the many ways the Chechen Wahabis made money was to cut off the fingers of their prisoners and send the video to the relatives explaining that the rest of the fingers would go, and then entire limbs, if the relatives did not pay ransom money.  Sometimes they also filmed torture scenes just for fun.

Now check out this guy: his name is Vitalii Korobkov.  He is a DNR solider taken prisoner by the Ukronazis.  They cut off both of his index fingers and now want to exchange him for one of their own:

Vitalii Korobkov

The Ukronazis are quite proud of themselves, by the way.  They don’t deny they did it.  They are even arguing over the issue of whom Korobkov now “belongs” to.  Just like the Chechen Wahabis did with their slaves.

Since this conflict began we have had people burned alive, crucified people, people buried alive, couples hanged together, etc. etc. etc.  All the “Independent Euro-Ukraine” has been is a long series of atrocities.

The main lesson I draw from this is that there can be no peace made with these Ukronazi freaks.  Total denazification is the only stable and morally correct solution.

The Saker

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