First, a video from our heroic information warriors:

Then realize this:

Then look at this:


This is a satellite view of Snake Island AFTER the Russian either killed all the Ukie martyrs or evacuated the Ukie traitors (you pick).

And, finally, the commentary by Andrei Maryanov:

They invent a “story” of some defiant ukie grunts (long since debunked), and now, by showing some MLRS (Grad most likely) salvo, they claim the sinking of Vasily Bykov patrol ship. By MLRS no less)). “In accordance to reports”, without mentioning, of course, that these are not “reports” but propaganda fake by ukies and their masters. Of course, no video or photographic evidence of sinking of Vasily Bykov is provided. Of course, it is not provided. 
But this whole BS, together with hundreds of Russia’s combat aircraft “destroyed” and thousands upon thousands of Russkies killed on the battlefield,  exists only in the inflamed imagination of the US “journalists”, who, apart from being whores (sorry, whores, for comparing you to US propaganda–I know, it is a huge insult to whores) and the brainwashed Western public which is utterly illiterate on such matters as operations of combat fleets and basic targeting. Obviously, the destruction of the moving target (ships do move in the sea and do not really stop during combat) by MLRS in the absence of targeting (most ukie radar, including those along the coast of the Black Sea are gone now) is something out of fantasy or cheap war-gaming on Commodore computer. Obviously for morons from ABC it is unknown that MLRS ukies have are classic “area impact” weapons designed only to work at the spread out ground targets based on accurate targeting. 
No doubt, the United States may try to provide targeting to ukies (you see–I am going now into a full blown “what if” BS scenario), but the main issue here is that the Black Sea Fleet currently completely blocked the 404 coast and with it it also brought to bear some damn effective AD ranging from Fort at RKR Moskva to Shtil on pr. 11356 frigates for which slow ballistic MLRS rockets are an easy target and no ship of the Black Sea Fleet operates out of the AD areas of the task group. At this stage one can only do a facepalm and admit that the West cannot even provide a believable BS. Not surprising, once one looks at the “elites” Western “education” provide for this kind of psyops. Recall, I already discussed this issue before. They are simply that incompetent and have no grasp of modern warfare, especially involving issues of C4ISR. 
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