Dear friends,

Please check out this screenshot:

The gentlemen on the right is Rinat Maksiutov, General Director of the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology Vektor.  Last time I posted an interview by a US specialist, I was told that he was part of the system, a liar with a stake in lying.

Fine, please look up the following to get an idea of what Vector was and is: (in Russian) (machine translation of the same site)

Now, if you sincerely believe that:

  1. Russia and the USA are “in cahoots”
  2. That Putin is Netanyahu’s best friend
  3. Jews are always responsible for everything bad
  4. That there is a world government of Illuminatis

Please stop reading right now and save yourself a ton of painful cognitive dissonance!

For everybody else.

This is the link to the original interview, which I am posting for Russian speakers:

This is the link to a specific moment in the interview:

When Rinat Maksiutov says on Russian national TV the following:

“я уверен, что это природный вариант”


“I am sure that this is a natural variant”

Right before, he specifically EXCLUDED a synthesized virus (for reasons that I don’t need to understand).

Okay, as far as I am concerned, this now comes from one of the world’s foremost authority on biowarfare, offensive and defensive.  This lays the issue to rest, at least for me.

If somebody speaking Russian could translate the full interview with Maksiutov into English I would be most grateful, I don’t have physical the time.

Finally, I am not allowing comments under this post for reasons I have already explained in detail here.

This will be the last post about the medical aspects of this pandemic sine die.

Kind regards to all

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