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I have finally managed to get over the depression and sadness which means thesaker is going to close, and finally found the strength to write down my thoughts about what I see, hear or read in the Newspapers tea leaves, Twitter Feeds smoke whirls, and MSM News rumor and fantasy TV and radio sources.

In these days previous to the Hammer fall (it is going to Fall, make no mistake, soon) I have been sitting hours at home in front of my computer screen daily(1), watching interviews, news, documentaries, war footage… absorbing as much I can in order to understand what is going on. I try to do it in a cold and clean way, not letting my feelings influence me. I try to be rational… which is quite difficult lately, given the passion of the moment.

I have seen, thus far, a lot of journalist and analyst charlatans and babblers that are commenting and discussing spiting nonsense about the strategies, tactics, goals, motivations, thoughts, plans, intentions, wishes, etc. Of the belligerent parts, and those (officially or not) involved in this SMO(2). Writing and speaking reasoned essays and opinion articles garble about offensives, battle space, reserves, unconditional support, supplies, operational initiative, ISR, SIGINT, HUMINT, whatever… on both sides of the informational war. For me this is sometimes like hearing a discussion between astrologists about the influence of the accession of Jupiter, Mars, and the Moon Phases in the Horoscope of any given random Stock-Exchange Broker and its professional actions(3).

Being such a balanced person, I try to confront the situation using a rational scientific method. Just looking at bits and pieces of this incredible, complex puzzle, named SMO.

Let’s say that you can describe the behavior of a fluid by knowing how the particles in such fluid interact. Or in statistics you can define tendencies in a big population by taking samples of such population and collect, organize, and analyze data from a sample of such population, (the bigger the samples, the smaller the error) another more mundane way of saying it, would be that, you can learn quite a bit about the last meal just by looking at the crumbs on the table.

And, like any of the sane persons in this business, am not going to get into this confusing game of prediction based on expertise, wishful thinking, or think tank analysis necromancy. I will simply look at the small details, the “crumbs under the table” in order to discern what kind of bread they come from(4). Let’s say observing the samples to predict the population trends. These samples loosely grouped as:

1st Group of Small Data: lots of Videos of Ukrainian losses, both of material and personal. Lots of videos of graveyards, obituaries of soldiers, lots of videos of women asking about their sons, husbands, brothers that are missing. Lots of video of soldiers complaining about their superiors and their competence, and about the meatgrinder they are in. Lots of dead and destruction on the 404 side, orders of magnitude bigger than in the RF side

2nd GSD: lots of complaints about conscription in Ukraine, which is running rampant. Any sane person is in hiding, or left the country long ago (The most intelligent to the Russian world, the wealthiest to the Western Countries US vassal satrapies) Videos and news about men of all ages being forcibly conscripted, sometimes at gunpoint. The Ukrogestapo is in full swing, looking for any abled body(5).

3rd GOC: looks like to be a significant increase in the average age of soldiers in the VSU. is going up quite a lot. The typical video of Ukie soldiers shows now a lot of mature men, in their forties and up. Sometimes you see men of clearly retirement age in soldiers gear… where are the youngsters?(6)

4th GOC: the clown circus in charge of Ukraine is in begging mode, doing a World Tour in order to get money, weapons, cannon fodder, supplies, ammo, tanks, antiair systems, artillery, fighter aircraft, just… everything! to keep the show going(7)

5th GOC: in the zone A, it is interesting to see the faces of the (so called) elites in power. Look at their faces! An image is worth a thousand words. Surely these are not the faces of winning people, centered and sure of their victory over adversity. If the face of a person is a reflection of their thoughts… in them there is only FUD!(8)

6th GOC: there is a lot of “Headless Chicken Running” in the West going on now. Just switch on your TV lying mirror (if you still have one, and have not thrown it away in the dumpster) and watch it for five minutes(9)

Revisiting my H2W2 formula of one of my Essays (link here) who defines the chances of winning a war for each belligerent P1*P2= T with values of (P1, P2) included between 0 and Infinity

The bits and pieces make me think that:

For the Ukrainian side we can state that as the operator P2 (simplified as “Will to Fight”) really is becoming more and more close to ZERO (3) The operator P1 (simplified as “Men, Material, Supplies and Infrastructure to wage war”) must be increased proportionally to INFINITE in order to keep fighting and win, or at least not to be defeated. Such increase in P1 is impossible, it is clear by now that T will also eventually become ZERO or close to it.

For the Russian Side both P1 and P2 are nonzero numbers, which implies that T will become a number of certain significance, bigger by orders of magnitude, in comparison.

T404 = 0 TRussia = N ≠ 0 N>>>0

The conclusion is evident for everyone to see. There is a storm brewing in the east.

A storm is brewing in the east
against the ghouls of evil from the past.
The god of thunder raises his hammer
his hungry war hounds, waiting in fast.
At once the hammer falls, hard!
Lightning, Thunder, Woe, Go!
The hounds unleashed growl forward
To the frontier! Destroy the ghouls!
Free the slaves and heal the land.
The hounds unleashed growl forward.
For always after the storm there is calm.

A poem by F(sad)MAN

  1. Some of the few hours I have left, between jobs, which means I am not sleeping much nowadays. Sleep deprivation might be the cause of my, at times, strange train of thoughts.
  2. The known opponents in this match are Ukraine in its actual nazi (reenactors) iteration on one side (With the US as coach and team owner of the 404 team, with the EU and vassal satrapies as cheerleaders, and payers without voice or vote)

And the Russian Federation and allied forces on the other side.

  1. There is probably a lot of truth here, because the stock exchange behaves as if managed by astrologers, phrenologists, economists and such pseudoscientists.
  2. I am also not going to post a link to all these small samples, let’s just assume they are there, and that you can find them if you invest time enough to research and look for them. The sources are traditional MSM, alternative media, youtube, google, yandex, telegram, tweeter, newspapers, blogs, official government statements, etc. everything, off course, taken with a little bit of precaution and skepticism.
  3. To the point that they have send conscription order to disabled (for example a person without hands) or very old men (a WWII veteran with more than 95 years) The ukronazis are having such losses (of course unrecognized) that in order to replenish manpower they are raiding the streets for cannon fodder, no matter the age, abilities or situation of the unfortunate victims. With the military police armed to the teeth arresting or forcibly taking men in front of their children to bring them to the slaughterhouse (These police and military officers would have a very big karma debt to pay after the war, because what they are doing is akin to killing people directly) They have been behaving like jibaro headhunters. The worst of the worst, of the mafia gangsters law enforcers in zone A.
  4. Oh, sure they are there… just being anesthetized trained somewhere in the satrapies in advance for the next sacrifice offensive.
  5. A clear typical behavior for a winning side…The show must go on, because if this ends, they are going to lose not only their chances to keep stealing, but probably also their heads. Looks like they are now committed to the bitter end, and they would finish surely in a somewhat “Berlin bunker” style… at least for those who cannot run away to their puppet masters.
  6. FUD is, as the Saker more than once said, Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt (in this case even better : Despair) … not sure yet? Look at the faces of any governmental member or speaking head, in the EU, USA, Germany, France… Zone A in general. The ones like, Stoltenberg, Nuland, Blinken, Milley, Austin, Harris, Zelenski, Reznikov, Kuleba, Scholz, Baerbock, Borrell, Macron, and many, many more, and enjoy.
  7. Running Headless Chicken” is a clear symptom that the next stage “rats abandoning the ship” is going to start when the hammer falls and the gotterdammerung starts. Like good old nazi reenactors, they are going to recreate Operation Bagration and its consequences as exactly as possible. Till now I have to admit (sadly) they have done an excellent reenacting work, as the nazi side (atrocities of all kind included) They will end like the original ones.
  8. The faces, … Originally, I worked a table with about 40 faces from persons in government positions in the USA, Ukraine, the EU, Germany, France, etc. (some of them mentioned above) But to avoid possible copyright issues, I will omit them, if you are curious, you can find quite a lot easily on the web. Just look at recently taken pics of them. Fact is they have all just… FUD Faces! And they are all doomed.


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