By Višeslav Simić for the Saker Blog

Dear X[1],

Although a quarter of a century your junior, and much less intellectual and scholarly than you, I dare send you a few counsels and recommendations since I, as a Serb, have the experience with the West about 200 times longer than that which you have encountered of it during the 60-odd days of the Russian Resurrection and the West’s Suicide, started on Feb. 24, 2022.

Some day in the victorious future all of this will be remembered as the lectures on how the steel was tempered, and that only the free, good, and honorable men may exchange ideas, feelings and gifts, while scoundrels, cowards and thieves break and crumble under the weight of their collective evil and lies.

Three decades ago, I preached to my Serb brethren (but also to many Russians in Washington, DC, where I lived at that time) that Belgrade and Serbia (and Moscow and Russia) are defended in the Krajina[2] but they let it fall to the Nazis. Evil won and now the Serbdom is driven to the Eastern Front against Russia by the West-installed puppet governments in all the historically Serbian lands of the Balkans. We will see if Russians and Russia have learned the lesson that today the Holy Rus is making its last stand in the Ukrajina[3]

I wish to remind you that it wasn’t only Gandhi who wished for a civilization and a humanity based on non-violence but that there had been a real ancient civilization, and basically the entire humanity of that era, known as the Vinča ancestors of today’s Serbs and Russians, who generated, developed and perpetuated a non-violent and cooperative way of life in the Morava, Sava and Danube watersheds for 2000 years, before the violent Greco-Roman attitudes led humanity astray, culminating in today’s NATO global rampage and infamy.

Today’s Western elites and states were, from the earliest age, founded on celebrated and rewarded trickery, robbery, humiliation, and exploitation of the Other – be it the Trojan or Roman Founding Myths, the Conquistadors’ “Christianization” of the New Worlds, or the Anglo “Civilizing” of the overseas “natives”. Their capitals are brimming with the wealth and the monuments of other peoples’ achievements, which they stole from them, as well as from each other. Blood and tears flow through their veins, while cries, groaning, and wailing echo through their minds. The West’s only way to avoid going mad from all that self-caused human suffering was to exalt itself above and beyond it, turning itself into the superior self-pardoning judge and jury of the entire humanity. The West still believes that it works…

To go back quickly to the Serbs and our recent and ongoing experience with the West, comparing it to what you and Russia are suffering today:

At the time of my writing this, it has been just about 60 days since all the rabid hate came in the open. It is disgusting and hurtful, but it is healing and awakening too. For the Serbs it has been 200 times longer – around 12 thousand days of material shortages and as many harrowing nights of memories of the innocents lost – over three long decades of public and injurious libel, defamation, and malice… A Biblical generation of the passage of time, also signifying a maturity and readiness for the task God sets before His Chosen people, who, after so much trial, are ready to blaze a trail into a new future.

It might be that we were readied to enlighten today’s Russians, awed and shocked by the current torrent of lies and abuse, how to face and deflect the West’s relentless and mortal attack, using our survivalist experiences that made us stronger and wiser the harder and the more forsaken (even by the Yeltsin era Russians) we suffered.

Therefore – without falling into the pre-set trap of generalizations and stereotypes we must both recognize and acknowledge the West’s lethal and shameless political and socio-cultural majorities demanding Russia’s destruction, but also honor and beholden the costly individual dissidence. The latter is much easier for it is barely quantifiable and statistically negligible but so substantially more precious and dearer.

It could be so (Western!) easy, and understandable, to call, for example, the Poles stupid and suicidal, to claim that the Germans are again properly deadly obedient, that Croats continue wallowing in their false-victim blood-rage (only now not in the Krajina[4] but in the Ukrajina!), that Bosnian Moslems are climaxing in their psychopathic masochism (although totally bewildered by the proper Moslem Chechen presence among the “Orthodox Forces of Evil”), that the UK/US tandem is again exercising its Indispensable Anglosadism, that the UN/EU antihuman bureaucracy is yet again grinding the global economy and social interaction to a halt, that the West’s “Academia” is becoming unhinged in its scio-cideous stultitocracy… But we will not recommend any of that!

We simply observe reality and see the West’s group-think hordes being marshalled into self-policing neighborhood squads, conscience-corrupting business battalions, merciless social media regiments, while its collective Self faire les yeux doux[5] at Washington, D.C. global supremacist intercontinental murderers and pillagers, idiotically smiling at their imagined furtum-future of financial abracadabracaism, while incanting curses and spells, casting them upon Russia and Putin, literally shepherding the bewitched hosts into the Church of Satan, the dearest and most fitting religion of the faithless and atheist former human conglomeration devoted to consumption and wastefulness only.

As I mentioned earlier, this experience is healing and awakening too – especially to the self-celebrated and often willingly misguided, and self-pitying Russian intelligentsia. Now they may see that there has never been anything superior or exceptional about the West’s academic elites, and that among them today there are many more Lysenkos than there had been in the USSR[6]. One may wonder what Lenin would write[7] to Gorki today about the claim that these are “the brain” of the West…

It is now before urbi et orbi that the undeniable totality of the West’s academia have consciously departed the beautiful realms of humanistic imagination and creativity in order to lock themselves into the terrific dungeons of nightmarish unthinking Wokeism, nonsensical Political Correctness, and slavery to the Regime, that they have abandoned Science and her Method, renouncing Questioning, Research, Hypothesis, Experiment, and Data-based Conclusion, embracing instead the summary execution of foreordained sentences issued by mental disorder, gainful ignorance, and moral callousness, all elevated upon the pedestal of Blind Obedience to Tyranny.

Even the most idiotic Russian apologists of the West must now recognize that it has most stupidly turned the most consciously cooperative and patient Russian leader in the last 100 years into a repentant enemy of its Empire of Lies. Also – every still critical and moral intellectual in the world, who may be horrified by the death and destruction caused by military operations, must halt before joining in with the Western choir of the daily Two-Minutes-of-Hate-Russia hysteria and ask: Where have these people been during the 8 years of the Donbass Hell, the True Srebrenica Genocide, the 1999 NATO criminal destruction and occupation of Serbia, the ongoing Yemen Holodomor, the 500,000 Iraqi children killed by “the force for good in the world”[8], the Malvinas Landgrab, The US Corporate Central American Cleansing of the Untermensch Natives, The NATO Mass Rapes of Whole States during the “Springs” in the Middle East? Where is the outcry at the Assange Inquisition? Why the silence about the inevitable upcoming starvation and freezing of the European masses in a few months due to genocidal public policies of NATO/EU governments?

We must not forget the West’s military… We must recognize that “the greatest military the world has ever seen” and its minions have been training the “pro-democracy” forces of the anti-Serb & anti-Russian “allies” in doing exactly that at what NATO is best – the same these barbaric bloodthirsty beasts had been doing for centuries: killing helpless women and children and running away from armed men fighting for their fatherland, faith, and families. Remember Afghanistan, anyone?

So, my dear Russian brother – concentrate on winning and liberating your land and people, being the strongest, on improving your own country, and building a new world in which free, brave, moral, and good people will eliminate the conditions for the regrowth of the West’s diabolical cancer – all the -isms that destroy Man and Humanity. Only The Victor may do!

  1. This was addressed to an octogenarian Russian scholar, a wise and noble soul, and a great proponent for peace.
  2. Basically, the same as the Ukraine, just the Southern Slavic, Serbian version of the same concept of “Borderland” – Serbs have a few of those, all around the Serbian heartland, towards each of the many enemies surrounding them.
  3. Using the Serbian Latin letters spelling of the Ukraine on purpose to emphasize the analogy.
  4. In 1995, NATO-led Croat Nazis proudly and openly committed the greatest genocide since WWII but it was rewarded by Croatia’s membership in both the EU and NATO. Their cultural elites today openly state that there are many Croat volunteers in the Ukraine and that the Azov battalion is the same as the Croat WWII Ustaša army.
  5. “Making sweet eyes” = Looking with love and desire
  6. They are volunteering their obedience to the rulers while in the USSR the disobedience was punished by the Gulag!
  7. The infamous 1915 letter, in which Lenin denied “the brain of the nation” status to the Russian intelligentsia, calling them its “shit”.
  8. That is what US President Biden called Madeleine Albright at her recent funeral, which allowed her to escape her trial for crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide.
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