For starters, a quick reminder here is what the Anglo propaganda machine claims:

Okay, then one of two things will happen tomorrow:

  • Option 1: nothing happens
  • Option 2: something happens

Option 1: If nothing happens, then, as Lavrov has spelled out recently, the Biden Administration will have to declare that “led by the glorious and invincible USA, and fully united against the Russian aggression, the West has deterred Putin from his bloodthirsty plans“.  The problem with this version is that considering the abject and cowardly flight from all the western embassies and organizations to Lvov or even the EU, it will be hard to explain how such a panicked flight has “deterred Putin”.  Only ignorant and terminally stupid people could take that kind of self-evident nonsense seriously.

The most hilarious part of this option will be that the Ukronazis will ALSO want the title of “defender of the Western White Civilization” and they will claim that it was *their* glorious and invincible military which deterred Putin and saved the western civilization from the looting Asiatic hordes.

As for (the always constipated and terrified looking) Jens Stoltenberg, he has already declared that the end of the Russian military exercises proves nothing: they, the Russians could have pre-positioned equipment near the Ukie border and that they can come back in a blink of an eye.  Yes, that imbecile still thinks that he will see thousands Russian tanks stream across the border like some historical recreation of a famous 20th century tank battle…

As for the geniuses at the CIA, they are probably still modeling whether the weather tomorrow will freeze or not (apparently, they think that Ukie weather conditions can limit Russian tank operations).

So if nothing happens, the end result will be victory for Russia

Option 2: If something happens, the West will blame it on Russia, irrespective of whatever actually happened.  Then the verbiage will change to “lead by the glorious USA, and fully united against the Russian aggression, the West will impose sanctions from hell on Russia and stand by the heroic people of the Ukraine“.  The minor problem here is that the West has already imposed pretty much all the sanctions it could and they only made the Russian economy prosper.  The much bigger problem with that option will be that this will ruin the EU’s economy, something which the US leaders of the Empire not only want, but desperately need.  But that is also something that will have a truly devastating impact on the EU’s economy and political atmosphere.

Here again, one of two things can happen:

  • Option 3: the LDNR holds the line with minimal Russian support (C4ISTAR) and maybe a no-fly zone (which Russia can impose without moving gear into the LDNR or without even leaving Russian airspace).
  • Option 4: the Anglo provocation leaves Russia no option but to openly intervene.

If option 3 happens, this will be a true triumph for Russia and a nightmare come true for the West.

Is it possible?  I think that yes, it is (I discuss that here).

However, we cannot make that assumption, and we need to look at the consequences of option 4.

Option 4: if Russia is forced to intervene, then two things will happen simultaneously:

  1. The US and NATO will have succeeded in their goals to force Russia to intervene and
  2. The West will recoil in terror once it sees what the Russian military actually can do

So if something forces Russia to intervene tomorrow (or in the future), this will be a triumph for the Anglos, a disaster for the EU, and a political defeat for Russia.

For Russia this will be an easy military victory, but which will come at a cost, including:

  • Military and civilian losses
  • Russia will have to pay for the rebuilding of any part of the Ukraine she liberates
  • Russia will have to maintain law and order in any part of the Ukraine she liberates.
  • Russia will have to feed, treat and otherwise sustain all the Ukie civilians she liberates.
  • The Nazis in Kiev and the Neocons in DC will have a great opportunity to blame all their crises (plural) on Russia.
  • By liberating x% of the Ukraine, Russia will “place across the Russian border” many anti-Nazi Ukrainians who will become less of the problem and potential threat to the Nazis in Kiev.  The Banderista ideology will reach a new level in the parts of the Ukraine that Russia won’t liberate (for whatever reason).

And, of course, the EU will also pay very real costs, economically of course (how do you think the markets will react to a real war in the Ukraine?), but also socially and politically.  But there is absolutely nothing the EU’s  “great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies” (to use BoJo’s very apt expression) will be able to do about it.  They will know that they have been screwed, but they won’t be able to do anything about it.  The words which Putin recently addressed to the Ukrainians (“You don’t like it? You really don’t like it? Well, endure my darling, just endure it!“) might as well be addressed to the EU too!

After all, if the Europeans have no self-respect, why should anybody in Russia show them any respect?

Here is something absolutely crucial which we have to keep in mind regardless of what happens tomorrow or not:


That “Kabul moment” has already happened.

And that shameful flight has already proven beyond any reasonable doubts that:

  1. Russia is militarily stronger than the US+NATO and all the western threats are just that, empty threats.  The “real truth” is that the US and NATO fear the Russian military.
  2. That nobody will fight for the Ukraine and that all the promises made to the Ukraine in the past three decades by the West were every bit as false as all the promises made to Russia in the same past three decades.  The AngloZionist Empire will go down in history as the “Empire of hypocrisy and lies”.
  3. NATO is a paper tiger whose sole purpose is to “keep the Germans down and the Yanks in” but it simply does not have the means to “keep the Russians out”.  Good thing that Russia wants nothing to do with the EU.  Let the EU “have fun” with immigration, trannies, poverty, COVID-repressions, civil protests, etc. etc. etc.
  4. The US wants to further impose its domination of Europe, including by selling the EU energy at vastly inflated prices.  They are willing to set the Ukraine ablaze and let the EU spiral down into an unrecoverable spin.

The US IT giants are already imposing an informational blockade on the Donbass, and we can be assured that the western free media will print exactly what it will be told to print.  So initially, those who still pay attention to the western propaganda outlets will get a totally false image of what is really happening.

But this is the age of the smartphone and there is only so long that the rulers of Zone A can maintain their informational great wall before the truth beings seeping in.

It was easy to lie about MH-17, the Skripals, Navalnyi or Ghouta.  But in Kabul there were too many people out there, and too many of them had cellphones with cameras (even primitive cheap cameras were good enough for the job).  And so the massive US faceplant in Kabul became famous worldwide.

There are even many more cellphones in Banderastan and the LDNR, so Uncle Shmuel won’t be able to shove it all down under the carpet and pretend like “all is well, we control the situation”.

If/when the provocation/attack happens in the LDNR, it will be impossible to stop the steady trickle of info coming from the LDNR and cracks will start to appear in the West’s propaganda. That, in turn, will result in even more finger pointing, threats, accusations, lies and all the rest of the verbal vomit the western propaganda outlets have been churning out for years, centuries and even millennia.

Finally, we have to assume that all the EU/NATO governments, including the US one, will crackdown on dissent and will engage in a systematic campaign to repress and silence anybody daring to disobey their orders.  Things will get uglier and uglier, especially with hyperinflation and stagflation kicking in.  Putin even warned about food riots but, of course, nobody in the West heeded his warning (not listening to anything Putin says is considered the height of political acumen in the West).

A final warning: we can’t let the tree hide the forest!

The Ukraine is not, repeat, NOT, what Russia is concerned about.  Russia wants a new, multi-polar, international order which would include a new collective security architecture in Europe.

So whatever happens, or does not happen, tomorrow, this will be just one date after which none of the key issues will be resolved (no, Russia has no intention of “solving” the Ukrainian problem by invasion, that is total nonsense).

So while the deadline for a provocation is somewhere between “any second now, tomorrow or maybe in a few days”, the process of reforming the security architecture of Europe will be much longer, several months at the least, and it will be peppered with more flareups and crises (real or imagined).

In conclusion, I ask you all, the readers and commentators, NOT to come to some conclusions, any conclusions really, tomorrow or in the next couple of days.  First, you won’t have access even to the minimal info needed to reach any conclusions, second, you will be proactively targeted by western PSYOPs to prevent your mind from making it into Zone A and, third, even if tomorrow will be a battle of some sorts, informational and/or kinetic, but the game is far, very far, from over.

We will only be able to accurately access what will happen weeks, if not months, down the road, once we actually see outcomes, not just processes!

I will end this post with a new Russian joke.  Two quick notes to clarify the context:

Note 1: the Ukies like to call Russian “Asians” and in the Ukronazi lexicon “Buriat” stands for “Asiatic snow nigger” or something similar.

Note 2: February 23rd is the Russian “Defender of the Fatherland Day”.

The officers of the 810th Separate Naval Infantry of the Black Sea fleet called a restaurant in downtown Kiev and ordered a table for the February 23rd evening, but they were told that all the tables were already reserved by the officers of the 5th Separate Tank Brigade from Buryatia!  The Russians are now vehemently protesting at how the devious Ukrainians are trying to drive a wedge between the brotherhood of Russian and Buriat comrades-in-arms!  As for all the other restaurants in Kiev, they have already been booked by the soldiers and officers of the Pskov Airborne Division!

Okay, this is just that, a *joke*.  My fervent hope is that Russia will not be compelled to intervene.  Let the Ukrainians solve their own problems by themselves.  We owe them exactly and absolutely *nothing* (other, of course, than the commitment we took not to allow a genocide in the LDNR).

Lastly, again, I urge you to check out the latest from Andrei Martyanov: Russia has deployed both Tu-22M3 and MiG-31K with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles in Syria, see for yourself here:



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