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Just 4 months ago I came to The Saker’s cafe and deliberated as a ‘gradualist’ on how the present decade of 2020’s will ensure that the ‘resistance camp’ utilise on the gains that it achieved during the tortuous decade of 2010’s, and make far-reaching transformation throughout this decade. But, as the saying goes,There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen. This year will go down in history either as the era of Russ civilizational turnaround (when a decade’s activity got compressed in a year) or as the era when such opportunity was turned down! For the banner of ‘resistance camp’ to fly high, it is imperative for Russia to get transformed. And, successful transformation needs a head start. THIS IS undoubtedly, the RIGHT TIME to start a transformation project for a new collective of communities which can become a role model for future humankind!

Economic Crisis in 21st Century:

The economic distress, monetary policy adhoc-ism, and environmental disaster that have become the norm rather than the exception since Financial crisis-2007, the advanced economies of the world has been again showing nasty surprises since February’2020 when Corona pandemic hit the advanced economies of the world. One will be naive to think this as mere crisis of ‘globalisation’, or ‘capitalism’ or ‘world order’ – analysing deeply, one has to come to a conclusion that the current downturn that is unfolding in front of our eyes has everything to do with undue emphasis on capitalist market economy, which is structurally unsuitable for bringing equal opportunity of development and progress for all in the society. The capitalist democratic society, an epitome of inequality and injustice (economist Thomas Piketty has meticulously detailed how wealth has been accumulating across generations), is bound to create increasingly unequal society in capitalist mode of production. Economist Paul Sweezy showed how monopoly/oligopoly capitalism always strive to maximise their ‘capital accumulation’ – they arbitrarily assign price to the ‘produced item’ instead of deriving that from ‘value’ which itself is related to the labour-time, thus more ‘surplus value’ gets generated after sale of that ‘produced item’ in ‘market’, which in turn result in higher rate of capital accumulation. With capitalist mode of production romping across the entire world since 1990, it’s extreme effect is so visible – releasing the report ahead of the 50th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in January’2020, Oxfam researchers said that world’s 2,153 billionaires have more wealth than the 4.6 billion people (60 per cent of the planet’s population), and world’s top 162 billionaires have the same wealth as the poorest 50% of global population:

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Status of Corona pandemic as tracked at GMT 5:30pm on 1-May-2020 through the worldometer website (link: showed globally total number of corona affected patients as 33,58,341 with globally total 2,37,095 death count. A simple analysis shows that ten advanced Anglo-Germanic countries (viz. USA-Spain-Italy-UK-France-Germany- Canada- Belgium-Netherlands-Switzerland) have 66.6% share of total patients while 84.9% share of total deaths – this piece of information expose the bankruptcy of the system and philosophy of the globalised capitalist world order in the Europe and North America. Their societies and governance are in shambles, basic things like healthcare and education have been privatised long ago, and dehumanizing effects of economic and political system are horrific, while the future of those societies is unknown to even the most ardent supporter of the ruling plutocracy (just 1% of the population of Europe and North America). Blogger Charles Hugh Smith noted recently on how the economy of USA, the leader of the world order has suffered unparalleled damage due to the current system:

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Witnessing such socio-economic mess and grotesque unemployment during the ongoing Corona pandemic and imagining the coming decades when capitalists-oligarchs will definitely resort to severe dose of ‘creative destruction’ coupled with ‘economic innovation’ through technological upgrade (as theorized by economist Joseph Schumpeter) to improve productivity (in order to continue with the ever increasing rate of capital accumulation) I can’t see light at the end of the tunnel – there will be further unemployment and destitution (of local citizens of economically advanced countries) while immigrated working people.

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Turning our attention to the overall socio-economic condition in Russia, the largest country in the Eurasian landmass, one has to note that Russia was slapped with economic sanctions and travel restrictions by the Deep State elites in 2014. Powerful countries of 5 Eyes-EU-Japan imposed sanctions that impacted trade and investment, financial dealings, multilateral/bilateral talks. There was wide spectrum of travel bans on government officials, and businessmen. Past six years of such sanctions resulted in stunted economic growth and resultant socio-economic problems in Russia – it was the Russian government that explored ingenious ways to minimise the impact and keep the economy much more healthy as compared to economically advanced countries of Europe and North America.

Geopolitical Crisis in 21st Century:

The ongoing ‘programmes’ for destabilisation in the entire Eurasian region funded and supported by the Zionist Capitalist world order has turned the entire Rus Slavic regions (of eastern Europe) into hotbed of anti-Russian activities. Not only hate and irrationality engulfed the Ukrainians (which is the present day modified version of the ‘Kievan Rus’ of ancient and medieval history), but Ukrainians have been brainwashed to the extent where they feel that ‘destroying’ the fabric of Russian society will be their salvation. After 1991 break-up of Soviet Union and Warsaw (Pact) block, USA has been relentlessly pushing NATO frontier – now Russia, Belarus are surrounded by NATO bases with first strike capability. New fissures are being invented across the central Asian countries to create a militant (Wahhabi) Islamic cult within the population. In the Caucasus countries, again the Hegemon is hyper-active to create anti-Russian sentiments. During past two decades ‘colour revolution’ had been applied so successfully by the Deep State in the countries belonging to the erstwhile Soviet Union that, its inventor Gene Sharp probably doubted if he was such a genius (it was another story that even after nomination, he missed Nobel prize)!

At the same time when USA, NATO and 5-Eyes countries were busy fomenting unrest and conflict in Eastern Europe, they have been also creating all-round vice-like grip over the independent minded governments in South American and Asian countries – Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Nicaragua, Salvador, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Sri Lanka are prominent among others. The single point agenda of the Zionist Capitalist Deep State after WW II has been to topple ALL independent-minded governments and destroy any economic system that is not in line with the Capitalist market economy with complete ‘open border’ policy for MNC corporations and international banks managed by Deep State. The USA/NATO Deep State elites not only maintain strong alliances with like-minded corporatist country (where the political elites of all colours are joined together in unwritten understanding to extend support and benefit from Zionist Capitalist corporate connections), but they have been continuously increasing their ‘region of influence’ across the globe by toppling any government which may try to look into the interests of their fellow citizens.

On the other hand, Russia has taken a lead of at least a decade in the field of military technology – research, manufacturing, and deployment of hypersonic missiles with conventional and nuclear warheads, impenetrable air defence systems, MIRV nuclear missiles, UAV, Bombers, 5th generation Fighter jets, extremely effective Electronic Warfare systems, Anti-Satellite systems, Battle tanks, Multiple rocket launchers, Nuclear submarines, Missile carrying Destroyers and Frigates, coastal defence ships etc. ensured that Zionist Capitalist Deep State won’t take any suicidal action to directly strike Russia or other countries with which Russia has defence relations. Syrian example is most recent where the Zionist Deep State couldn’t remove elected government.


Russia and other Eurasian communities gained nothing out of the unrestrained loot of national assets during 1990s masquerading as transformation to capitalist market economy. The current system of capitalist market economy miserably failed each of the Eurasian countries that broke apart during 1990-91 period, to experience the false and fake promise of getting into the paradise (on earth) through adoption of capitalist mode of production and liberalism. Thereafter USA-led world order imposed sanctions on Russia which intended to cripple the Rus society and economy but resulted in more determination and resolve in Russian society. Now USA-led world order failed miserably to address the economic meltdown across the world caused by the Corona pandemic in 2020. All along the current financial capitalism (a sophisticated variation of the original version that is generally called ‘industrial capitalism’) tries to sustain through infinite printing of fiat money on the basis of post-WW II acknowledgement of Dollar as international currency of exchange (made easy by Nixon’s act of detaching Dollar from gold). During every economic crisis of past and present, the 1% banker-industrialist oligarchy always increases their wealth, while 80% commoners become more poverty-stricken – the system of capitalist market economy coupled with electoral democracy in every country is by the 1% oligarchy for the 1% oligarchy of the 1% oligarchy. They say ‘system has become corrupt’ – they are wrong, because this system is built for the purpose of corruption.

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Hence, it’s the PERFECT TIMING to start a transformation project for a new collective of communities Union of Eurasian Communities, which can become a role model for future humankind! Not only the Diamond Jubilee of Victory Day falls in 2020 and the cranes are flying fearlessly in the beautiful sky, but more importantly, by initiating the great transformation in 2020, Russian and other Eurasian leaders will lay the foundation of a sovereign sustainable humane Eurasian civilization without which, in this confused cruel world, the so-called independent Eurasian states will continue to drift radarlessly and some may wither away….


Most of the thinking people will agree that human society has not developed to the highest possible level of maturity in terms of pursuit of knowledge and happiness, during the modern era of history. Instead of beating around the bush, let’s come to the point straight – What do the humankind wish to achieve; in other words, what is the objective of human society? I’m not positing this question from a religious philosophical perspective, but to delve into the realm of how (human) freedom and consciousness transcends the material world. In my opinion, the objective of human society is to attain and maintain that state of affairs where every human being without any bondage of immanent identity like age, sex, ethnicity, language, religion, region, state can become responsible citizen with participation in all social endeavours without any privilege. Does it sound too idealistic or just useless scribbling?

I, humbly would like to answer – NO. For every 100 people visiting his/her religious holy site/place, may be 5 persons will seek spiritual fulfilment or supreme consciousness, wish lists of the remaining 95 persons contain what can be termed as ‘an assortment’ of various materialistic demands to Almighty God. Why human society failed miserably to make ‘banal’ arrangements for a decent standard of living for all its citizens (even if the human civilization has travelled a long progressive way in harnessing natural resources), as a result of which large majority of the population take refuge in religion and look for the return of the messiah? Marx, the wise German philosopher said so compassionately, “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. Lenin, world’s greatest transformation leader questioned why even the most ‘advanced’ country on the earth (i.e. USA) “has become one of the foremost countries in regard to the depth of the abyss which lies between the handful of arrogant multimillionaire (in 21st century, it should be read as multibillionaires) who wallow in filth and luxury, and the millions of working people who constantly live on the verge of pauperism”? The simple and brief answer to the above queries without getting into analysis of history of civilization is: greed of few people who continuously seek opportunity to amass wealth and power as compared to the vast majority.

So the ultimate objective of the humankind is to achieve a permanent condition in which human gets back the ‘heart’ in this heartless world and seeks ‘supreme consciousness’ out of this soulless condition – and, in order to achieve this, humankind needs to be free from materialistic needs, which is possible only through “achieving a new and better order of society”. Here, we are dealing with Eurasian land, hence our discussion will be limited to the vast Eurasian landmass (with occasional discussion of neighbourhood). What are the key components of the objective? How the overall objective can be broken down in easily comprehensible target plans?

  1. Creation of a ‘confluence of humanity’ through coming together of ‘Eurasian landmass into a collective society that may be named as ‘Union of Eurasian Communities’. Considering the utter social confusion and indifference to moral principles in the current state of world affairs where ‘globalised economy’, ‘nationalised depravity’, ‘tribalised loot’, and ‘socialised destitution’ are relentlessly marching in tandem over the carcass of the spirit of ‘Renaissance’ and ‘Enlightment’, such union of Eurasian societies will be an outstanding oasis for ALL participating societies who want to avoid such travesty of human civilization. The proposed union will act as a significant bulwark in the struggle against the dehumanising world order for keeping up the ideals of truth-justice-morality that are the true essence of humanity.
  2. In the proposed ‘Union of Eurasian Communities’ the fetish of ‘private ownership’ will be buried and concept of ‘community ownership’ will be resurrected. ‘Ownership’ concept itself smacks of control of something (like object, land, slave, idea), when used in conjunction with the word ‘private’, it has a connotation that WAS and IS the central idea in all socio-economic stages of post-Neolithic history of any country in the world – slave society, feudal society, semi-feudal semi-colonial society, capitalist society, semi-feudal semi-capitalist society. Human being who has some privilege in the society (due to whatever reason) tends to amass wealth through private ownership. It is against the fundamental reality of the earth and nature. Every means of production whether the subjects of labour (raw materials, natural resources including source land, energy) or the instruments of labour (tools, machinery, factory including land, other infrastructure) which go into production of any material (from a grain of wheat to a battle tank) and service (from mobile communication to electric supply) is drawn from natural resources while the processing is done by a team of people of different skill set (Labour). Hence, any enterprise (family, business, kingdom etc.) that use such ‘produced materials’ and ‘produced services’ directly or indirectly utilise natural resources and human labour efforts. How then, any human being can claim ‘private ownership’ of anything on the earth?
  3. Yet another fetish, that of ‘state apparatus’ will be buried, and concept of ‘community governance’ will be resurrected in the proposed ‘confluence of humanity’. It can’t be disputed that in spite of sincere efforts by few political outfits across the world to create a humanitarian facade of ‘state apparatus’ since many centuries, that resulted in creation of benevolent despot (few cases in the best form) and hypocrite monster (most cases in the worst form, in most part of the history). So introduction of a ‘community governance’ will do away with recurrence of unpleasant memories (detail model of which needs to be worked out after detail study and analysis of various socio-political ‘experiments’/experiences in erstwhile USSR, pre-Deng era in China, post-Shah era in Iran, as well as detail study and analysis of practices/norms of various religious-cultural sects in ancient, medieval, and modern Russia, China, India, Iran). The theoretical edifice built for the super-structure of ‘state’ (on the basis of the idea of ‘social contract’ expounded by the humanist and rational thinkers of modern Europe) could never convert the wolf into a sheep. So the logical option is to do away with it.
  4. The significant praxis of modern society and sophistry of modern civilization that resulted in unfathomable vulgarity-injustice-deception across every society in the world during past five centuries, has to go away – namely the ghostly idea of ‘capital’ and ‘commodity’. Without the ‘private ownership’, ‘capital’ and ‘commodity’ already would have lost its sheen. In the capitalist mode of production, some of the elements of factors of production (viz. the means of production, and financial capital) are treated as ‘capital’ and two other elements of factors of production (viz. labour, and entrepreneurship) utilise the ‘capital’ to produce goods and services termed as ‘commodity’; through selling a commodity in the market, ‘surplus value’ is generated, which in turn propel the accumulation of capital. In the proposed new community, cult of ‘capital’ and ‘commodity’ has to be completely stopped, ‘money‘ will be used only as a ‘medium of exchange’, and not as ‘store of value’. The rigged system of capitalist commodity production has robbed mother earth of its resources and converted vast majority of people into wage-slaves and debt-serfs – humanity needs a cessation of this insanity borne out of voodoo economics.
  5. The ultimate objective will be to bring complete dignity, widest possible freedom, and maximum possible development for every citizen of the participant communities. Every human being (irrespective of his/her background identity like age, sex, ethnicity, language, religion, region, state) will become free from hunger-disease-insecurity-injustice, will spend time in socially useful productive work, can indulge in literature-art-music-cinema, can do research in science-mathematics-social science-life science, can seek knowledge of ‘life’-‘society’-‘world’-‘universe’, can seek entertainment, travel and pleasure at leisure time, without any of these things being morally or physically harmful to any section or people of the proposed Union of Eurasian Communities.

In certain sections of intelligentsia in Russia and other Eurasian countries and societies there is long-standing feeling that, their country needs more integration with USA-led zionist capitalist world order (as if the pillage of the decade of 1990s wasn’t enough) to grow economy and learn technology. Nothing can be further from truth! For economic growth, Zionist capitalist collaboration is not a pre-requisite (otherwise, China couldn’t perform as the world’s largest economy continuously for two millenniums until about 1800 CE). Again, for technological prowess, Zionist capitalist collaboration is not a pre-requisite (otherwise Soviet Union couldn’t crush the mighty Fascist German Wehrmacht which was developed in full cooperation with Zionist capitalist oligarchy of USA and UK). So, history certainly proves that the pro-USA pro-capitalist ‘liberal’ people are plain wrong in their understanding of economic and technological progress. For the Union of Eurasian Communities to be effective and vibrant, the participating communities need to embrace the vibrant humanitarian Marxist socialism in letter and spirit.

It needs to be also noted that this transformation project to create a new union is by no way an effort to create version 2 of USSR. The historical circumstances are now entirely different. The proposed union will not be a ‘dictatorship of proletariat’ as wanted by the revolutionary party in 1910s – in 2020s the proposed union will be a ‘confluence of humanity’ to be coordinated by the transformation team (without dictatorship of any particular class). Also, in 1920s there was a geopolitical necessity (for the revolutionary party) to reconstruct the geographical boundary of Czarist empire – in 2020s we know ‘empire’ becomes a ‘liability’, so to speak.


Planning the Stages of Project:

Any transformation project of such gigantic spread and depth needs detail planning whereby logical and practical ‘work packages’ will have to be defined for target geographical regions and domain of human needs (and wants). Based on the basic planning, detail tasks for the Implementation phase would have to be chalked out and boundary limits for those tasks are to be identified categorically.

Stage-I of the transformation project should cover the geographical regions which are either Russ Slavic societies or currently have close economic and political relations with Russian Federation – unquestionably the regions in European side of Russian Federation, Siberian side of Russian Federation, Belarus, Novorossian regions of Donetsk-Luhansk, Transnistria, Caucasian regions of Abkhazia-Ossetia-NagornoKarabach are the stage-I ‘candidates’. Transnistria and NagornoKarabach being non-contiguous land, it will be thorn in the flesh – special arrangements will have to be done to bring those regions in stage-I.

A simulation using leadership-vs.-timeline matrix along with related facts and figures should be carried out in more detail. Using my understanding of history and society and instinct, I found option 2 as most optimistic scenario, while option 4 is the most pessimistic scenario (some of the large political parties can come together and form new party exactly as RSDLP was formed by combining like-minded parties believing in humanitarianism and socialism in 1898):

Leadership Regionally existing like-minded Parties & their Leadership jointly lead the Transformation project New Party formed across all regions by joining existing Parties & its Leadership lead Transformation project
2020 Option 1 >

  • Geopolitical environment
  • Global economy & currency
  • Eurasian country-wise economy
  • Eurasian country-wise politics
  • Implementation Pros & cons: SWOT analysis
Option 2 >

  • Geopolitical environment
  • Global economy & currency
  • Eurasian country-wise economy
  • Eurasian country-wise politics
  • Implementation Pros & cons: SWOT analysis
(assume) 2024 Option 3 >

  • Geopolitical environment
  • Global economy & currency
  • Eurasian country-wise economy
  • Eurasian country-wise politics
  • Implementation Pros & cons: SWOT analysis
Option 4 >

  • Geopolitical environment
  • Global economy & currency
  • Eurasian country-wise economy
  • Eurasian country-wise politics
  • Implementation Pros & cons: SWOT analysis

I don’t know how the current leadership in countries like Russia and Belarus think about the necessity of a change in the system in their society. But the overall standard of living for vast majority of population is not equivalent to the world standard. Needless to say that capitalist democracy will bring upliftment of a society ONLY when it go out to ‘hunt’ a pray (creation of formal colony and informal business empire by imperialist powers) and bring the booty to home (generate surplus from the colonised land) – Russ Slavic country indeed went for creation of empire, but it hardly ever took the role of capitalist coloniser. So only option for Rus civilization is to go for community ownership and build a collective society.

Timelines for Stage-I:

Ideally, such a transformation project should be delineated in few phases with defined tasks and measurement criterion. Looking into the current state of affairs in Eurasian countries and regions, following phases and timelines are being proposed for Stage-I of the project:

1. Pre-Implementation phase [it can be 24 months, or it can be compressed into 1 month]

(Planning and Analysis of demography-wise region-wise socio-cultural, political, economic, geopolitical, and security status and preparedness of the movement for proposed union consisting of the Marxist Party leadership as a ‘team of community representatives’ from every participating region)

2. Implementation phase [it can be 10 weeks, or it can be compressed into 2 weeks]

(Declaration of the programme by the movement for proposed union; formation of twenty or more ‘core working team’ and ten ‘specialists’ team’ for as many domains of civilian and military social life, as detailed in the section 4; documentation of policy and procedure for each of thirty or more domain; voluntary or forced resignation of existing governments in all countries/regions who participate in the unions; ‘team of elder leaders’ assume leadership of governance of the new union; military forces and internal security guards take physical control of all regions; declaration by the ‘team of community elders’ on creation of the new union that will internationally and internally supersede all existing state structure in the participating communities

3. Transition phase [it can be 24 months, or it can be compressed into 12 months]

(The ‘team of community elders’ hand over charge of the domains to the ‘specialists’ team’ and ‘core working team’; team for every domain will concentrate on how to transform the existing ‘profit’-oriented ‘monetary relation’ in society to need-based transactions; all facilities-factories-infrastructure except MIC will be transferred to community ownership; system of new salary/aid to be initiated; foreign relations and UNO access to be maintained; new union boundary will be protected against any possible invasion; internal disturbances and possible terrorist activities to be contained; formation of a ‘community of representative’ as detailed in the section 4 )

Stage-II & Timelines:

Stage-II can further cover the geographical regions of Caucasian countries (like Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia), Baltic countries (like Latvia, Estonia), Central Asian steppe countries (like Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikstan, Kyrgyzstan), East European countries/regions (like south Ukraine, Moldovia). I have excluded three regions – (central and western) Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Lithuania – of erstwhile USSR from the list of probable communities because, past two decades of internal politics and social culture in these countries were based solely on anti-Russian and anti-Soviet sentiments which were fomented by the world order elites through creation of pseudo-religious semi-fascist socio-political culture and movements that negates humanitarianism itself. As a result, inclusion of any of these communities may turn out to be monumental blunder that may spoil the outcome of the entire transformational project, if i may say so.

Analysis of Tangible Benefits:

Why the above listed communities/regions/countries (most of which got status of ‘republic’ not so long ago) would like to participate in a transformational project in which sovereignty will be subsumed into the ‘Union of Eurasian Communities’? Before seeking answer, I must be honest to note that, if any of those regions wish to join other contiguous country of the ‘resistance camp’ (China and Iran) because of deeper historical or community ties, they can do so. Extending the same logic, if any other country (with contiguous land boundary with the proposed new union like Mongolia, Finland) wish to join the union, they should be inducted if community-ethos match.

Coming to the response to the question of ‘why’, it is to be noted that every participating country/community will be covered by widest freedom and maximum development as identified in section 2 (OBJECTIVES …). The counter-argument will appear something like: such sophisticated text is not equal to a satisfactory pledge for upliftment of the standard of living for one and all. Hence, we unambiguously declare that the proposed transformation project will plan and implement such tasks for ALL citizens of ALL communities that will eradicate all significant inequalities and injustices, will bring highest standard of living, will ensure maximum scope of education and healthcare, among others. The scope of transformation will be total and unparalleled in the history of humankind. The significant measurable benefits that will be accrued through implementation of this transformation project are:

  1. Union of like-minded societies which has been living side-by-side with centuries of diffusion of language, culture, religion, and lifestyle will invariably create a stronger economy, and ecology. This is true irrespective of what is happening in the current world. As an example, it can be noted that there is a huge ‘working people’ population in Russia and many other Eurasian countries who actually hails from another Eurasian country/region; it can be pointed out that Russia has been supplying hydrocarbon to other ex-USSR countries/regions at a price significantly below international price; it can be remembered that Russia continues to supply food grains to other ex-USSR countries/regions even if its storage is not very high level which can be exported; it can be found that there are so many people across various Eurasian countries/regions who feel comfortable and ‘at home’ when they are in Russia. Today, when tens of millions of working people in advanced countries find themselves out of the payroll, Russian government has taken all steps to protect employment and hence contain poverty.
  2. Every country in the current world is continuously haunted by a sense of insecurity, both in terms of how to deal with internal terrorism, and indiscipline as well as how to deal with external invasions and boundary conflicts. As the world is becoming more uncertain, the possibilities of getting into a Hobbesian trap vis-a-vis neighbours and world order Deep State is increasing by leaps and bounds. Such union of societies will be a permanent solution in this world for they would be required to pool resources as per their individual capacity, but get the entire benefit when they confront an adversary.
  3. Along with the question of physical security, energy security is of paramount importance to every community ever since the medieval world receded from the horizon. During the current turmoil across the world, even a country which got large hydrocarbon reserves can not consider itself as secured in terms of energy. Countries and communities which lack sizeable hydrocarbon reserves are anyway prone to get impacted by the vagaries of the market. Being a participant in the union of societies this concern will be a matter of past – irrespective of whether the community brings to the table a sizeable hydrocarbon reserve or not each one will have energy security to the fullest extent.
  4. There is already a sea change among the leadership in the attitude towards healthcare in almost every country in the current world. It is justified – with past two decades history of epidemics and pandemics like SARS, MERS, Ebola, Swine Flu, and now, Corona, it can be corroborated that humanity will be frequented by such unwanted ‘guests’ in future (as it happened in past). The proposed union of societies will again become a robust step forward whereby the participant community would be required to pool resources as per their capacity, but receive complete protection when confronted by such health-hazards as well as receive all-round healthcare during normal times.
  5. Every citizen of the new union belonging to any community and region of participating countries will be eligible to receive care and benefits. Such economic and social parameters will be tracked every year for each of the family/household in every community and assessed every alternate year (against a set of benchmarks) by the regional government. Some of the key parameters (for humans, not at country-level) will be:
  • Level of education
  • Category of housing standard
  • Category of Family member strength
  • Average age of senior citizen
  • Child mortality in community
  • Category of access to community infrastructure
  • Category of employment in socially productive work
  • Category of access to community-arranged vacationing
  • Personal Income, total household income
  • Ratio of government aid to total household income
  • Ratio of cost of living) to total household income
  • Ratio of medical expenses to total household income
  • Category of living standard (combination of different sub-parameters like:

availability of electricity, heating, piped water, piped gas, communication network etc.; ownership of freezer, television, laptop computer, bicycle, car etc.)

Role of China:

As one of the three ‘resistance camp’ members, China has been playing increasingly assertive role to resist (along with Russia and Iran) the policing role of Deep State elites who considers entire world as its fiefdom. Not only China is currently the largest economy in the world in terms of GDP PPP, but more importantly Chinese economy has been growing leaps and bound in all spheres of society and technology. China has its own geopolitical tensions related to secessionist stance of Taiwan government, separatist movement in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet, border disputes with India, and sovereignty issue in South China Sea – in each of these cases, during past seven decades, the USA-5 Eyes Deep State elites have been keeping no stone unturned to harass Chinese government. It is relatively a recent phenomenon that China got embroiled in geo-economic conflicts primarily with USA – the Deep State oligarchy is deeply disturbed over the fact that China is establishing a clear lead in industrial and software technology over USA and EU-based corporations, and it is behaving insanely to restrict China.

Before proceeding to the very constructive roles that China ought to play in the formation of the new union, I must express sincere disquiet. While the proposed union is supposed to be a complete break with the ‘capitalist market economy’ (that traces the formal birth during the 1st decade of 1600 CE in Amsterdum, Netherlands when world’s first stock exchange as well as world’s first Bank using fractional reserve system was established), in post-Mao China the economic model of ‘capitalist market economy’ has been successfully applied – on the basis of export-driven industrialisation using the opportunity of outsourced contract manufacturing (on behalf of huge MNCs) and at the cost of creating a new oligarchy class that resulted in rapidly rising inequality, Chinese Communist Party has brought an astounding change in the living standard of the population in three decades (as per the estimation of World Bank In 2015, only 7.0% % of Chinese population live below lower-middle poverty line of $3.2 per day on the basis of 2011 PPP). As outsiders but keen observers, many of the blogger-activists are facing dichotomy in thought process. It is absolutely true that capitalist market economy controlled by the Chinese government has brought so much of economic upliftment in backward China that, it has evolved as a ‘model’ for an economy on combination of state and private capitalists for many other Asian and African countries many decades to come. On the other hand, it is also felt that, unless the Chinese Communist Party takes back the rein in its own hand, the entire country will slide into the clutch of zionist capitalist oligarchy (which in turn will side-line the communist party, be quick to create multiple political outfits, introduce electoral democracy and manage ‘elections’ through dazzling campaigns to win power by bringing some party of their choice) – the relationship between capital owners and working people is an ‘antagonistic contradiction’, hence it can’t be sustained in the long run. However, it is also true that China can take a decision on long-term economic system only around 2030, when the technology-based upgrade of ‘forces of production’ in China has more or less completed a cycle, and the humongous initiative of Belt and Road Initiative would have run its course of utilising around 1.5 trillion foreign currency reserve (in US Dollar).

Coming back to the question of how China can support the proposed Eurasian transformation project. To begin with, I will consider that the Chinese Communist Party utilises this opportunity to solve the most significant problem related to Taiwan. In all probability, there will be limited conflicts in different regions of the proposed union primarily in the border region of Eastern Europe and Caucasus. China can get into strategic defence partnership with the newly formed union whereby any foreign power invading the new union also becomes foe to China. It any event of even limited ‘hot’ conflict, China can seize the moment to declare that hostile Taiwan is threat to China and Eurasia, and bring the renegade province into its fold (it is very doubtful if Taiwan government will ever be ready for integration with the mainland)

BRI programme is a framework wherein investments amounting to billions of US Dollars are being done in primarily government-to-government projects in different countries of Asia, Europe, and Africa. Successfully implemented projects in infrastructure, mining, power, and manufacturing facilities has potential to completely transform the economy and wellbeing of peoples in more than 50 countries. The new union can become biggest beneficiary of BRI if such foreign investments is done after appropriate analysis. If the proposed new union can work along with China during this decade of 2020s, it will help in enhancing the standard of living in the new union.

The other epoch-making role of China will be to establish an international monetary system that ensures interest of the non-European and non-5 Eyes countries around the world. Replacement of US Dollar as world’s reserve currency (physical and digital) by a basket of currencies of world’s top ten economies (GDP in PPP terms) may be viable one – such currency should be pegged to gold and silver. The new union should be part of such endeavour to remove the vestige of rigged global Zionist capitalist system of trade and commerce.

Last but not the least, the new union should forge a brother-in-arms relationship with China for dampening the effects of economic sanctions and military destabilisation that will become inevitable for the new union. In every area of civilian and military life, China can provide support and help because of its vast manpower, financial, manufacturing, and military resource base.

Theory and Ideology:

Any individual who keenly observes the governance provided through the extensive capitalist democracy system (legislature, executive, judiciary) by any political Party which is driving the government at that point of time, will conclude that it’s a big sham. The proposed union must follow an ideology; and for a society to function of truth-justice-equality, Marxist socialism is the most suitable ideology among all other socio-political and socio-economic theories. The basic tenets of socialism documented by Marx and Engels have been proven to be correct. Particularly, the theory related to historical materialism, and advent of capitalist mode of production in Europe are beyond serious questions (since Marx and Engels developed their theory primarily on the basis of history of western Europe and following that lead, Marxist intellectuals in other countries of other continents carried out and still carrying out analysis of their history and society).

The most significant application of Marxist theory were attempted in Soviet Union (from establishment of Russian Social Democratic Labour Party in Minsk in 1898 to death of Stalin in 1953) and in China (from establishment of Communist Party of China in Shanghai in 1921 to death of Mao in 1976) – many right decisions and some significantly wrong decisions were taken during the span of 55 years in both cases. Of course, Soviet Union continued till 1991, and China still continues, but there has been almost no attempt (right or wrong) to apply fundamental tenets of Marxism in either of these countries. Large number of ‘reformist’ politicians in CPSU and CPC ascended to top decision-making body and government institutions of both countries in 1970s and 1980s – for them, serious study and analysis of works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao and other major contributors, as well as indulging in serious introspection and course correction seemed to be out of question. Instead of dynamic changes to keep pace with global socio-economic and technological changes, most of these ‘reformist’ leaders decided that the best way to economic growth and efficient governance is to join hands with Zionist-Capitalist ‘world order’ to embrace capitalist mode of production and hence exploitative society dumping the Marxist socialism. As a direct result, government (ruled by communist party) was brought down in Soviet Union, and USSR was broken in 15 or so regions. In China, the ‘reformist’ leaders failed (even after Gene Sharp himself coordinated the colour revolution led by liberal ‘student leaders’) – however, thereafter, China set on a journey of capitalist mode of production coordinated by the communist party. Even though hundreds of Marxist thinkers, academicians, activists, and leaders in Soviet Union, China, and other countries across the world have been writing a lot, but application of that seemed to be out of question!

Couple of issues have been raised across the intellectual/academic world as noted below, which as per such intellectuals represent the ‘wrong decisions’ taken by the Soviet and Chinese communist party. The hypothesis of this document is to address those issues in the proposed Union of Eurasian Communities:

  1. As per the Marxist theory, there should be two-stage transformation which looks like:

Capitalist society (bourgeoisie democracy) >> step1 >>

Socialist society (dictatorship of proletariat) >> step2 >>

Classless socialist society (which also can be termed as Communist society

When ‘soviets’ ceased to exist in 1918, and Bolshevik party started acting as vanguard party, Marxist principle got violated – of course there was reason, the White Army propped up by more than a dozen countries including USA, were on the offensive. By mid-1030s Soviet communist party knew fully that they have to prepare for Fascist attack on Soviet Union. But post WW-II, neither dictatorship of proletariat was initiated nor classless society was achieved (instead of that, after Stalin’s death, apparently CPSU itself appeared on the horizon as a class, without capital ownership but with many privileges when compared to common people; and by 1985 CPSU leadership was moving towards dismantling both party and state).

In the proposed union, possibility of SINGLE-stage transformation has been suggested. A two stage transformation project has immanent difficulties – with completion of stage 1, increasingly detrimental environmental factors imposed by the strong opposing forces of monopoly capitalism may not provide opportunity or time to the newly created community for further progress into stage 2. It won’t be wrong to say that, exactly similar incident happened in 1917. The leaders and members of the Marxist party which steers towards new union will not be entitled for any privilege – they will also earn (for community service) like any other citizen.

Question will be asked: what about the primacy of the proletariat class while moving towards classless society? To respond it, let’s recall classification of entire society (following Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao) – Bourgeoisie, Petite bourgeoisie, Proletariat – these three classes combine all people of working age who are in the productive economy of a society involving primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary sectors. If all these four sectors are aggregated, the distribution of people will be something like:

  1. about 1 – 2% of the people (i.e. Bourgeoisie) own means of production (capital) and either own or have access to financial capital, and utilise
  2. the labour-efforts of may be 20 – 30% of people (i.e. Proletariat) on company payroll who don’t own any means of production ;
  3. About 10% of the people (i.e. Petite Bourgeoisie) own a limited amount of capital but utilise
  4. the labour-efforts of may be 30 – 40% of people (i.e. Proletariat) who don’t own any means of production and are loosely attached to the petite bourgeoisie ;
  5. About 20 – 30% of working age people remain unemployed or underemployed

The percentage can vary from country to country. A Marxist political party that will steer the proposed transformation project of the new union must be focussed on building the organisation with (b), (d), (e) category of working population – combination of these three categories equates to proletariat class. The movement for emancipation of individuals need to be based on consciousness of the vast majority of people. Needless to say, that at least 90% of the team members for ‘core working team’ and ‘specialists’ team’ will have to be chose from these categories.

  1. As per the Marxist theory, ’private ownership’ of means of production has creates in modern era the capitalist mode of production and the capitalist society. Also, the concept of ‘commodity’, ‘capital’ and ‘surplus capital’ are intricately joined with ‘private ownership’ in capitalist mode of production. Marx and Engels were clear that these four concepts don’t have place in socialist society.

Soviet Union implemented a mode of production which was essentially ‘state capitalism’. USSR state actually was the owner of the means of production and ‘commodity’ (which by definition is integrated with exchange-value i.e. ‘price’ in the market) were produced – Bolshevik party had hardly any time after 1917 to really implement the Marxist principle of community-owned means of production (which they tried for agricultural sector) which will produce goods at use-value and community in place of state become the owner. The Stalin – Trotsky tussle and Bolshevik – Fascist Capitalist struggle (both of which were manifestations of deep-rooted antagonism of international Zionist banking elites towards Marxist praxis) sapped the country of its resources, time, and efforts.

In the proposed union, ‘private ownership’ will be replaced by COMMUNITY ownership. Neither any citizen nor State will own any means of production (land, natural resources, machinery, real estate and other infrastructure, financial capital etc.) with sole EXCLUSION for Military Industrial Complex. MIC is not socially useful production that is beneficial to humanity, since government has to fight against external invaders and internal terrorists as well as can export to foreign countries, MIC is required for production of military machinery. Rest everything will be owned by community. Only when the entire world has decisively transformed into an ocean of humanity without any presence of ‘private ownership’ anywhere, the ‘State’ will relinquish its ownership of MIC, and ideally, there should not be any necessity of the same.

Question will be asked: what about the possibility of ‘community’ starting to act as ‘capitalist’ entity? Answer will be: with the system where primitive accumulation of capital (through dispossession and displacement from land as well as manipulative access to credit money) as well as generation of surplus capital (through sale of commodity at fictitious exchange-value disconnected with use-value) both are impossible to be generated through the production system, no one can appear in the horizon as ‘capitalist’ sucking the wealth from nature with the labour of community.

  1. Marx suggested that the executive of the modern state is nothing but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeois. ‘State’ institution, that is the superstructure built over the base (comprising of the forces of production and relations of production) ensure that the dominant class of bourgeois can (1) own the properties and other means of production, (2) appropriate the surplus generated from the mode of production, (3) pass on these positions to their next generation along with the accumulated wealth..

Historically Soviet Union and China, both of which had to pass through debilitating internal conflicts, and massive devastation of WW-II, had to remain on highest level of alert on 24×7 basis to ward off any attempt from USA and its allies to violate land, coast and air space. So they had to strengthen the state apparatus for such preparedness. The negative results were obvious – in many cases, wrong judgement resulted in repression.

In the proposed union, ‘state apparatus’ will be replaced by COMMUNITY governance. As described in section 4, ‘community of representative’ will be formed which (along with ‘core working team’ and ‘specialists’ team’) will carry out functions of legislature-executive-judiciary. ‘Team of elder leaders’ will lead all initiatives. Instead of government bureaucracy, at the central and regional level the new party workers should carry out such functions as social service, while at the community level there should be direct community governance (in coordination with the central/regional level).


This note doesn’t intend to delve into the tasks of the Implementation phase (i.e. How It Is To Be Done?) of this project – such detail documentation is expected to be many times more voluminous. Detail document on Implementation phase need to be prepared in consultation with the probable leadership of the Marxist political Party that will represent participant countries and communities, and who knows the ground reality of people’s daily life and their struggle for existence in each of the Eurasian regions who will join the union.

The tasks of Implementation phase culminate in Transition phase. The governance of all geographic regions and communities therein need to be efficiently carried out for at least 12 months after declaration on the new union to the international media, UNO and other multilateral institutions. During this transition period, all spheres of civilian and military life must be operated with as less untoward incidents as possible. Hence, there has to be complete preparedness by the newly created confluence of communities to provide appropriate governance.

When a new government takes charge of a country’s administration, generally accepted practice is to form a team of ‘ministers’ (representing the winning political party) assigned to different departments and ‘secretaries’ (representing the bureaucracy) assisting the ministers to deliver his/her duty, (central) secretaries in turn coordinates the planned activities by communicating with the regional offices to execute the planned policies and tasks. However, I would like to propose formation of decentralised ‘core working team’ for each of the following domains who must have experience of at least two decades in respective domains. The core team members should be deployed in central office (in Moscow, being the capital of the new union) as well as each of the regional offices of the new union. Though not exhaustive, the following list identifies key domains:

    1. Water purification and supply
    2. Mining and Exploration
    3. Hydrocarbon refining and distribution
    4. Agriculture and Irrigation
    5. Animal Husbandry, Dairy, and Fishery
    6. Manufacturing and distribution – Food & Beverage
    7. Manufacturing and distribution – Consumer Goods
    8. Manufacturing and distribution – Pharmaceuticals & medical consumables
    9. Manufacturing and distribution – Automobiles
    10. Manufacturing and distribution – Textile & Garments
    11. Manufacturing and distribution – Mineral, Metals & Rolling stock
    12. Manufacturing and distribution – Industrial machinery & Armaments
    13. Manufacturing and distribution – Chemicals, Fertilizers, & Petrochemicals
    14. Manufacturing and distribution – Ships & Submarines
    15. Manufacturing and distribution – Aerospace
    16. Construction services – Infrastructure
    17. Construction services – Housing
    18. Retailing – End consumer
    19. Retailing – Industrial customer
    20. Media and Entertainment

The ‘core working team’ will be responsible for entire coordination of the domain assigned to them across every nook and corner of the new union. It will include estimation of demand, analysis of product mix, estimation of consumption, coordination of sourcing of materials and power, coordination of production in factories, coordination of factory and machinery maintenance, and coordination of distribution of produced goods (water, electricity can be assumed as goods), collection of operational data/information, analysis of monthly variance between plan-vs.-actual etc.

For the following listed domains, where any inefficiency will gravely impact internal governance and international image of the new union, a centralised five-member ‘specialists’ team’ will take charge, who ideally have been performing in the role of a minister or secretary or head of organisation:

    1. Money & Banking
    2. Electricity generation & supply
    3. Defence & Strategic Military Industrial Complex
    4. Internal security & Guards
    5. Foreign & UNO Affairs
    6. Essential services- Education
    7. Essential services- Healthcare
    8. Essential services- Transportation
    9. Essential services- Communication
    10. Essential services- Import & Export

During this transition phase, all employees of existing government offices and business organisations (private and state ownership) as well as their suppliers and customers will be maintained as it is. There will be only re-assignments across domains to balance the work-load and requirements.

For five domains viz. Defence & Strategic MIC, Electricity generation & supply, Money & Banking, Foreign & UNO Affairs, Internal security & Guards if need arises, displacement and replacement of employees must be carried out at a lightning speed.

The most significant task in this phase will be preparation of the constitution for the new union. Apart from ‘team of elders’, ‘specialists team’, ‘core working team’, there will be a team of invited distinguished citizens (from academia, agriculturists, engineers, entertainment sector, other professionals). The constitution, as a minimum, must include the points mentioned in section 2 (OBJECTIVES …). The constitution should be written with care so that while becoming a beautiful elucidation of ideas of humanity and peoples’ communism, it also becomes a guideline for every citizen of the new community that clearly identifies rights, duties-responsibilities, and moral-ethical boundaries.

Formation of a ‘community of representative’ where every 200,000 persons of the new union will be represented by a representative, will be the task in this phase that will prove to be the most enduring one for future. Criterion for election – educated person who has at least 10 years of working experience in any of the primary-secondary-tertiary sectors of economy, OR 15 years of socially active life (in politics, literature, art, music, cinema etc.) that doesn’t fall under any economy sector. The community of representatives will be chosen from the communities by direct voting at the grass-root society level.

The leadership of the proposed union will face few significant but troubling aspects during the transition from existing socio-economic order to the proposed humane order:

  1. Eligibility and mode of compensation to the private owners of industrial facilities, agricultural land, real estate, other infrastructure which are used for purpose of profitable or non-profitable business
  2. Circulation of printed money through banking system within the union, and coordination of payments of salary and grant to the citizens
  3. Transactions for payment for import and receipt from export through international banking settlement system, which is closely related with current forex reserve as well as fluctuating USD exchange rate (as international currency of exchange)
  4. Handling of internal disturbances which may/may not be spontaneously carried out by some political/cultural party/organisation within the newly formed union or which may be staged on instigation by foreign-based governments/agencies
  5. Logistics for continuation of imports and export (and related monetary transactions) as per pre-existing legal contracts between parties in foreign countries and countries who formed new union


No head of government in other countries in the world is expected to welcome the ‘confluence of humanity’ formed through the newly born Union of Eurasian Communities through issuing official statements. Because, for most of the leaders in power, any such transformational project will bring in doubts about their own stability and, continuation of the privilege of amassing wealth and exercising absolute power over their hapless population (who fondly believe themselves as ‘citizens’). It is a fair expectation that, most of the Asian and African countries will show indifference to this new entity. It is not the indifference of other governments for which the new union should be prepared, but the leadership of proposed ‘Union of Eurasian Communities’ must take pre-emptive actions against hostilities of Zionist Capitalist world order controlled by Deep State plutocracy which, may include the following among few other possible retaliatory actions:

(1) Mobilization of nuclear-biological-chemical war machinery and armed forces (all possible modes like land-space-air-sea-submarine) of NATO and 5-Eyes countries aligned with Deep State around the geographical boundary of the newly created Union, to demoralize and threaten its leadership as well as to terrorize the leaders and communities who ought to join in stage-II of the grand project. The only logical task would be to deploy the war machinery and armed forces across the entire Eurasian landmass and sea-coast and keep them ready for any conflict round-the-clock. The supporting logistics sometimes become more important – hence, production of military machinery must increase as much as possible along with training of military personnel.

(2) Mobilization of conventional-nuclear-chemical war machinery and armed forces (all possible modes like land-air-sea-submarine) of 5-Eyes countries around the geographical boundary of the countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, China, North Korea, Vietnam (which have governments known to be sympathisers of Russian and Chinese government policies). Here again, the only reasonable action would be to deploy appropriate A2AD war machinery (including SAM batteries, Aircrafts) in those countries and deploy nuclear submarines in the oceans. It will be reasonable step to enter into bipartite mutual defence support treaty against foreign invasion by any other country.

(3) Extensive economic blockade and banking sanctions on Union of Eurasian Communities by most of the countries of Europe, North America, South America, and South-East Asia orchestrated by the Zionist Capitalist world order aka Deep State in order to cripple and devastate the economy and society of the newly created union. Every multilateral institution created by the Zionist Capitalist world order since WW-II will be turned into battlefield – interests of the newly created union will be affected in all key pillars of the current globalised world viz. WBG, IMF, WTO, UNO etc. It is imperative that the leaders of the proposed union make arrangements for suitable channels for long-term funds and critical supplies like rare-earth minerals and medicines etc.

A more diabolical act of hostility from the Deep State will be seizure of physical offices/assets (owned by government and individuals of countries that participate in the union) at their own country – embassy, real estate, factories, consignment of valuable commodity etc. The leaders of the proposed union in reality can’t stop such illegal acts, but can make suitable arrangements through which retaliatory action will be taken by the new union to confiscate assets/properties of those countries – however, it has to be ensured that foreign embassy can operate without any disturbance during the transformation project.

(4) Funding the creation and training of armed terrorist groups by the Deep State plutocracy. Such terrorists groups will not only kill and terrorise the common people, but more importantly, as a fifth column their target will be to destroy infrastructure within the newly formed union as much as possible – power supply, water supply, dams and irrigation, industrial plants, roads and bridges, airports and seaports, military bases – which in turn will facilitate the advancement of external military forces. There is only one way of dealing with this problem – a strict maintenance of internal peace through proactive search and arrest of terrorists. There should be minimum use of highest punishment restricted only for the coordinators/leaders of such groups.

(5) Tight restriction on travel and gathering by any member of the leadership of the newly created union to most of the countries in Europe and North America – interests of the newly created union may get affected in key area like foreign relations and trade. It is imperative that the leaders of the proposed union make arrangements for suitable secured channels of global contacts which should continue to work even if strict restrictions get imposed on the leaders for long period of time some of which will make movement out of the union difficult.

(6) Incessant and sophisticated psyop will be staged by the media and academia funded by the Deep State plutocracy across the world to create negative opinion and a sort of fear psychosis among all other countries. This needs to be handled carefully by the leaders of the proposed union by deploying a team of communication specialists who are experienced in using modern technology for counter propaganda and, if required counter-psyop. One must not ignore the old caution, “All over the world, wherever there are capitalists, freedom of the press means freedom to buy up newspapers, to buy writers, to bribe, buy and fake public opinion for the benefit of the bourgeoisie.”


A team of Eurasian leaders with nerves of steel, never-say-die attitude, and thorough planning (to use the enormous natural and human resources with which Eurasian land is blessed) will circumvent all hurdles thrown by the devil into the onward march of a new dawn through the new ‘confluence of humanity’.

As in the beginning of this hypothesis/proposition, I asked if the ‘objectives’ appear to be too much, at the end I would like to ask again, if the transformation project is just a dream! Remembering youth when my father (a lifelong adherent of humanitarianism and Marxism) used to instil faith in humanity and freedom into me by pointing out to the hope and optimism of the poet of the epic ‘Mahabharata‘ (written around the colossal socio-political conflict that took place around 1000 BCE across the vast south Asian landmass), I would like to remind myself ‘NO, it’s not a dream’. Metaphorically, the ‘Mahabharata‘ poet effused confidence that whenever filth and injustice establish its hold over humankind, the Almighty reincarnates in the mortal human societies, time and again, to establish truth and justice by destroying the scoundrel. Sanskrit verse read like this:

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharata

Abhythanam adharmasya tadatmanam srijamyaham

Paritranaya sadhunang vinashay cha dushkritam

Dharmasangsthapanarthaya sambhabami yuge yuge

Finally, why am I, an Asian living away from the Eurasian heartland crying out? After all, someone somewhere has to keep reminding others that the lamp for the downtrodden and the wretched of the earth had long been extinguished for the vast non-Chinese part of the world. Someone ought to light the lamp – President Putin and his team and like-minded opposition leaders should take note of this beautiful responsibility and the opportunity!

I’m an Indian.

By profession an Engineer and Consultant, but my first love was and is History and Political Science. In retired life, I’m pursuing higher study in Economics.

I think, I’m one of the few decade-old members of The Saker blog-site. Hope that this website will continue to focus on truth and justice in public life and will support the struggle of common people across the world.

The image of Soviet soldier hoisting flag over the Reichstag during WW-II is dear to me.


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