While we all struggle with the deep state, and very few governments openly express their opposition to the US crazies in the UN, things are working the way they should:

The 5th East Forum of the EU and the EEU

5th East Forum of the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union in Berlin adopted a Memorandum  of creation an economic area ( a pathway) from Lisbon to Vladivostok and beyond.

Report of  Veronika Nikishina, Minister of Trade, Eurasian Economic Commission

Forum Materials

The Memorandum, adopted in Berlin, includes provisions on the establishment of a common economic space from Lisbon to Vladivostok, taking into account interests of all participants of process, following the results of work of the 5th forum of the Eastern EU-EEU.

This integration will unite the countries with significant natural resources and the innovative industries. Working together, the Western engineering and an outstanding expertise in the IT field in the Eastern countries will lay the groundwork for the “fourth industrial revolution,” the document says.



Both Koreas are Russian

Russia has enough ethnic Korean citizens to claim this.

Russian guided-missile cruiser Varyag and RFS Pechenga have arrived at Port of Busan, South Korea today

While, the U.S Navy Strike Group Carl Vinson making its way from Singapore toward the Korean peninsula…

Russian launcher cruise ship Variag arrives in South Korea


USAN, April 11 (Yonhap) — Two vessels belonging to the Pacific Fleet of the Russian naval forces made a port call Tuesday at the South Korean coastal city of Busan as part of a regular exchange program with the South Korean Navy.

The call at the port of South Korea’s Naval Operations Command by the guided-missile cruiser Varyag and the tanker Pechenga, both 11,000-ton vessels, was the second this year to be made by Russian warships.

The two vessels will stay in Busan for four days, with crew members to take part in exchange and volunteer activities with their South Korean counterparts.

Commissioned in 1989 for the Soviet Navy, the Varyag features an array of deadly anti-ship, anti-sub and anti-aircraft weaponry, carries 520 crew members and has the capacity to sail at a maximum of 59 kilometers per hour.

The Pechenga is capable of 7,000 tons of fuel, 300 tons of mineral water and 1,500 tons of freight with 60 crew members boarding the ship. It is capable of sailing at a maximum of 29 kph.

South Korea’s Naval Operations Command has promoted exchange programs with the United States, Russia and other major countries to discuss ways to enhance its rescue operations in maritime accidents and expand exchanges and cooperation.”

Two Russian Warships Dock at Busan

2017-04-10 11:31:01

“[Busan=Newsis] Ha Kyung-min = Navay Operations Command Headquarter announced on Apr. 10 that a guided missile cruiser ‘Varyag'(11,000 tons) and a logistics support ship ‘Pechenga'(11,000 tons,) both belonging to Russian Pacific Fleet, will arrive at Busan Operation Base in Namku, Busan.

Their visit is part of regular exchange visit, and they will stay until Apr. 14 to have friendship activities with S. Korean navy ships and joint volunteer works, according to the Headquarter.

This is the second time Russian warships visited Navay Operations Command , the first being the visit of an Udaloy class destroyer ‘Admiral Tributs’ (6,955 tons,) and a logistics support ship ‘Boris Butoma’ (7,150 tons.)”


Moscow concerned about possible use of US force in North Korea


By threatening the North Korea, the US wants to lock Russian fleet in the Okhotsk sea/ Sea of Japan, but they would have to turn around and go back home


Russia, what took you so long?


NATO has been moving heavy equipment to the Baltics for several years now, drip by drip and batch by batch. It’s their usual “invasion or threat of invasion” psyop in order for America to “take real ownership” of the “strategic security” over Russia, or some similar nonsense.

I have wrote about nationwide drill of the Baltic republics civilian population and creation of  “civilian resistance forces,” who would fight against the ‘Russian invaders.”

Part II “Russian Invasion” of the Baltics  is already being televised


Back in October 2016, the globalist puppet regime in Lithuania issued a “Russian invasion” manual:  Dress warm, pack condoms, hide: Lithuania writes guerilla manual for Russian invasion.

NATO would not leave poor people alone with constant barrage of military drills and flood of heavy equipment and troops arriving daily.

U.S. Responds to Russian Invasion Fears in Lithuania with NATO Military Drills


Last week, NATO held drills faking a “Russian” invasion to check on the population “preparedness” to fight with the Russians for the American hegemony.

An entire day armed groups of  “invaders” walked around a small Lithuanian border town.

In Russian and with a bit of Russian humor.

Russian invasion” deterrence drills to combat saboteurs in Lithuania staged by about 700 police officers, ended in a complete failure.

As reported by the “RIA Novosti,” not a single resident of the border town of šalčininkai call the emergency services when they faced with unknown armed people in uniform without insignia.

According to a statement issued by the Minister of the Interior Eimutis Misiūnas, maneuvers accompanied by the legend according to which intelligence services hostile to Lithuanian government illegally crossed the border (from the direction of Russia) and were trying to take over the city’s border control post and a police station.

According to the minister, “the inspectors were not prepared, the situation was assessed incorrectly”. Misiūnas noted also that while about 30 alleged saboteurs took over the police station in broad daylight, and several police officers were captures and others were “killed” by the commandos without any resistance. Meanwhile the town population didn’t make even one call to the emergency services.

According to unconfirmed rumors, seeing in the morning groups of armed men remotely looking like the “Polite People” walking around the town, local restaurants switched their menus for the Russian language menus, several Russian flags went up here and there, and people were heard discussing the possibility of going and liberating Vilnius

Nonetheless, the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Lithuania sounded upbeat and has promised that similar exercises will become permanent.

Lithuanian town raided by rebels in surprise ‘Russian invasion’ drill


A day after this failed exercise in futile Russophobia

Several Leopard tanks heading back home from Poland/Baltics, as Germany said “won’t spend 2% on defense


Responding to the claims of the American authorities about the chemical weapons in Syria, Putin quoted a phrase of Ostap Bender from the novel “The Twelve chairs” by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov. “I remember our wonderful writers Ilf and Petrov. I want to say: “it’s boring, girls, we have seen this all before.”

According to him, the situation with the chemical attack in Syria is reminiscent of 2003, when the United States began a military campaign in Iraq.

“It reminds me a lot of the events of 2003, when the representatives of the United States in the Security Council showed the alleged chemical weapons discovered in Iraq. Then began the campaign in Iraq, the military, and it ended with the destruction of the country, the growth of the terrorist threat and the emergence of ISIS on the international scene,” Russian President said after talks with Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

According to him, Russia also has information about preparing provocations against the current government of Syria. “We have information from various sources that such provocations – I differently can not name them, – are prepared in other regions of Syria, including the southern suburbs of Damascus, where going to throw some substance and to accuse the Syrian official authorities”, – he added.


Looks like Putin is meeting Tillerson after all

Helmer: Putin resists forming a ‘war cabinet’/STAVKA

My $0.02 about STAVKA

Russia is being managed by the intelligence services and their officers. Many of those whom the West calls “the richest” people in Russia and “oligarchs,” “thugs” and even “criminals” with no proof whatsoever are the intelligence services officers acting as the owners of the state assets.

I think that Helmer knows this and his talks about Putin being in “isolation” is … well… misleading.

When I grow up, I want to be like John Helmer. He is great when he writes about the financial and business improprieties. His investigations into the dark dealings are brilliant and entertaining.

I found  his political analyses, especially when it comes to Russian politics and Putin personally, to show signs of frustration. It’s more like a habitual frustration of any Westerner, however well meaning, about those Russians not acting and thinking like they, people with the West European roots, do.

He doesn’t like the Byzantine style of the Russian politics, which is to work behind closed doors, in deep secrecy and to use maskirovka for everything.

In simple terms, Putin doesn’t resist forming a ‘war cabinet’ — because it’s has been in place all along. Shoygu stated today that 96% of Russia nuclear arsenal is ready to go off. With the return of Crimea, Russia has improved its defense efficiency  by almost 30%.

What Helmer refuses to accept is that there will be no ground war for which you need STAVKA, for everything else there is the National Defense Control Center (NDCC)


Smart comment at Col Pat Lang’s Turcopolier blog on how the White Helmets/Al Qaeda pulled off the false flag CW attack

McMaster and Russia by Willy B


April 12 – the Cosmonautics Day, the International Day of Human Space Flight in dedication of the first manned space flight made on 12 April 1961 by Yuri Gagarin

Gagarin First in Space 2013 Trailer (russian with english subtitles)

Gagarin: First in space (Гагарин. Первый в космосе – Pervyy v kosmose) is a 2013 Russian docudrama biopic about the first man in space Yuri Gagarin on the mission of Vostok 1



Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s opening remarks at talks with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Moscow, April 12, 2017

Mr Secretary of State,


We met in Bonn on February 16, where I told you about Moscow’s basic views on Russian-US relations and international affairs.

In the few months since then, many statements have been made in Washington regarding bilateral relations and their prospects, as well as key international issues. Frankly, they have provoked many questions, considering Washington’s confusing and sometimes openly contradictory ideas on the entire range of bilateral and international issues. Moreover, these statements have been issued alongside some alarming actions, notably the illegal attack against Syria. Mr Tillerson, we discussed this in a telephone conversation. President Vladimir Putin and other Russian leaders have expressed their principled position on this issue. We consider it crucially important to prevent a repetition of such actions in the future.

I believe that you have come at the right time. Your visit provides an indispensable opportunity to frankly and honestly discuss the outlook for cooperation on these issues, primarily the creation of a broad counterterrorism coalition, as President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump have agreed to do. This is especially important at a time when, as far as we know, not all key positions in the US Department of State have been filled and hence it is not easy to quickly receive clarification on current and future issues. More than once, we have reaffirmed our readiness for a constructive and equal dialogue and cooperation based on respect for the legitimate interests of the other. This has been our consistent policy that is fully in keeping with international law and does not depend on current trends or a false choice, such as “you are either with us or against us.”

We have always stood for collective action. We consider it counterproductive to stand behind the closed doors of alliances and “misalliances”. Of course, we have put forth this position to our American colleagues before, and this is well known in Washington and to you, Mr Tillerson. For our part, we need to understand the position of the United States and the practical intentions of the US administration. We hope to move forward on these issues today.



Featured image: The US is putting up a show making up a “North Korean threat,” while trying to make the South Korea to pay for the $10billion THAAD system, that would enable Pentagon to target both China and the Russian Far East.

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