by F.MAN for the Saker blog

After reading the last articles by the Saker and worrying for some hours about the coming events that might turn into the next and last World War, and I say last because nobody is going to survive it if escalate into nuclear (which is a real possibility) And while thinking about what would be the hypothetical response of Russia to the forecasted as highly probable AZ attack on Syria, I tried to put in order my thoughts and came with this curious free association of ideas…

  1. We all know the AZ Empire are directed by a bunch of ignorant, deluded Idiots (that is what is looks like when you analyze their behavior, not their words) controlled by the 0,00001ers. The Russian side it is not, on the contrary it is but a group of very well centered, educated and intelligent people. Examples of these are, are Putin, Lavrov, Pskov, Shoigu, Zakharova just to name the most known. Now, for a moment think on their counterparts on the other side…
  2. The war in Syria is lost for the AZ Empire, after the intervention of Russia in the last years, the Syrian Government and allies are slowly and steadily cleaning their country of terrorist vermin and associates. It might take some time, it might be costly in blood and resources, but the Syrian Will to defend themselves and fight hasn’t been broken. It is too late for that. The question now is how much damage the AZ Empire Proxy Armies can cause before being destroyed or send away.
  3. The big losers are (or are going to be) the Saudis and their vassal-allies in the GCC, Israel and of Course the FUKUS and NATO Stooges (also known as AZ Empire for their friends). So much resources invested. Billions of Dollars To pay for mercenaries (because that is what the terrorist in Syria are) billions to pay for weapons and ammo, Billions invested in PR and to present their narrative to the common shepple (this is also expensive, do not forget that mouthpieces are not for free) billions to wash (or better say nullify) the minds of the common Western citizen (should I say Subjects?) Billions invested in demonize Russia, the sanctions, etc. All this for nothing. Investment return = Zero.
  4. There is not going to be a regime change in Syria. There is not going to be a Pipeline from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean (at least not the Saudi one) There is not going to be a dismembering and breaking of Syria. There is not going to be a discontinuity in the Shia Crescent. Hezbollah, Iran and Syria are not going to end this war being weaker. Syria is going to end this tribulation much more unified, stronger, and with an identity and prestige in the Arab World beyond the imagination of any forecaster in the years previous to the war. So long Russia and Iran (and covertly china I am sure) are there to help, Syria is not going to be defeated, no matter how many resources the AZ Empire invests because the incremental costs are getting exponentially expensive for minimal results.
  5. In the AZ empire the 0,00001ers are getting very nervous, because nothing is going according to plan. It is not that they have had a good plan at the start of it, it was just a disaster from the beginning. But disasters can become worse, given the circumstances. What can you expect from the nominal Puppets in charge as they are just a … you know… what I wrote in 1-. As the Saker like to point, if things go Wrong they known only to double down on the losing bet.
  6. The AZ Empire is suffering from some problems that are becoming self-evident and more and more difficult to hide from the public such as: debt, fiat currencies, economy based in speculation and not in production of goods, technology becoming obsolete, unemployment, social unrest, PR problems, absence of real democracy, integration problems due to uncontrolled immigration policies, loss of social and moral values, loss of a quality educational system, and so on…

they are some steps away from a chaotic implosion, or a revolution, or an economic and social collapse, or a civil war, or all of them together at the same time. They are driven just by the need to keep looting whatever they can put their hands on, to keep the machine running, the 0,00001% at the helm, the zombified masses under them, and the House of cards in precarious balance. But the Entropy of the system is becoming unbearable.

  1. The AZ Empire need a war to keep the things going a little longer. The Machine running for some years, the speculation, the sacking of resources, and the Zombies under them doing their zombie things. Because a war would temporarily solve some of the big problems (and I say just for some time, maybe 20 or 30 years, the problems would be delayed but not erased) What kind of war do they need? Just some short victorious war. The problem being that there is none in perspective. If there is a war, we all know how is going to end, and the term “Slap in the face” it is just a Polite description of it. The loser Countries mentioned in point 3- would be “probably” obliterated from this Earth, including most of their populations and 0,00001ers.
  2. After some though I got to the conclusion that the AZ it is a parasitical entity, it might have changed his form and name through history, but it maintains its essence. It is now preying in the body of an American republic turned into Empire that believes it is indispensable and exceptional but in reality, completely subdued and tamed, almost ignorant of what is really happening. This republic needs to be feed and cared like a beast of burden in order to be keep sane and fit enough to allow the parasite to Live at their expense. This beast of burden should be Feed Whole Countries, but he problem being there is less and less of these victims to be demolished and swallowed, and the most succulent ones are strong enough to resist those attempts to be devoured. They can even kill the old Republic (now Empire) if forced to, and the parasite cannot infect them, because they are somewhat immunized after having been dealing with the parasite before (all three of them: Russia, Iran and China, in their respective time and historical frames)
  3. From a biological perspective an efficient parasite doesn’t want his Host to die if there is no alternative (and looks like there is none) So, there is not going to be a direct confrontation with Russia, there is not going to be a hot War. The 0,00001ers although psychopaths they are not idiots, just cowards who want to live. Like all good parasites, they need their host to thrive and prosper, and a War like the one in perspective would undoubtedly kill the host and them in the end.
  4. After this train of thoughts at least I can go to sleep now without thinking in the horrors that a last World War could bring.


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