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Remember the guy who did the excellent video “We know with 99% certainty who shot down MH17“?  His name is John Martin, and he has just released another superb video entitled “Crimea… What really happened?”.  This video is, in my opinion, probably the best I have seen in terms of explaining what really took place last year.  Once again, I am amazed (and elated) to see that unpaid volunteers can often do a better job than multi-billion dollars news agencies.  Please check out this “must see” video for yourself:

There is one thing I would like to add to this report.

Most of you must have heard about the conflict opposing Kolomoiski and Poroshenko.  To make a long story short – these two mobsters are fighting over the control of one of the very last profitable companies left in the country, the oil and gas company Ukrtransnafta.  First Poroshenko fired all the directors and tried to place his own guys in command (using Ukrainian special forces), then Kolomoiski stormed the building with his private death squads, then Poroshenko denouced Koloiskii’s actions for which Kolomoiskii froze Poroshenko’s assets (about 50 million dollars – just a puny tiny part of his real net worth) in the bank which he controls.  This mini-war is not over yet, but here is a very telling video (see below).

This video was translated by two of our “brothers in arms” – Uncle Martin and South Front – and at my specific request it uses the very same foul language actually used by Kolomoiskii (who, by the way, replies only in Russian to questions asked in Ukrainian).  I wanted to share with you, to give a taste of, an insight into, the kind of person which is probably the single most powerful person in the Ukraine right now.  This is the guy whose thugs burned well over 100 civilians alive in Odessa, this is the guy who paid for the downing of MH17, this is the guy who has three citizenships (in case he has to bug out) and he is the one who has no problems using his death squads not only in Odessa, but even in Kiev.  Interestingly, he has no problems insulting the US paid for “Radio Liberty” (which resulted in a protest for the US ambassador in Kiev).  Check out this  freak for yourself – this is the real “face of the Ukraine” (and sorry for the foul language):

This, my friends, is the the Ukrainian *reality* which the people of Crimean barely escaped from.  Kolomoiskii had plenty of real estate on the peninsula and he would have fought as hard as possible for it.  The Polite Armed Men in Green stopped him.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to John Martin, Uncle Martin, SouthFront and all our “brothers (and sisters!) in arms”.  By working together we are maximizing our impact and providing an effective, world-class, counter-propaganda network.  This war is primarily an informational war and with every such joint collaborative effort we are scoring a big victory against the Empire.

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