So the two big news of the day are:

  1. The liberated areas of the Ukraine have begun to vote on whether to join Russia
  2. A major prisoner exchange has taken place between the Kiev and Moscow

I don’t see the point of commenting right now about the vote.  But I do have a few things to say about the prisoner exchange and the first one is this: to those who are having fits about Russia releasing members of the Azov death squad I will only say this: Benjamin Franklin once wrote that “it is better 100 guilty persons should escape than that one innocent person should suffer“.  And to those who will counter with the usual mantra about “show me the bodies” well, okay, you can see for yourself whom Russia got back, just click on these links:

YMMV of course, but I am personally very happy and even proud that the Kremlin got 55 Russian soldiers from the Nazi dungeons.  They include, 2 senior officers (lieutenant colonel and major), 6 junior officers, 4 ensigns, 40 enlisted and non-commissioned personnel, 2 servicemen of the DPR forces and one serviceman from the LPR.  There are also rumors about another 30 or so Russian soldiers, but so far their identity has not been released.  Finally, there are high level negotiations for yet another prisoner exchange in the works between Russia and the USA.  I hope and pray that it also will yield results.

I can almost hear the troll choir going “what about Medvechuk?!  what about Medvechuk?!“.  Well, what about him?  He is also an innocent person who happened to be a personal friend of Putin.  Did you really think (or hope) that Putin would abandon his friends?!  Besides, while the western PSYOPs will say that “Putin freed Nazis in exchange for his pal Medvechuk” this is simply illogical since there is no way to prove how important Medvechuk was in this exchange.

You could ask yourself whom you rather have as a friend – Putin or anybody from Brandon’s gang or even any other western “leader” (well, Gauleiters for the AngoZionist Empire, of course)?

But then, again, if your sole goal is to convey “Putin bad!  Putin really bad!” then you need neither facts not logic.

Whatever the actual math was/is and however the deal was finalized, I am 100% with Franklin on this issue.  And I feel pity for those whose basic humanity has been replaced by ideological certitudes (I sure would not want them as “friends”!).


Now to some week-end music.  There are SO MANY truly amazing musicians in the USA that one can live in this country for years and not even begin to know them all.  Today, I want to share a few videos from US composers and interpreters whom I more or less discovered by chance and whom I absolutely love.   Especially for those who do not live in the USA, I want to add this: a country and a people who produced so much truly beautiful music cannot be all bad!  So listen to this (real, as opposed to MTV) US American music and feel all the kindness and beauty which flows from it!

So, here we go:

Peter Bradley Adams – “So are you to me”

Walter Parks – “From an Angel’s Point of View”

John Moreland – “Cleveland County Blues”

Guy Clark “El Coyote”

Last, but certainly not least, my absolute favorites!

Emmylou Harris and Johnny Cash singing Gospel songs together!

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