Oles Buzina murder suspects

With Ukraine’s law enforcement and courts gradually locking up the Nazis, members of death squads, political assassins, fake “pro-Russian separatists,” Maidan organizers and other  Washington useful tools and useful idiots, some of their followers can’t quite understand that the show is over.

On Jul 29, 2016 Dozens of Ukrainian nationalists demonstrated in front of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kiev, Friday, to demand the release of Andrei Medvedko and Denis Polishchuk, who are accused of murdering journalist Oles Buzina.

The protesters held banners in support of the imprisoned Medvedko and Polishchuk, and poured animal blood on the doorstep of the building. The protesters say the prosecutor in the case has authorised illegal investigations against the suspects. The protest was attended and organised by a range of Ukrainian far-right and nationalist groups including the civil wing of the Azov Battalion and members of other volunteer battalions.

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